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Tips for deducting charitable contributions

When preparing to file your federal tax return, don't forget your contributions to charitable organizations. Your donations could add up to a sizeable tax deduction if you itemize on IRS Form 1040, Schedule A.

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Friday - 11/20/2009, 12:00pm EST

Spending versus saving

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Friday - 05/01/2009, 10:28am EDT

Tax tips of the future

Have you finished your 2009 taxes yet? Have you started to think about 2010? Art Stein has some tips for you.

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Friday - 02/26/2010, 11:30am EST

Dug out of snow? Now dig out of debt!

Financial homework is in order this weekend.

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Friday - 02/12/2010, 10:30am EST

Checklist for year end tax planning

Simple year end moves you make now can pay off in a big way come April

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Friday - 12/18/2009, 10:30am EST

Advice for FERS employees scared about retirement

Thanks to health care advances, retirees are living longer, healthier lives and retirement choices are limited by the ability to pay for them. Art Stein has some helpful advice.

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Friday - 10/23/2009, 02:30pm EDT

LTC: The New 4-Letter Word

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Wednesday - 05/20/2009, 04:00am EDT

TSP Snapshot: August's slump, and "a punch in the head"

Okay, so August wasn't the best month for the Thrift Savings Plan. But is that any reason to panic? No, says guest analyst Arthur Stein, who joins us for our look back at the TSP for last month. But he says instead of panic, do some thoughtful reflection on where your money is going in the TSP, and whether it's a good idea to perhaps switch into a new TSP investment tool which is expected to be available to feds next year - the Roth TSP.

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Monday - 09/13/2010, 06:48am EDT

TSP Snapshot: April up, clouds over I fund

With the steadily, but slowly rising American economy, and economic storm clouds over Europe, how did the Thrift Savings Plan fare in April? Federal News Radio's Max Cacas has the latest edition of our monthly feature, "TSP Snapshot".

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Monday - 05/10/2010, 06:35am EDT
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