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Total Rewards

Agencies rely on attracting the best and brightest workers in order to succeed. But those high-potential employees often have options when it comes to job opportunities. That's why Aon Consulting created Rewards On Board - a web-based, personalized total rewards profile that helps candidates see the value of benefits an agency offers in addition to pay. When sizing up opportunities, candidates understand the full picture with Rewards on Board, as opposed to the limited view salary only provides.

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Monday - 06/21/2010, 12:15pm EDT

Realistic Job Previews

Aon Consulting has brought hiring into the 21st Century with its Realistic Job Previews, or RJP's. An RJP gives candidates an unbiased look at the job responsibilities the good, bad and everything in between and comes customized to fit an agency's needs from a straight-forward brochure to a web based multimedia demonstration. RJPs lead to a stronger pool of applicants, a more efficient hiring process and significant cost savings through decreased turnover.

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Monday - 06/14/2010, 02:36pm EDT

Social media in the workplace

You often hear what a distraction it can be for workers on the job. But, instead of seeing it as a liability, some business and agency managers are turning social media into a valuable tool. If employees are using social media at work and for business purposes already, that should be capitalized on to build business, improve the firm's or agency's reputation and improve the bottom line, according to Aon Consulting. A task easier said than done, but Aon Consulting can show you the way.

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Monday - 06/07/2010, 01:05pm EDT

Distracted. Disinterested. Disengaged.

These are not words business or agency managers want associated with their employees. However, a recent study indicated up to a quarter of American workers ARE actively disengaged. Aon Consulting says the benefits of solving this problem are clear, as higher levels of workforce engagement improve employee health, promote positive job attitudes and lead to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Monday - 05/24/2010, 03:21pm EDT

Rapid Alignment - dramatically improves leadership effectiveness

The business world seems to move faster every day, and success requires that organizations respond and adapt to rapid-fire change. After a recent merger, two of the world's biggest banks managed large-scale change with the help of Rapid Alignment solutions, developed by Aon Consulting. By concentrating on middle managers-- the layer where strategic initiatives often unravel -leadership effectiveness can be dramatically improved, says Aon Consulting.

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Thursday - 05/13/2010, 02:37pm EDT
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