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The Federal Drive - September 6

The Federal Drive has the day off, but you can catch these great interviews from the past few weeks.

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Monday - 09/06/2010, 08:26am EDT

Know your data so you can protect it

If you don't want employees in your agency to use a USB device, you can install an agent on the laptop that'll block any communication with a USB device. It is one example of a Data Leak Prevention tool, which can help you define the data you're trying to protect from threats within your own network. But that also means you have to know exactly what data it is that you WANT to protect. Khalid Kark of Forrester Research says if you don't know, you can't define it and the DLP tools can't work.

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Thursday - 09/02/2010, 04:03pm EDT

Network-centric tools help guard against internal threats

New tools can help you protect your network from the threat within. Khalid Kark of Forrester Research says there's a set of tools that are considered "network-centric," that will record all the network sessions. That allows cyber sleuths to replay the sessions and find out where any breaches or intrusions are coming from - in house. There are also "data leak prevention" tools you can use that'll allow you to create your own parameters that'll block that information from leaving your network.

Tags: Technology , Inside Cybersecurity , cybersecurity , CA Technologies , Khalid Kark , Forrester Research ,

Thursday - 09/02/2010, 03:57pm EDT

Is your agency under attack from within?

The cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Experts believe that more threats than ever are not coming from other countries, or malicious hackers - but from within the network!The U.S. National Counterintelligence Strategy says that insiders are targeting networks to intercept information, or disrupt operations. Khalid Kark of Forrester Research says agencies have to manage people, the process, and technological controls. Continuous monitoring is the new buzzword.

Tags: Technology , Inside Cybersecurity , CA Technologies , cybersecurity ,

Thursday - 09/02/2010, 03:52pm EDT

DARPA wants to stop inside cyberthreat before it starts

DARPA is one agency that recognizes cyber threats are just as likely to come from within the network. The agency has posted a solicitation on Fed Biz Ops looking for what they call novel approaches to insider threat detection. The Defense Advanced Research Agency is looking for a way to increase the accuracy, rate and speed of detection. The Cyber Insider Threat (CINDER) program will stop adversaries from operating within government and military networks before they can get access.

Tags: Technology , Inside Cybersecurity , CA Technologies , CINDER , cybersecurity , DARPA , FBO ,

Thursday - 09/02/2010, 03:50pm EDT

Bill would block BRAC traffic at the parking lot

It's being called a potential traffic catastrophe. Thousands of federal workers, and their cars, are being shifted to already crowded roads in Northern Virginia as part of BRAC. Now, there are efforts to stop it.

Tags: pay and benefits , BRAC , Defense , DoD , Mark Center , traffic , Congressional Spotlight

Wednesday - 05/26/2010, 07:14am EDT

Federal News Countdown for January 29th

My weekly countdown of the three hottest stories of the week, as chosen by an expert Federal panel.

Tags: Federal News Countdown , Julie Myers Wood , John Salamone

Friday - 01/29/2010, 02:04pm EST

Missing October

The sniper attacks from a journalist's point of view.

Tags: newscast , D.C. sniper

Tuesday - 11/10/2009, 03:07pm EST

The Cure for the Common Cold

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Eventually.

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Monday - 10/26/2009, 04:06pm EDT

Ground level view of the Marine Corps Marathon

What does it take to complete the Marine Corps Marathon? We get two answers from FederalNewsRadio anchors who managed to do it!

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Monday - 10/26/2009, 10:37am EDT
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