11:00 am, May 30, 2015

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Citizenship and Immigration Services readies for electronic transformation

USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas gives an update on the Transformation initiative.

Tags: USCIS , DHS , Technology , management , Federal Drive

Friday - 12/09/2011, 10:40am EST

Federal partners crackdown on immigration scams

DHS, DOJ and FTC collaborate with state and local partners in and unprecedented effort. DHS's Alejandro Mayorkas explains how it works.

Tags: Federal Drive , DHS , DoJ , FTC , USCIS , immigration scams

Friday - 06/10/2011, 10:08am EDT

DHS launches e--Verify self-check

Immigrants and other job seekers in five states and the District of Columbia with questions about their eligibility to work in the United States can now use a government database to verify their own status. USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas explains how it all works.

Tags: Federal Drive , USCIS , DHS , eVerify ,

Tuesday - 03/22/2011, 09:08am EDT

DHS expands E-verify employment checks

The E-Verify program is expanding to include U.S. passports and passport cards for employment verification.

Tags: Janet Napolitano , USCIS , E-verify , Technology , immigration , employment verification , Jolie Lee , management

Thursday - 11/11/2010, 02:30pm EST

Oversight insight: Senate Judiciary Committee examines CIS

Your agency's oversight by Congress can cause heartburn for the leadership of the organization.

Tags: In Depth , management , Congress , immigration reform , Senate Judiciary Committee , Patrick Leahy , Orrin Hatch , Citizenship and Immigration Services

Tuesday - 05/11/2010, 07:10pm EDT

Website rebuild at US Citizenship and Immigration Services results in conspicuous transparency

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services has rebuilt its website in an extreme online makeover to streamline business at the agency. Text messaging, e-mail and cell-phone tools have been added in the hopes that wait times can be cut.

Tags: USCIS , Technology , transparency , website improvements

Tuesday - 09/22/2009, 12:23pm EDT
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