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FBI targets Anonymous

The FBI has identified and charged several key members of the hacker collective Anonymous and at least one member of the loose-knit group has turned FBI informant. Alan Paller, the director of research at the SANS Institute joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss the recent cybersecurity developments.

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Wednesday - 03/07/2012, 06:25pm EST

Senate cyber bill likely to be first on Senate floor

Alan Paller, the director of research at the SANS Institute, joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss the a proposed cybersecurity bill that the Senate has moved closed toward debating.

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Monday - 01/23/2012, 07:22pm EST

Federal News Countdown: Buyouts, Mobile strategy and OMB shakeup

Alan Paller, the director of research at the SANS Institute, and Larry Allen, of Allen Federal Business Partners, count down the top federal news stories of the week.

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Friday - 01/13/2012, 05:47pm EST

Draft cyber bill gives DHS controversial authorities

The Senate is set to take up comprehensive cyber legislation in January that already is causing experts heartburn. Provisions to give the Homeland Security Department more authorities, including taking "any lawful action" to stop cyber attacks against systems holding federal data, are coming under fire. Industry experts are optimistic Congress will pass major cyber reform.

Tags: Technology , Cybersecurity , James Lewis , Bob Dix , SANS Institute , CSIS , Juniper Networks , FISMA , Critical infrastructure , DHS , White House , Congress , industry , Jason Miller

Friday - 01/13/2012, 05:14am EST

DHS shifts from paperwork to operational cybersecurity

Alan Paller, the vice president for research at the SANS Institute told In Depth with Francis Rose the appointment of Mark Weatherford to head the DHS cyber division has reinvigorated the agency's operations.

Tags: DHS , Cybersecurity , Mark Weatherford , SANS Institute , In Depth , Francis Rose

Monday - 12/05/2011, 08:36pm EST

Will new DHS cyber leader bring balance to the role?

Mark Weatherford recently took the reins as deputy under secretary for cybersecurity at the Department of Homeland Security.

Tags: Cybersecurity , cybersecuirty update , Mark Weatherford , DHS , NSA

Wednesday - 11/23/2011, 06:45am EST

The Latest Threats

Alan Paller
Vice President for Research
SANS Institute
Oct. 23rd, 2008

Tags: tech , SANS Institute , Cybersecurity , FISMA

Tuesday - 10/21/2008, 03:39pm EDT

Revisiting the Consesus Audit Guidelines

Alan Paller, San Institute &
John Gilligan, The Gilligan Group
March 5, 2009

Tags: tech , Federal Security Spotlight , Cybersecurity , Consesus Audit Guidelines , SANS Institute , John Gilligan , Gilligan Group

Monday - 03/02/2009, 06:09pm EST

Better cybersecurity through acquisition key part of White House report

Focus on procurement and cyber coordinator biggest differences as compared to Bush administration's CNCI. Pres. Obama to begin with 24 actions to improve IT security.

Tags: Technology , contracting , President Barack Obama , White House , OMB , DHS , GSA , NSA , DoD , Karen Evans , Bruce McConnell , SANS Institute , Cybersecurity , TIC , identity management

Monday - 06/01/2009, 07:01am EDT
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