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Scaling back contractors

The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan said Friday that the coalition depends too much on private-sector contractors, and insisted his forces are keeping close watch on the flow of Taliban fighters who are training in Iran. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, during a four-day visit to France, said the coalition in Afghanistan has become too dependent on private contractors in the effort to stabilize the country.

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Monday - 04/19/2010, 11:13am EDT

Wii's for Warriors program helps amputees

An amputee who started using Nintendo's Wii Fit for therapy is now giving the game away to others who have lost limbs.

Tags: Walter Reed , Wii Fit , Wii's for Warriors , David Flowers , James Clark , Dan Berschinski , Iraq , therapy , amputee

Friday - 03/26/2010, 12:12pm EDT

Taliban unraveling linked to secret meeting

The Afghan Taliban continues to to fall apart. Two top Taliban leaders have been arrested in the past few weeks and many foot soldiers have been killed in air strikes. So why is all this happening suddenly? A secret meeting in January might be the reason.

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Monday - 03/01/2010, 06:45am EST

Contract oversight where State and Defense meet

Wartime Contracting tackles the roles and responsibility, planning, the visibility and the inter-agency coordination of handling and overseeing billions of dollars in reconstruction funding.

Tags: contracting , Iraq , Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction , Stuart Bowen , Chris Shays

Tuesday - 02/23/2010, 11:07am EST

Update: National Security correspondent J.J. Green in Afghanistan

National Security Correspondent J.J. Green is embedded with an Air Force Intelligence Unit in Afghanistan.

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Thursday - 12/10/2009, 05:16pm EST

Analysis: President plans to increase troop levels in Afghanistan

National Security Correspondent J.J. Green has details.

Tags: newscast , national security , J.J. Green

Tuesday - 12/01/2009, 06:38pm EST

Fighting insurgency while leading the world in Afghanistan

Pres. Obama will try to sell a skeptical public on his bigger, costlier war plan Tuesday by coupling the large new troop infusion with an emphasis on stepped-up training for Afghan forces that he says will allow the U.S. to leave.

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Tuesday - 12/01/2009, 12:55pm EST

Analysis: Are more boots on the ground the answer in Afghanistan?

President Barack Obama has a full plate of important issues this week. The big one is seen as his announcement at West Point tomorrow of a new policy on Afghanistan, expected to include more troops.

Tags: defense , Andrew Krepinevich , Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

Monday - 11/30/2009, 10:08am EST
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