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Bin Laden said to be mulling cease-fire

Faced with stark losses among its foot-soldiers, al-Qaida is being presented with a sobering proposition - maybe it's time to give up.

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Sunday - 09/19/2010, 03:32pm EDT

Gates: Afghanistan surge is working

Evidence is building that the Obama administration's surge strategy is working in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday, citing recent assessments from the new top U.S. and NATO commander and Gates' personal impressions from a recent trip to Afghan battlefields.

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Friday - 09/17/2010, 08:40am EDT

Protests against Koran burning continue

The uproar over a Florida pastor's threat to burn the Koran is not going away. Sixty people were injured in Kabul, Afghanistan during a rally against the idea Wednesday. The crowd in the western part of the city shot at police and threw stones --35 of those injured were police. The Koran has been at the heart of a number of violent struggles in Europe, Central Asia and the middle east in recent days. The concern is not just for locations outside of the U.S.. Authorities here are on alert for violence that may grow out of similar protests.

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Thursday - 09/16/2010, 04:32pm EDT

Canadian troops under investigation in Afghanistan

An elite Canadian military unit is under investigation. The Canadian Defense Department has launched two probes into possible misconduct by its elite commando force, officials said Tuesday. Reuters reports the investigations began after a member of the commando group, Joint Task Force 2, raised serious allegations against another member of the force, as well as against JTF2 in general, a Defense Department spokesman said. Captain David Scanlon, who declined to give precise details, said the affair could concern Afghan prisoners taken by Canadian troops.

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Wednesday - 09/15/2010, 01:42pm EDT

Changes coming for contracting in Afghanistan

Learn more in today's DoD Report

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Monday - 09/13/2010, 05:58pm EDT

Al Qaida Plot foiled in Canada

Canadian authorities say they've broken up an al Qaida terror plot. Two residents from Ottawa have been arrested after one of them was preparing to leave the country. Authorities are tight-lipped about the investigation, but they say the plot involved at least one suspect who had traveled to the tribal territories of Pakistan and Afghanistan. They also indicated the plot involved explosives. Canada is the only one of the major countries on Al Qaida's list that they have yet to successfully attack.

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Thursday - 08/26/2010, 12:34pm EDT

Air base expansion plans reflect long-term investment in Afghanistan

Read more from the Washington Post.

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Monday - 08/23/2010, 11:43am EDT

Karzai wants private security firms out of Afghanistan

American officials were stunned Monday by a surprise announcement from President Hamid Karzai's spokesman.

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Tuesday - 08/17/2010, 11:51am EDT

Wikileaks condemned again

The "height of irresponsibility". That what the Pentagon says about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's decision to release another 15-thousand documents related to the war in Afghanistan. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says "there are very serious operational consequences. There are the names of a lot of Afghans who have worked with us and helped us in those documents." He added the documents contain a significant amount of information about U.S. tactics, techniques and procedures, including places where they are vulnerable.

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Monday - 08/16/2010, 11:31am EDT

Pentagon to Wikileaks: Take them down

The Pentagon is demanding that online whistle-blower WikiLeaks return its trove of tens of thousands of leaked U.S. government documents and delete them from its website and records. The Associated Press reports Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell didn't say what efforts the Defense Department might be able to take to compel Wikileaks to comply. He told a Pentagon press conference that, at this point, the Pentagon is asking Wikileaks "to do the right thing." Wikileaks posted nearly 77,000 classified military and other documents, mostly raw intelligence reports from Afghanistan, on its website July 25.

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Thursday - 08/05/2010, 08:36pm EDT
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