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Job gives marine more family time, less deployment risk

For Maj. Lawrence Lowman, taking command of the Marine company in Frederick was not only a good opportunity to advance his career but also a much-appreciated break from deployments to take care of his young family.

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Saturday - 12/11/2010, 11:37am EST

Handover to Afghan troops to begin in months

Senior U.S. military commanders say the transition of security responsibilities from U.S. to Afghan troops will begin in the next several months.

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Wednesday - 12/08/2010, 10:40am EST

Mullen: Troop reduction in Afghanistan will be slow process

While there will be a drawdown, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says there will not be a complete withdrawal in July

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Monday - 11/29/2010, 09:40am EST

Increased military presence in Afghanistan includes Abrams tanks

The Marine Corps says a company of 14 M1A1 Abrams tanks along with 115 Marines to crew them will be deployed to southwest Afghanistan next month. Learn more in the DoD Report

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Tuesday - 11/23/2010, 09:40am EST

Update from Afghanistan

Big Republican gains in Congress could make it harder for President Barack Obama to keep his pledge to start bringing U.S. troops home from Afghanistan by next summer. We get an update on how things are going there from Rear Adm. Greg Smith.

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Friday - 11/05/2010, 10:40am EDT

Defense oversight to change as GOP moves in

The leadership of several key defense committees will change hands as a result of the 2010 midterm elections. The transfer of power is expected to reshape defense oversight in the House.

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Wednesday - 11/03/2010, 05:43pm EDT

U.S. Military leaving Osama behind?

The military will begin withdrawing from Afghanistan less than a year from now. National Security Correspondent JJ Green asks how that might affect the search for Osama Bin Laden.

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Wednesday - 10/20/2010, 08:31am EDT

Senate report: U.S. contractor money aids enemy in Afghanistan

A Senate Armed Services Committee report found the army of private contractors working for the U.S. in Afghanistan threatens the safety of American troops.

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Friday - 10/08/2010, 02:16pm EDT

Bin Laden pressed to cease-fire

Faced with stark losses among its foot-soldiers, al-Qaida is being presented with a sobering proposition - maybe it's time to give up.

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Thursday - 09/23/2010, 11:47am EDT

Manning supporters to rally

Rallies are scheduled in 18 cities across the U.S., Australia and Canada this weekend to decry the arrest of Army Private Bradley Manning. The protests were organized by supporters of Manning, who is accused of leaking classified military documents. The documents were posted on the Wikileaks web site and reveal what military officials say is very damaging information about U.S. military operations in Afghanistan. Manning is also charged with leaking a video that shows the killing of a U.S. Apache helicopter attack in Baghdad that killed 2 journalists.

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Tuesday - 09/21/2010, 11:29am EDT
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