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Thousands of Air Force and federal jobs to go unfilled

For every two vacancies in the Air Force civilian ranks, only one person will be hired.

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Monday - 05/23/2011, 10:40am EDT

Cuts and Gains: Budget details at a glance

More details are emerging about the $38 billion dollar deal lawmakers say they reached to keep the government from shutting down. Some cuts were made by pruning money left over from previous years. More than half of the cuts affect education, labor and health programs. A vote in the House is expected as early as Wednesday and the Senate must pass it by Friday to prevent a shutdown.

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Tuesday - 04/12/2011, 10:25am EDT

CR passes House, step freeze left behind

Budget behemoth passes House without proposed amendments to withhold funding for within-grade increases or for promotions of federal employees. The House version of the continuing resolution proposes cutting $61 billion from hundreds of federal programs. The Senate is expected to propose holding spending at current levels.

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Monday - 02/21/2011, 08:09am EST

Shutdown Chicken being played on Pennsylvania Ave

The GOP wants deep cuts in a continuing resolution, meanwhile President Obama has threatened to veto. Keeping the government funded is what's at stake. Budget expert James Horney explains.

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Friday - 02/18/2011, 09:31am EST

How the budget cap would hit your agency

President Barack Obama's budget director is pointing to spending cuts in three programs as examples of the "tough choices" ahead in the White House budget blueprint that will propose lower spending overall but money for some new initiatives. Details from Jim Horney at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

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Monday - 02/07/2011, 08:31am EST

Elections 2010: Focus on federal workers

A partial shift in power on the Hill means committee chairmanships will change in the House but not in the Senate. A variety of issues from the federal budget to telework, and federal pay and regulatory policies will be re-examined.

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Wednesday - 11/03/2010, 08:00am EDT

Budget cuts harm cybersecurity

According to a new survey, many states lack the proper resources to adequately protect some of their citizen's most personal information.

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Wednesday - 09/29/2010, 08:20am EDT

How the defense authorization bill is tracking

The House and Senate Armed Services committees will continue work behind the scenes this week in preparation for markups scheduled this month on the fiscal 2011 defense authorization bill. American Banker's senior editor Jodi Schneider has details.

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Wednesday - 05/05/2010, 10:40am EDT

2011 Pay Pitch: Look For a Low Ball

Federal workers will find out later today just how much of a pay raise President Obama wants to give them next year, but according to a poll we took among been-there-done-that-feds, it's going to be a lowball increase. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey crowdsources today's column without even knowing what that means.

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Monday - 02/01/2010, 04:00am EST

Analyst: OMB's request for two budgets not abnormal

"The fact that the Obama White House has asked for multiple options not only is no big deal and definitely not news."

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Tuesday - 11/17/2009, 12:00pm EST
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