9:16 am, April 1, 2015

Health News

Next-generation GMOs: Pink pineapples and purple tomatoes

What's next? Next-generation GMOs could be pink pineapples, purple tomatoes, healthier oils

Updated 00 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Nepal doctors stay away from work to support colleague

Thousands of doctors in Nepal stay away from work to support colleague on hunger strike

Updated 46 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Texas measure cuts HIV funds, boost abstinence education

Texas House OKs cutting $3M in HIV-prevention programs, putting money to abstinence education

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 04:30am EDT

Arizona governor signs abortion drug notification mandate

Arizona governor signs bill requiring women to be told abortion drug effects are reversible

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 04:30am EDT

Britain to offer all infants meningitis B vaccine

Britain to offer all infants meningitis B vaccine after reaching price deal with GSK

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 04:30am EDT

Teva to supply US military with Va.-made vaccine

Teva Pharmaceuticals to supply US military with Virginia-made adenovirus vaccine

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 04:18am EDT

Health providers' stand could invite other execution methods

Medical community's united stand against executions could usher in previously shunned methods

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 03:22am EDT

An apple a day may not keep the doctor away, study says

Forget the proverb: An apple a day doesn't necessarily keep the doctor away, new study finds

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 03:22am EDT

Exercising critically ill patients may help speed recovery

HEALTHBEAT: Exercise may help speed recovery for some ICU patients medically able to try

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 03:22am EDT

Struggle to explain what motivated co-pilot in doomed flight

After deliberate plane crash in France, experts struggle to explain what motivated co-pilot

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 03:22am EDT

Study finds equality between sexes at moment of conception

When sperm meets egg: At conception, the 2 sexes are produced at equal rates, study says

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 03:12am EDT

Guinea shuts border with Sierra Leone in effort to end Ebola

Guinea closes border with Sierra Leone as it ramps up efforts to end Ebola

Wednesday - 04/01/2015, 12:20am EDT

Pharmacist group says members shouldn't aid in executions

Pharmacist association says members ought not provide drugs for executions

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 11:54pm EDT

15-year-old cheetah euthanized at Maryland Zoo

15-year-old cheetah suffering from kidney disease euthanized at Maryland Zoo

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 09:20pm EDT

Prosecutors: Medicaid scam exploited poor who needed shoes

NYC prosecutors: Doctors, others in Medicaid scam exploited poor people who needed new shoes

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 08:40pm EDT

5 US aid workers monitored for Ebola in Nebraska released

5 US aid workers being monitored for Ebola at Nebraska hospital released with no symptoms

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 08:20pm EDT

Colleges getting out of health insurance business

Health care reform opens door to allow US colleges to drop student health insurance

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 05:40pm EDT

Family: Mumia Abu-Jamal treated for diabetes complications

Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal says former death row inmate hospitalized for diabetes complications

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 05:27pm EDT

Supreme Court sides with Idaho in Medicaid pay dispute

Supreme Court: Private medical providers can't sue states to raise Medicaid reimbursement rate

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 02:58pm EDT

First lady asks kids to step up for healthy lunch challenge

Michelle Obama again asking kids to compete to make healthy lunch recipes, attend state dinner

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 12:18pm EDT

Suspect in Litvinenko death says he'll take part in inquiry

Suspect in poisoning of former Russian agent Litvinenko says he'll cooperate with inquiry

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 05:40pm EDT

Study: Euthanasia cases more than double in northern Belgium

Study: Euthanasia cases in northern Belgium more than double in 6 years; 4.6 percent of deaths

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 05:20pm EDT

Kentucky will have rural child poverty nutrition center

Federal ag officials choose University of Kentucky for rural child poverty nutrition center

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 04:40pm EDT

Boy survives 50-foot fall from cliff into gorge at Ohio park

7-year-old boy wanders from home, survives 50-foot fall from cliff into gorge at Ohio park

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 04:40pm EDT

Senators' Bryan Murray eyes cancer awareness as legacy

Senators general manager Bryan Murray wants cancer awareness to be his legacy

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 03:57pm EDT

5 people monitored for Ebola in Nebraska remain healthy

5 US Aid workers being monitored for Ebola at Nebraska hospital remain free of symptoms

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 03:00pm EDT

Sierra Leone plans another shutdown to stop Ebola's spread

Sierra Leone plans another three-day, countrywide shutdown to stop Ebola's spread

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 02:40pm EDT

Nevada bill would allow sick pets to use medical marijuana

Nevada bill would let pets use pot; proposal calls for medical marijuana cards for animals

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 02:34pm EDT

Zimbabwean officials shoot stray dogs to stop rabies

Illegal breeding in Zimbabwe sees spike in stray dogs and rabies, forcing officials to shoot

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 01:10pm EDT

Breast biopsy accuracy is questioned in experimental study

Breast biopsy accuracy varies, especially with pre-cancer conditions, experimental study says

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 08:50am EDT
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