5:11 pm, March 31, 2015

Health News

Prosecutors: Medicaid scam exploited poor who needed shoes

NYC prosecutors: Doctors, others in Medicaid scam exploited poor people who needed new shoes

Updated 02 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Study finds equality between sexes at moment of conception

When sperm meets egg: At conception, the 2 sexes are produced at equal rates, study says

Updated 09 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Arizona governor signs abortion drug notification mandate

Arizona governor signs bill requiring women to be told abortion drug effects are reversible

Updated 33 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Guinea shuts border with Sierra Leone in effort to end Ebola

Guinea closes border with Sierra Leone as it ramps up efforts to end Ebola

Updated 33 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Britain to offer all infants meningitis B vaccine

Britain to offer all infants meningitis B vaccine after reaching price deal with GSK

Updated 33 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Pharmacist group says members shouldn't aid in executions

Pharmacist association says members ought not provide drugs for executions

Updated 1 hours, 39 minutes ago

An apple a day may not keep the doctor away, study says

Forget the proverb: An apple a day doesn't necessarily keep the doctor away, new study finds

Updated 1 hours, 39 minutes ago

Exercising critically ill patients may help speed recovery

HEALTHBEAT: Exercise may help speed recovery for some ICU patients medically able to try

Updated 1 hours, 39 minutes ago

Struggle to explain what motivated co-pilot in doomed flight

After deliberate plane crash in France, experts struggle to explain what motivated co-pilot

Updated 1 hours, 39 minutes ago

Colleges getting out of health insurance business

Health care reform opens door to allow US colleges to drop student health insurance

Updated 1 hours, 39 minutes ago

Supreme Court sides with Idaho in Medicaid pay dispute

Supreme Court: Private medical providers can't sue states to raise Medicaid reimbursement rate

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 02:58pm EDT

First lady asks kids to step up for healthy lunch challenge

Michelle Obama again asking kids to compete to make healthy lunch recipes, attend state dinner

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 12:18pm EDT

Program to put 'Kids Eat Right' logo on Kraft Singles ending

Kraft says program to put dietitian group's 'Kids Eat Right' logo on Kraft Singles ending

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 12:17pm EDT

Grandma is a centerfold: Rest home bares all for calendar

Elderly Ohioans expose bare shoulders, toes in suggestive calendar for assisted living center

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 11:24am EDT

New Arizona governor avoids major GOP political fights

New Arizona governor sidesteps major political battles that might offend conservative GOP base

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 09:48am EDT

NSA: Car smashes into police vehicle at Fort Meade; 1 dead

NSA: 1 suspect dead after car rams police vehicle at Fort Meade; 2nd man, officer injured

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 04:30am EDT

Pharmacists' group discourages providing execution drugs

Pharmacists association adopts policy discouraging members from providing death penalty drugs

Tuesday - 03/31/2015, 03:24am EDT

White House unveils plan to fight antibiotic-resistant germs

White House announces five-year plan to fight the threat posed by antibiotic-resistant germs

Monday - 03/30/2015, 09:36pm EDT

Amid bird flu outbreak, turkey farmers increase security

As bird flu outbreak hits more farms in top US turkey state, producers tighten biosecurity

Monday - 03/30/2015, 07:27pm EDT

House leaders work on $213B plan on doc Medicare payments

Bipartisan House leaders working on $213B plan to fix doctors' Medicare payments

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 04:50am EDT

2,000 snow geese die from illness in Idaho wildlife areas

2,000 snow geese die in eastern Idaho wildlife areas, likely from avian cholera

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 04:36am EDT

Borland quits: 'What am I doing ... banging my head?'

Promising NFL rookie leaves millions on the table and fellow players talking about risks

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 09:50pm EDT

4 more aid workers flown back to US for Ebola monitoring

Officials: 4 more aid workers flown to US for Ebola observation, bringing total to 15

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:50pm EDT

Orioles catcher Matt Wieters bothered by elbow tendinitis

A day after returning behind plate, Orioles catcher Matt Wieters bothered by elbow tendinitis

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:12pm EDT

28 people test positive for tuberculosis at Kansas school

Widespread screening finds more than two dozen cases of tuberculosis at Kansas high school

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:00pm EDT

Another patient sues scope maker over 'superbug' outbreak

Medical scope maker faces another lawsuit in 'superbug' outbreak at UCLA

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:00pm EDT

Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates launch anti-tobacco legal fund

Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates launch fund to help countries facing tobacco industry lawsuits

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 03:09pm EDT

French lawmakers OK terminal sedation, not euthanasia

France's lower house passes bill to allow sedation of the terminally ill, not euthanasia

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 02:50pm EDT
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