3:57 am, March 3, 2015

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House backs bill to force VA execs to give back bonuses

House approves bill to force VA executives to give back bonuses in misconduct cases

Updated 01 minutes, 34 seconds ago

GOP: Our plans would help people losing health subsidies

GOP tout plans _ with few details _ to help people if court voids health law subsidies

Updated 01 minutes, 34 seconds ago

3 officers in LA Skid Row death had training on mentally ill

LA police chief: Officers who fired in Skid Row death have extensive training on mentally ill

Updated 13 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Nurse who survived Ebola sues Dallas hospital system

Nurse who survived Ebola after contracting virus from patient sues Dallas hospital system

Updated 33 minutes, 33 seconds ago

New FDA official inherits raft of projects, challenges

Duke University expert joins FDA at critical juncture for drug, tobacco oversight

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 01:12am EST

Jury acquits Florida man who claimed pot was medicinal

Jury acquits Florida man who contended pot plans were for medicinal purposes

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 12:00am EST

AP EXPLAINS: Supreme Court case against Obama's health law

AP EXPLAINS: The US Supreme Court case that could derail Obama's prized health care overhaul

Monday - 03/02/2015, 11:36pm EST

Firm agrees to refund to settle suit over weight-loss pills

Weight-loss company agrees to pay refund to settle suit over its "Eat All You Want" ad slogan

Monday - 03/02/2015, 10:50pm EST

North Korea lifts Ebola travel restrictions

North Korea lifts travel restrictions imposed because of fears of spread of Ebola

Monday - 03/02/2015, 10:40pm EST

UN warns against complacency as Ebola fight enters new phase

UN warns against complacency as Ebola fight enters tough new phase

Monday - 03/02/2015, 09:44pm EST

Survey: Parents increasingly ask doctors to delay vaccines

5 vaccine jabs at once? Kids' parents increasingly seek delays and doctors sometimes agree

Monday - 03/02/2015, 09:44pm EST

Sierra Leone's vice president in quarantine for Ebola

Sierra Leone: Vice president in quarantine after possible exposure to Ebola as new cases rise

Monday - 03/02/2015, 09:44pm EST

Young girl's story may lead Idaho to approve marijuana oil

Young Idaho girl's story may pave way for lawmakers to approve marijuana extract oil

Monday - 03/02/2015, 09:44pm EST

Added tax season hassle for some due to health form errors

More hassles this tax-filing season for 800,000 people, due to error on health care forms

Monday - 03/02/2015, 09:44pm EST

Ebola survivor leaves US after recovery to return to Africa

US aid worker who survived Ebola heads back to Liberia after her recovery from deadly illness

Monday - 03/02/2015, 08:30pm EST

Experts blame anti-vaccine lobby for Bosnia measles outbreak

Experts blame anti-vaccine lobby for Bosnia's measles outbreak, its low immunizations rate

Monday - 03/02/2015, 07:30pm EST

Amsterdam warns tourists white heroin being sold as cocaine

Amsterdam warns about white heroin being sold as cocaine after 3 Danish tourists are taken ill

Monday - 03/02/2015, 05:34pm EST

Homeland Security not the only area of Congress' dysfunction

Homeland Security Department not the only sign of dysfunction in Congress

Monday - 03/02/2015, 04:26pm EST

Alzheimer's patient won't be charged in killing before exam

Prosecutors could charge Alzheimer's patient in deadly beating after mental competency exam

Monday - 03/02/2015, 02:00pm EST

Federal study: Foster kids struggle to get health screenings

Federal study: Some foster kids not getting required health screenings that Medicaid pays for

Monday - 03/02/2015, 01:40pm EST
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