10:00 am, April 18, 2015

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Gulf health 5 years after BP spill: Resilient yet scarred

Scientists 5 years after BP spill: 'The Gulf is resilient but it was hit pretty darn hard'

Updated 10 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Intersex surgeries spark move away from drastic treatment

Intersex kids' surgeries spark move to more acceptance, less drastic treatments

Updated 47 minutes, 48 seconds ago

Large measles outbreak traced to Disneyland is declared over

California health authorities declare end to large measles outbreak that began at Disneyland

Updated 48 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Dr. Oz tells critics: No conflict of interest on my TV show

Dr. Oz defends himself against critics who say he promotes 'quack treatments' on TV show

Saturday - 04/18/2015, 03:06am EDT

Iowa State basketball coach Fred Hoiberg has heart surgery

Mayo Clinic says Iowa State basketball coach Fred Hoiberg's heart surgery a success

Friday - 04/17/2015, 09:30pm EDT

Lawyer to judge: New NCAA head-injury deal as bad as first

Lawyer to federal judge: New settlement in NCAA concussion lawsuit as bad as the first

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:30pm EDT

USDA confirms bird flu at 5th South Dakota turkey farm

5th South Dakota turkey farm infected with bird flu; crews moving to euthanize 66,000 birds

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:30pm EDT

Correction: Bird Flu story

Correction: Bird Flu story

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:30pm EDT

Disney measles outbreak that sparked vaccination debate ends

Things to know about the Disneyland-linked measles outbreak that stirred vaccination debate

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:30pm EDT

Glaxo recalls flu vaccine due to potency problem

GlaxoSmithKline recalls 1.7 million flu vaccines because they can lose potency over time

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:30pm EDT

Business Highlights

Business Highlights

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:00pm EDT

Man pleads guilty in case over young daughter's rotten teeth

Man pleads guilty to charges related to 6-year-old daughter's severely rotten teeth

Friday - 04/17/2015, 06:40pm EDT

Idea from Adam Sandler film used to soothe dementia patients

In idea from movie '50 First Dates,' families make videos to calm, reassure dementia patients

Friday - 04/17/2015, 06:32pm EDT

Study: High school smoking fell as e-cigarette use boomed

Study: At high schools, e-cigarette and hookah popularity booming as regular smoking plummets

Friday - 04/17/2015, 06:32pm EDT

Financial incentives OK'd for workplace wellness programs

Government also sets limits to prevent discrimination in workplace wellness programs

Friday - 04/17/2015, 06:32pm EDT

Study: US moms typically space pregnancies 2½ years apart

US pregnancies are typically 2½ years apart, but experts say nearly a third space too close

Friday - 04/17/2015, 06:32pm EDT

24 new HIV cases reported in Indiana outbreak, 130 total

24 new HIV cases reported in southeastern Indiana outbreak, raising total to 130

Friday - 04/17/2015, 06:17pm EDT

No. 1 egg-producing state aims to keep bird flu out

Egg farmers on high alert to keep bird flu out of Iowa, nation's top egg-producing state

Friday - 04/17/2015, 05:56pm EDT

Missouri parents guilty of caging autistic son

St. Louis-area parents found guilty of putting autistic son in a cage

Friday - 04/17/2015, 05:50pm EDT

Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has bypass surgery

Basketball Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar undergoes quadruple bypass surgery

Friday - 04/17/2015, 05:08pm EDT
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