10:13 am, March 5, 2015

Health News

AbbVie to buy leukemia drugmaker Pharmacyclics for $21B

AbbVie to buy leukemia drugmaker Pharmacyclics for $21 billion in its first deal since Shire

Updated 00 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Last Ebola patient is released in Liberia

Liberia releases last Ebola patient; Countdown to being declared Ebola free begins

Updated 00 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Fate of Obama health law subsidies rests with 2 justices

2 justices hold key to Supreme Court outcome on Obama health law subsidies

Updated 00 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Mouse study finds extra oxygen may spur tumor-fighting cells

Mouse study suggests high doses of oxygen can lower cancer's defense against immune cells

Updated 01 minutes, 20 seconds ago

6 patients, 6 donors prepare for rare kidney swap chain

San Francisco hospital to perform rare chain of kidney transplants with 6 patients, 6 donors

Updated 02 minutes, 24 seconds ago

WHO to begin large-scale testing of Ebola vaccine in Guinea

World Health Organization to test Ebola vaccine in Guinea, aims to find and stop linked cases

Updated 02 minutes, 58 seconds ago

'Superbug' infections hit another Los Angeles hospital

Another Los Angeles hospital has 'superbug' infections tied to tainted scope, 2nd in weeks

Updated 02 minutes, 59 seconds ago

Former player Nate Jackson calls for NFL to allow marijuana

Former Broncos TE Nate Jackson says NFL should allow pot, which he says half of players use

Updated 03 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Children in Southern California breathing easier, study says

Study finds kids in Southern California breathing easier from cleaner air, have stronger lungs

Updated 03 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Flu winds down as FDA aims for better vaccine next winter

Flu misery winding down but time to start next winter's vaccine, aiming for better protection

Updated 03 minutes, 13 seconds ago

McDonald's chicken gets new standard: No human antibiotics

McDonald's to serve chicken raised without human antibiotics, milk not treated with hormone

Updated 57 minutes, 16 seconds ago

UN: World eating too much sugar; cut to 5-10 percent of diet

No way to sugarcoat this: WHO says sugar should be no more than 5-10 percent of total calories

Updated 1 hours, 07 minutes ago

How much sugar is in that? 7 foods with added sugar

How much sugar is in that? A look at soup, salad dressing and other foods with sugar

Updated 1 hours, 57 minutes ago

Second Los Angeles hospital reports 'superbug' infections

Second Los Angeles hospital reports 'superbug' infections tied to tainted medical scope

Thursday - 03/05/2015, 05:28am EST

Health officials perplexed by vaccination skeptics

Health officials trying to gauge vaccination opposition and figure out what to do about it

Thursday - 03/05/2015, 05:08am EST

Justices sharply divided over health care law subsidies

Can health care law survive major new challenge? Justices seem deeply divided in arguments

Thursday - 03/05/2015, 03:22am EST

Autopsy fails to pinpoint death cause for Oregon baby in car

Autopsy fails to pinpoint death cause for Ore. baby left 6 hours in parked car

Thursday - 03/05/2015, 02:40am EST

Health care at the high court: 5 ways this time is different

Deja vu at the Supreme Court? 5 ways this big health care case is different from the other one

Wednesday - 03/04/2015, 11:02pm EST

AP EXPLAINS: Supreme Court case against Obama's health law

AP EXPLAINS: The US Supreme Court case that could derail Obama's prized health care overhaul

Wednesday - 03/04/2015, 07:26pm EST

Excerpts from health care case argued at the Supreme Court

Excerpts from the Supreme Court argument about subsidies in the health care law

Wednesday - 03/04/2015, 05:58pm EST

US expands air quality monitoring to include some embassies

US expanding air quality monitoring to include some embassies, building on service in Beijing

Friday - 02/20/2015, 10:30am EST

Man in California rampage rehearsed stabbing roommates

Report: Man in California rampage rehearsed killing roommates, 1 of whom was stabbed 94 times

Friday - 02/20/2015, 09:57am EST
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