10:12 pm, March 2, 2015

Government News

Watchdog: Air traffic control system is a hacking risk

Gov't watchdog warns of cybersecurity weaknesses in nation's air traffic control system

Updated 00 minutes, 27 seconds ago

GOP: Our plans would help people losing health subsidies

GOP tout plans _ with few details _ to help people if court voids health law subsidies

Updated 00 minutes, 29 seconds ago

House backs bill to force VA execs to give back bonuses

House approves bill to force VA executives to give back bonuses in misconduct cases

Updated 00 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Iraq's Tikrit: A Sunni bastion on the road to Mosul

Iraq's Tikrit: Saddam's hometown is a Sunni bastion on the road to Mosul

Updated 00 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Veteran Democratic Sen. Mikulski won't seek re-election

Mikulski, longest-serving woman in Congress and pugnacious advocate, won't seek 6th term

Updated 02 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Boehner leaves open possible vote on Dem-backed DHS bill

Boehner leaves open possibility of long-term Homeland bill backed by Dems and the White House

Updated 02 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Foreign talks to Congress often a yawn, but not Netanyahu's

Foreigners' speeches to Congress usually cement friendships, don't stir up partisan fights

Updated 02 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Syria's civil war linked partly to drought, global warming

Studies: Global warming worsened droughts in California, Syria, contributing to Syrian chaos

Updated 02 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Obama: 'Now is the moment' for police to make changes

Obama says 'now is the moment' for police change to build trust with minority communities

Updated 02 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Ferguson News Guide: No charges expected for policeman

Ferguson News Guide: Likely federal conclusions: City bias; no charges against policeman

Updated 02 minutes, 45 seconds ago

AP EXPLAINS: Supreme Court case against Obama's health law

AP EXPLAINS: The US Supreme Court case that could derail Obama's prized health care overhaul

Updated 06 minutes, 18 seconds ago

New FDA official inherits raft of projects, challenges

Duke University expert joins FDA at critical juncture for drug, tobacco oversight

Updated 06 minutes, 28 seconds ago

For Israeli leader, blocking Iran deal a matter of legacy

Israeli leader with an eye for history considers blocking Iran nuclear deal a matter of legacy

Updated 06 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Added tax season hassle for some due to health form errors

More hassles this tax-filing season for 800,000 people, due to error on health care forms

Updated 28 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Feds: Man well on his way to becoming terrorist before sting

Prosecutors: Suicide bomb suspect 'well on his way' to becoming violent terrorist before sting

Updated 1 hours, 12 minutes ago

Susan Rice: Bad Iran nuclear deal is worse than no deal

Obama aide Susan Rice tells pro-Israel group bad Iran nuclear deal is worse than no deal

Updated 1 hours, 12 minutes ago

Lawmaker reimburses private plane expenses for football game

Lawmaker with expense questions reimburses private plane costs for Chicago football game

Updated 1 hours, 56 minutes ago

Congress clears bill to award gold medal to Selma marchers

Congress sends Obama bill to award gold medal to Selma marchers

Monday - 03/02/2015, 07:50pm EST

Capitol Hill Buzz: It's GOP vs. GOP over Homeland

Capitol Hill Buzz: It's GOP vs. GOP in fight over Homeland Security money

Monday - 03/02/2015, 07:30pm EST

Senate Dems block negotiations on Homeland bill

Senate Dems block talks with House on bill combining Homeland Security funding and immigration

Monday - 03/02/2015, 07:10pm EST
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