11:57 pm, May 25, 2015

Government News

Obama at Arlington: Never stop paying tribute to the fallen

Obama: Americans must never stop trying to repay those who made ultimate sacrifice

Updated 49 minutes, 54 seconds ago

AP source: Cleveland reaches deal with Justice on policing

AP source: Cleveland reaches settlement with US Justice Department over policing

Updated 50 minutes, 04 seconds ago

'Ugly' potential fallout from Supreme Court health care case

Ruling may gut 'Obamacare,' but Republicans would feel the heat if millions lose subsidies

Updated 07 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Defense chief's criticism of Iraqis raises policy questions

Defense Secretary Ash Carter's criticism of Iraqis raises policy questions

Updated 07 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Skimpy insurance seen by Democrats as next health care issue

Democrats: Next health care issues are high deductibles, copays now that millions more covered

Updated 07 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Senate tweaks veterans health law to boost specialized care

Senate tweaks health care 'choice' law to boost veterans' access to specialized care

Updated 47 minutes, 40 seconds ago

US Sen. Thad Cochran marries longtime aide, his office says

US Sen. Thad Cochran marries longtime aide Kay Webber in private ceremony, his office says

Monday - 05/25/2015, 09:08pm EDT

Aviation agency unveils messaging system to reduce delays

Aviation agency showcases electronic messaging system for pilots, controllers to reduce delays

Monday - 05/25/2015, 06:52pm EDT

Congress' familiar path: short-term solutions

Deadlocked over long list of problems, Congress picks familiar path and goes short-term

Monday - 05/25/2015, 06:26pm EDT

Protester leaves Shell ship after hanging on since Friday

Woman protesting drilling leaves Shell ship in Washington harbor after hanging on since Friday

Monday - 05/25/2015, 04:23pm EDT

NSA winds down once-secret phone-records collection program

Barring 11th hour deal, once-secret phone records program, other spy tools to expire May 31

Monday - 05/25/2015, 02:20pm EDT

Sliver of Clinton emails hint at lingering political trouble

Releases of sliver of Hillary Clinton's State Dept emails hint at lingering political trouble

Monday - 05/25/2015, 01:18pm EDT

Obama includes Vice President Biden in regular golf game

Surprise partner joins Obama's regular weekend golf game _ Vice President Joe Biden

Monday - 05/25/2015, 09:50am EDT

Another patch put in place for highway and transit funding

Patching up funding for 2 months, Congress keeps money flowing for highway, transit projects

Monday - 05/25/2015, 09:10am EDT

Listeria: FDA finds problems at Ohio ice cream plant

FDA report shows inadequate cleaning, testing at Ohio ice cream plant where listeria found

Monday - 05/25/2015, 04:10am EDT

Democrats see skimpy insurance as the next health care issue

With millions more covered, Democrats see high deductibles, copays as next health care issue

Monday - 05/25/2015, 04:08am EDT

Defense chief: Iraqis showed no will to fight at Ramadi

Defense Secretary Ash Carter: US can help defeat IS, but only Iraqis can sustain the victory

Monday - 05/25/2015, 04:06am EDT

Navy says submarine being built to be named USS New Jersey

Navy says submarine being built will be named USS New Jersey; 2 battleships have had the name

Sunday - 05/24/2015, 02:20pm EDT

2 people chained to Shell ship north of Seattle

Coast Guard has no plans to remove woman, man chained to Shell oil-drilling support ship

Sunday - 05/24/2015, 01:40pm EDT

Senate clears White House-backed trade bill

Senate passes trade bill sought by Obama on bipartisan vote

Saturday - 05/23/2015, 10:46pm EDT
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