9:18 am, December 22, 2014

Government News

US mulls putting NKorea on terrorism sponsor list

Obama says US reviewing whether to return North Korea to list of state sponsors of terrorism

Updated 21 minutes, 36 seconds ago

US companies eager to embrace Cuba face hurdles

US companies are eager to capitalize on Cuba's market but must first overcome obstacles

Updated 21 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Experts expect surge in Cuba tourism under Obama opening

Experts expect surge in Cuba tourism under Obama's historic opening, easing of travel rules

Updated 57 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Republicans in charge of Senate _ but 2016 awaits

Ascendant Senate Republicans confront tough election map in 2016 to retain majority

Monday - 12/22/2014, 07:12am EST

US renews elusive push for Mideast peace

Mideast peace alludes Kerry in 2014, putting it once again on list of goals for new year

Monday - 12/22/2014, 07:12am EST

As Air Force fixes nuke flaws, future debated

Nuclear missile program faces uncertain path after Air Force admits flaws, works to fix them

Monday - 12/22/2014, 07:12am EST

President Obama's Hawaii vacation: Day 2

How President Obama spent Day 2 of his holiday vacation in Hawaii

Monday - 12/22/2014, 07:12am EST

Obama offers help to NYPD after 2 officers killed

Obama calls NY police commissioner, offers full support after 2 officers killed

Monday - 12/22/2014, 07:12am EST

Obama says US can influence new generation in Cuba

Obama promotes Cuba engagement as chance for US to influence events amid generational change

Monday - 12/22/2014, 07:12am EST

Obama takes foreign policy risk, but on his own terms

Secret Cuba talks show Obama willing to take foreign policy risks, but on his own terms

Monday - 12/22/2014, 07:12am EST

Congress finishes up, its members still grumbling

A turbulent Congress, known more for its tempests than triumphs, finally leaves the stage

Monday - 12/22/2014, 07:12am EST

Prepackaged caramel apples linked to 4 deaths

CDC says prepackaged caramel apples are linked to 4 deaths, 28 illnesses around the country

Monday - 12/22/2014, 05:10am EST

AP: Abused kids die as authorities fail to protect

AP: At least 786 kids die of abuse or neglect under watch of child protective services

Monday - 12/22/2014, 04:02am EST

Republicans fighting to hang onto Senate _ in 2016

Republicans confront tough election map in 2016 in trying to retain newfound Senate majority

Monday - 12/22/2014, 03:08am EST

2014 frustrates US hopes for Israeli-Palestinian peace

2014 ending in much the same way it began for Kerry, frustrated in steps toward Mideast peace

Monday - 12/22/2014, 02:26am EST

AP sources: Yates tapped for deputy AG

AP sources: Obama to nominate Sally Yates, a US attorney, to be deputy attorney general

Monday - 12/22/2014, 01:40am EST

Obama: No justification for murder of NYC police

Obama unconditionally condemns shooting deaths of NYC police officers, says no justification

Sunday - 12/21/2014, 11:10pm EST

Holder calls police shootings 'act of barbarism'

Holder condemns police shootings in NYC as 'act of barbarism,' praises law enforcement

Sunday - 12/21/2014, 04:50pm EST

Christie to Obama: Demand Cuba return cop killer

Christie to Obama: Demand that Cuba return New Jersey trooper's escaped killer to US

Sunday - 12/21/2014, 03:30pm EST

US sends 4 Afghans back home from Guantanamo

US sends 4 Afghans home from Guantanamo; move seen as sign of confidence in new Afghan leader

Sunday - 12/21/2014, 08:20am EST
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