8:37 am, January 31, 2015

Government News

Just whose Internet is it? New federal rules may answer that

Big shake-up looming in federal rules for telecom industry, may clarify whose Internet it is

Updated 05 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Pile of daunting challenges ahead for next defense secretary

With Senate hearings nearing for next defense secretary, a pile of daunting challenges awaits

Updated 07 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Drive to repeal medical device tax no slam dunk in Congress

Despite lots of support in Congress, drive to repeal medical device tax is no slam dunk

Updated 07 minutes, 42 seconds ago

White House grapples with fraught terrorism language

White House grapples with politically fraught language of terrorism threats

Updated 07 minutes, 44 seconds ago

5 things to know before Obama rolls out his budget Monday

5 things to know before Obama rolls out his 2016 budget Monday

Updated 07 minutes, 44 seconds ago

White House: Science indicates parents should vaccinate kids

Amid measles outbreak, White House says science indicates parents should vaccinate their kids

Updated 07 minutes, 52 seconds ago

US-backed Mexico dam project triggered protest, rare defeat

Mexican residents block US-backed plan for hydroelectric plant near vital community waterways

Updated 07 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 04:40am EST

Obama calls on Congress to fund 'precision medicine' studies

Obama wants Congress to OK funding for 'precision medicine' to better tailor care to genetics

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 03:46am EST

Obama, Dalai Lama set to attend National Prayer Breakfast

Obama, Dalai Lama scheduled to attend Feb. 5 National Prayer Breakfast

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 03:30am EST

Thai junta tries to curb dissent and keep good terms with US

In diplomatic spat, Thai junta tries to keep lid on dissent, and good relations with US

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 02:08am EST

US mulls Middle East-North Africa category for 2020 census

US considers adding Middle Eastern-North African category to 2020 census

Friday - 01/30/2015, 11:52pm EST

Air Force instructor gets 20 years in prison for rapes

Air Force instructor sentenced to 20 years in prison for raping 2 women, including recruit

Friday - 01/30/2015, 10:40pm EST

Connecticut legislature approves NRA-opposed judge nominee

Connecticut legislature confirms state judge nominee who was opposed by the NRA

Friday - 01/30/2015, 10:20pm EST

US says Islamic State militant killed in Iraq

US says Islamic State militant killed in Iraq; worked with chemical weapons

Friday - 01/30/2015, 06:50pm EST

FTC settles case against 'revenge porn' site operator

FTC settles case against CO man accused of operating 'revenge porn' site, first of its kind

Friday - 01/30/2015, 06:30pm EST

Dems still miffed about Israeli leader's address to Congress

Pelosi: There are other venues besides Congress where Netanyahu could renounce Iran

Friday - 01/30/2015, 05:40pm EST

What red ink? As deficits dip, all sides seek more spending

Deficits getting smaller _ for now _ and desire for spending strikes Republicans and Democrats

Friday - 01/30/2015, 05:02pm EST

US Rep. Nunnelee sent home after new tumor discovered

GOP Rep. Nunnelee sent home after doctors find new tumor, say no more treatment is possible

Friday - 01/30/2015, 04:40pm EST

White House: Monitoring of released Taliban 'updated'

White House: Monitoring of Taliban released in exchange for American has been 'updated'

Friday - 01/30/2015, 04:10pm EST
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