3:20 am, October 2, 2014

Government News

Pierson's undoing was quick as support vanished

Secret Service director's undoing came quickly as support vanished from nearly every corner

Updated 00 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Gov't website for doc payments not up to snuff

Missing data, clunky navigation mar new gov't site for searching doctors' financial conflicts

Updated 00 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Obama to speak about economy at Northwestern U.

Obama to speak about economy at Northwestern U., taking a break from global crises

Updated 00 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Report IDs 'weaknesses' at nuclear weapons lab

Energy inspector general finds 'weaknesses' in lab's nuclear waste packaging process

Updated 00 minutes, 36 seconds ago

Not guilty plea for man in White House incident

In court appearance, man indicted for breaching White House security pleads not guilty

Updated 00 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Downpour of bad news sank Secret Service director

Anatomy of a resignation: Trickle of bad news became a downpour for Secret Service director

Updated 01 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Sullivan grilled during fisheries debate in Alaska

GOP Senate candidate Sullivan grilled during debate centered on fisheries issues in Alaska

Updated 02 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Man with Ebola virus flew roundabout trip to US

Man diagnosed with Ebola took 2 airlines, 3 flights to US; CDC says no risk to other travelers

Updated 02 minutes, 23 seconds ago

McConnell, Grimes both get public pay to campaign

KY ad war: McConnell hits Grimes for taking public salary while campaigning; but he does, too

Updated 02 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Civilian casualty standard eased in Iraq, Syria

Tolerance for civilian casualties is higher in Iraq and Syria than for prior air campaigns

Updated 02 minutes, 38 seconds ago

US sharply criticizes new Israeli housing project

US sharply criticizes new Israeli construction project following Obama, Netanyahu meeting

Updated 08 minutes, 15 seconds ago

US, China air differences over Hong Kong protests

Top China, US diplomats air differences over Hong Kong student protests for electoral change

Updated 08 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Obama dines with fundraising contest winners

Obama dines with 2 winners of Democratic fundraising contests

Updated 12 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Secret Service chief quits due to security lapses

Secret Service chief quits due to White House security lapses, eroding congressional support

Updated 20 minutes, 32 seconds ago

Why the bond market is more fragile than you think

Wall Street sees 'danger signs' of a sell-off as bonds soar, flaws in trading system emerge

Updated 48 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Questions and answers about the US Ebola case

Questions and answers about the US Ebola case

Updated 1 hours, 00 minutes ago

US issues final minimum wage rule for contractors

Labor Department finalizes raise of minimum wage to $10.10 for workers with federal contracts

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 01:20am EDT

Today in History

Today in History

Thursday - 10/02/2014, 01:10am EDT

Hagel: Military medical system 'average'

Hagel labels US military medical system 'average,' in need of improvement

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 10:30pm EDT

Man in Cochran photo case indicted for burglary

Man accused of taking illicit photos of Sen. Cochran's wife indicted on burglary charges

Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 10:20pm EDT
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