6:09 pm, September 18, 2014

Government News

Senate blocks effort to stop Obama on immigration

Senate blocks effort to bar Obama from taking executive action on immigration

Updated 51 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Kansas court: Remove Democrat from Senate ballot

Kansas Supreme Court unanimously orders state to drop Democrat's name from Senate race ballot

Updated 51 minutes, 28 seconds ago

At UN, Obama to urge nations to go big on climate

At UN summit, Obama to pressure foreign leaders to make bold commitments on climate change

Updated 51 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Spending bill leaves out immigration courts

Congress' spending bill ignores Obama request on courts for unaccompanied minors at the border

Updated 51 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Senate races: Democrats decry birth control plan

Democrats in top Senate races decry GOP call to sell birth control pills without prescriptions

Updated 51 minutes, 43 seconds ago

White House orders plan for antibiotic resistance

White House orders government to create national plan on antibiotic-resistant bacteria by 2015

Updated 51 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Ukraine's pleas for lethal aid from US go unmet

Obama welcomes, praises Ukraine leader _ but turns aside plea for weapons to fight separatists

Updated 51 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Senate ready to support Obama on rebel aid

Ready to vote, Senate backing Obama on aid to Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State militants

Updated 51 minutes, 49 seconds ago

CDC tells healthy adults not to forget flu vaccine

Flu is in season, and CDC wants healthy adults to do a better job getting inoculated

Updated 51 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Health law enrollment now 7.3M

Latest health law enrollment figures show slippage from 8M high point

Updated 55 minutes, 43 seconds ago

Ebola survivor: No time to waste as Obama ups aid

Obama expands US response to Ebola epidemic as doctor who survived says no time to waste

Updated 55 minutes, 54 seconds ago

US: Syrian rebel training may take 12 months

Dempsey says it may take 12 months to complete training of moderate Syrian rebels

Updated 51 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Clinton: Turn female economic issues into movement

Hillary Clinton urges female voters to turn pay inequity and economic security into a movement

Updated 59 minutes, 39 seconds ago

House veterans divided on Syria measure

Some lawmakers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan oppose measure to arm, train Syrian rebels

Updated 51 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Intelligence director disputes allegations he lied

James Clapper said he spoke in error about NSA surveillance as he rolls out new intel strategy

Updated 51 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Intel chief: Al-Qaida cell in Syria poses threat

Intelligence director says al-Qaida cell in Syria poses threat equal to Islamic State group

Updated 59 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Good news on economy pushes stocks to record highs

US stock market reaches record after drop in jobless claims and Fed meeting.

Updated 04 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Senate candidates face dilemma on arming Syrians

Measure to arm Syrians unites some Senate candidates, divides others, as they tread carefully

Updated 17 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Senate: China hacked military contractor networks

Senate investigation says China hacked into military contractor networks at least 9 times

Updated 19 minutes, 56 seconds ago
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