5:43 am, January 27, 2015

Government News

CBO: Deficit to shrink to lowest level of Obama presidency

CBO: Growing economy to help budget deficit shrink to lowest level since Obama took office

Updated 03 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Obama promotes religious and gender equity in India speech

Obama draws on experience as a minority while touting gender and religious equality in India

Updated 06 minutes, 36 seconds ago

Obama leading delegation of US dignitaries to Saudi Arabia

Obama leading delegation of US dignitaries to Saudi Arabia to pay respects after king's death

Updated 06 minutes, 47 seconds ago

US loans fueled insider deal, failed power plan in Liberia

US-backed project collapsed amid questionable due diligence, worker harm, environmental cost

Updated 06 minutes, 48 seconds ago

The drone debate hits close to home for White House

The drone-control debate hits close to home for White House, thanks to hapless drone operator

Updated 28 minutes, 23 seconds ago

Quadcopters straddle the line between drones and toys

Quadcopters like the one that crashed at White House straddle the line between drones, toys

Updated 43 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Obama wants more money to fight antibiotic-resistant germs

Obama asking Congress to nearly double funding to fight antibiotic resistance to $1.2 billion

Updated 43 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Democrats, Republicans spar over Benghazi investigation

House Benghazi panel devolves into partisan bickering; secret meetings, power plays alleged

Updated 1 hours, 03 minutes ago

Ex-Army prosecutor found guilty of rape at court-martial

Former Army prosecutor who handled sexual-assault cases found guilty of rape in court-martial

Updated 1 hours, 03 minutes ago

Senate Dems block GOP effort to wind down pipeline debate

Senate Democrats block GOP effort to cut off debate on bill approving Keystone XL oil pipeline

Updated 1 hours, 13 minutes ago

Gov't to overhaul Medicare payments to doctors, hospitals

Obama administration unveils plan to shift Medicare payments, rewarding quality vs. quantity

Updated 1 hours, 45 minutes ago

Key facts about the US government's loans in Liberia

A plan to use rubber trees to help power Liberia collapsed amid connections, complaints

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 03:32am EST

A green energy blueprint's vision, unmet in Liberia

Backed by US loans, a company crafted a plan to convert aged rubber trees into biomass chips

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 03:32am EST

Ex-CIA officer convicted of leaking secrets to reporter

Ex-CIA officer convicted of leaking secret Iranian operation to New York Times reporter

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 02:20am EST

Democrat assails GOP leader of House Benghazi committee

Democrats say House Benghazi chairman excludes them from key details of investigation

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 02:04am EST

Complaints challenge orders limiting female guards at Gitmo

Female soldiers say orders barring them from escorting Gitmo detainees are unfair to women

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 01:40am EST

McCain gives thumbs up to 'American Sniper' movie

McCain gives thumbs up to 'American Sniper' movie, laments those disparaging film

Monday - 01/26/2015, 10:20pm EST

5 things about Obama's move to protect refuge from drilling

5 things: Obama's move to set aside refuge from drilling fuels brewing energy battle with GOP

Monday - 01/26/2015, 08:42pm EST

Business Highlights

Business Highlights

Monday - 01/26/2015, 08:40pm EST

USAID suspends awards to Virginia-based contractor

USAID suspends awards to organization that once was its sixth largest contractor

Monday - 01/26/2015, 08:30pm EST
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