10:43 pm, July 23, 2014

Government News

Cruise passengers recount horror stories to Senate

Cruise passengers recount nightmarish experiences, ask Congress for more passenger protections

Updated 57 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Glitch crashes global US passport, visa operations

Technical problems hit US passport, visa issuance at embassies worldwide

Updated 57 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Agents get subsidized 'Obamacare' using fake IDs

Undercover congressional investigators got subsidized health insurance using bogus identities

Updated 57 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Sanders pleads for VA reform bill as talks stall

Senate panel endorses VA nominee McDonald as talks on reform bill stall

Updated 00 minutes, 52 seconds ago

US economy, though sluggish, may now be sturdier

Still-slow rebound belies a sturdier economy with less consumer debt and more educated workers

Updated 01 minutes, 02 seconds ago

SEC votes to end $1 a share for some money funds

In a divided vote, SEC supports an end to $1 a share price for some riskier money-market funds

Updated 01 minutes, 04 seconds ago

House, Senate advance competing border proposals

House GOP, setting clash with Senate, recommends National Guard to border, speedier removals

Updated 05 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Cruz suggests flight ban is boycott of Israel

Cruz suggests FAA flight ban amounts to Obama launching economic boycott of Israel

Updated 06 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Arizona inmate dies 2 hours after execution began

Arizona murderer gasps, snorts for more than 1 1/2 hours after execution drugs are injected

Updated 06 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Nunn and Perdue shift to fall battle of outsiders

Nunn and Perdue try to distinguish competing 'outsider' arguments in Georgia's Senate battle

Updated 06 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Social Security spent $300M on 'IT boondoggle'

Internal report: Social Security spent nearly $300M on new computer system that doesn't work

Updated 06 minutes, 48 seconds ago

Senator says he had PTSD when he wrote thesis

Montana senator says he was being treated for PTSD when he used unattributed work in thesis

Updated 06 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Biden decries voting restrictions in NAACP address

Vice President Joe Biden decries voting restrictions in NAACP address

Updated 06 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Judges in health care rulings vote party line

In 2 rulings on health care law, votes of 6 appellate judges break along party lines

Updated 21 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Obama nominee McDonald pledges to 'transform' VA

In Senate testimony, Veterans Affairs nominee McDonald pledges to 'transform' troubled agency

Updated 21 minutes, 04 seconds ago

GOP senators demand say on Iran nuclear deal

GOP senators demand a congressional say on Iran nuclear deal or else sanctions kick back in

Updated 32 minutes, 50 seconds ago

SC man charged with bringing gun to DC building

S. Carolina man charged with bringing gun to congressional office building in DC

Updated 1 hours, 22 minutes ago

Boehner asks Obama to declare stance on border

Boehner calls on Obama to clarify stance on border, says president should support changing law

Updated 1 hours, 23 minutes ago

SEC considering action against S&P over ratings

S&P says regulators considering action against it over mortgage securities ratings in 2011

Wednesday - 07/23/2014, 08:30pm EDT

Audit: NASA doesn't have the money for big rockets

Failure to launch? Auditors say NASA doesn't have enough money to build big rockets on time

Wednesday - 07/23/2014, 08:30pm EDT
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