4:43 pm, November 20, 2014

Government News

Sentencing delayed for terror supporter in Florida

Sentencing delayed for man convicted in Florida of terrorism support; caught in online sting

Updated 00 minutes, 25 seconds ago

5 things to watch in Obama's immigration speech

5 things to watch for on Obama's immigration speech: Who wins, who loses, who vents and more

Updated 00 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Senate to work longer under GOP control next year

Senate to work longer hours, take less vacation under GOP control next year

Updated 00 minutes, 49 seconds ago

A look at the numbers in Obama's immigration plan

Who benefits from President Barack Obama's immigration plan, by the numbers

Updated 00 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Kerry to join Iran nuclear talks in Vienna

US Secretary of State Kerry arrives in Vienna to join Iran nuclear negotiations

Updated 00 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Main elements of Obama's actions on immigration

Main elements in Obama's executive measures to shield millions of immigrants from deportation

Updated 01 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Congress can't 'de-fund' Obama on immigration

Top Republican: Congress can't 'de-fund' Obama on immigration

Updated 01 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Defying GOP, Obama to spare 5M from deportation

Defying Republicans, Obama pressing ahead on immigration action; GOP says it will fight

Updated 01 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Does Obama have authority for immigration changes?

Obama says he has legal authority to make immigration changes; opponents say otherwise

Updated 01 minutes, 36 seconds ago

ABC, CBS, NBC won't carry Obama

Major English-language networks not carrying Obama speech on immigration

Updated 01 minutes, 39 seconds ago

NSA director: China can damage US power grid

NSA director confirms China, other countries can hack into and shut down critical systems

Updated 01 minutes, 49 seconds ago

Panel predicts China will keep confronting US

Despite upbeat Obama trip to China, US panel expects continuing tensions with Beijing

Updated 01 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Country of origin label for meat cuts endangered

Rejected by other nations, country of origin labels for meat cuts face uncertain future in US

Updated 06 minutes, 54 seconds ago

New enforcement focus in Obama's immigration plan

Homeland Security head says Obama's immigration plan will establish new enforcement priorities

Updated 07 minutes, 09 seconds ago

AP Exclusive: Some in NSA warned of a backlash

AP Exclusive: Some in NSA warned that collecting phone records would spark a backlash

Updated 07 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Hearing draws apology, admission in air bag mess

Exec admits Honda failed to quickly report air bag trouble; Takata official apologizes

Updated 15 minutes, 22 seconds ago

US stocks edge higher in afternoon trading

US stocks edge higher as investors weigh data on US home sales, China and Europe

Updated 20 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Oops! Administration erred on health law sign-ups

Obama administration says it erred in over-reporting number of health law sign-ups by 400k

Updated 25 minutes, 02 seconds ago

CDC chief drops worst-case Ebola estimate

CDC official says a worst-case scenario estimate of West African Ebola cases will not happen

Updated 47 minutes, 49 seconds ago

Obama plugs science, math education at ceremony

Obama plugs math, science education; honors achievement in science, technology, innovation

Updated 1 hours, 11 minutes ago
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