2:20 am, July 14, 2014

Government News

Udall: Problems with Gardner's birth control plan

Udall skeptical about rival's proposal to provide birth control pills without prescription

Updated 00 minutes, 36 seconds ago

FDA weighs cancer risk of fibroid removal devices

Cancer patients, families urge FDA to block fibroid removal technique that can spread cancer

Updated 00 minutes, 36 seconds ago

Lawmakers seek lower price for bill on vets' care

Sticker shock: Congress looks to lower cost of compromise bill on veterans health care

Updated 00 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Amazon asks FAA for permission to fly drones

Amazon petitions Federal Aviation Administration for permission to fly drones for deliveries

Updated 00 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Obama seeks governors' support on immigrant kids

Obama administration tries to rally support among governors on child immigrants

Updated 07 minutes, 44 seconds ago

No Iran breakthrough with Kerry in Vienna

Kerry, fellow big powers make no breakthrough on Iran in Vienna as deadline looms

Updated 07 minutes, 45 seconds ago

INFLUENCE GAME: Shaping railroad safety rules

INFLUENCE GAME: Train crashes trigger high-stakes campaign to shape safety rules for railroads

Updated 10 minutes, 19 seconds ago

US, Germany vow cooperation despite espionage spat

Outside Iran nuclear meeting, Kerry, German minister underscore cooperation despite spy spat

Updated 10 minutes, 23 seconds ago

US given heads up about newspaper data destruction

US given heads up about destruction of UK newspaper hard drives with Snowden documents

Updated 54 minutes, 36 seconds ago

Obama, Cameron discuss foreign policy hot spots

Obama, Cameron discuss foreign policy matters in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 08:30pm EDT

Kingston, Perdue hone attacks in Ga. Senate debate

In heated debate, Ga. GOP Senate candidates Kingston, Perdue take aim at each other's records

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 08:30pm EDT

Massachusetts Sen. Warren hits road for Democrats

Massachusetts Sen. Warren becoming prized campaigner as Democrats hope to keep Senate control

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 07:30pm EDT

Afghan rivals clinch deal, easing political crisis

Kerry brokers deal between Afghan political rivals, easing threat of political crisis

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 06:36pm EDT

What the military did while Benghazi post burned

No jets, no 'stand down': Military officers on what they did, didn't do, to help in Benghazi

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 05:16pm EDT

Former US Rep. Ken Gray dies in southern Illinois

Former US Rep. Ken Gray, known as 'Prince of Pork,' dies at 89 in southern Illinois

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 03:58pm EDT

Public, industry weigh in on oil train safety

Public, industry weigh in as the government drafts rules to address fiery oil train crashes

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Perdue touts business record in Georgia Senate bid

Perdue points to business record in Georgia Senate campaign; but rival sees chance to attack

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 03:16pm EDT

His agenda in gridlock, Obama relishes roadshow

Split-screen presidency: Obama hits the road campaign-style, but his agenda remains gridlocked

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 12:48pm EDT

House chairman: $3.7B border request 'too much'

House spending chairman shoots down Obama's $3.7B border crisis request as Democrats object

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 10:40am EDT

5 things to know about immigration courts

From overflowing caseloads to wait times, 5 things to know about immigration Courts

Sunday - 07/13/2014, 10:32am EDT
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