8:25 pm, March 26, 2015

Government News

Obama talks drug war with 'The Wire' creator David Simon

Obama discusses drug war, changing criminal justice system with 'The Wire' creator David Simon

Updated 01 minutes, 45 seconds ago

House panel asks White House for documents on Bergdahl swap

House Oversight seeks intelligence, reports from White House on swap of Bergdahl for Taliban

Updated 01 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Capitol Hill Buzz: Senators vote on amendments, score points

Capitol Hill Buzz: Senate vote-a-rama give both sides chances to score points with amendments

Updated 01 minutes, 46 seconds ago

How gov't aims to protect low-income users of 'payday' loans

Federal regulators announce proposed rules to protect low-income borrowers

Updated 01 minutes, 47 seconds ago

US: Chicago-area cousins planned US terrorist attack

US: Chicago-area National Guard soldier and cousin planned to bring 'flames of war' to US

Updated 06 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Senate up next after House passes bold conservative budget

Senate up after GOP-led House passes conservative budget to erase red ink, cut trillions

Updated 08 minutes, 39 seconds ago

US, Iran nuke talks enter critical round ahead of deadline

US, Iran nuclear talks enter critical phase with deadline for framework deal just days away

Updated 09 minutes, 41 seconds ago

US 'troubled' by Thai leader's threat to execute journalists

US 'troubled' by Thai leader's threat to execute journalists, hopes he didn't mean it

Updated 27 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Bergdahl charges stoke fresh criticism of prisoner swap

Bergdahl charges stoke fresh criticism of Obama's swap of Taliban prisoners for Army sergeant

Updated 28 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Obama praises payday lender rules, vows veto of limitations

Obama praises proposed payday lender rules; threatens to veto curbs on financial regulations

Updated 29 minutes, 02 seconds ago

AP Exclusive: Special ops troops using flawed intel software

AP Exclusive: Special ops troops headed to war zones using flawed intel analysis software

Updated 29 minutes, 12 seconds ago

House OKs bipartisan Medicare doctor bill; fate up to Senate

House OKs bipartisan bill halting Medicare doctors' fee cuts, shifting spotlight to Senate

Updated 29 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Oil council: Shale won't last, Arctic drilling needed now

Despite low oil prices, recent mishaps, DOE advisory council pushes for Arctic drilling

Updated 29 minutes, 26 seconds ago

Lawmakers unhappy with new fracking rules

Republican, Democratic lawmakers voice concerns about new drilling rules

Updated 29 minutes, 32 seconds ago

US sees opportunity in Iran's pullback in Iraq

Turning the tables on Tehran, US persuades Iraq to sideline Iranian-backed militias in Tikrit

Updated 29 minutes, 43 seconds ago

US official guilty of covering for ex-worker who kept salary

US official guilty of theft, fraud for covering for worker who left job but kept getting paid

Updated 35 minutes, 40 seconds ago

USTelecom, Texas Internet provider sue over net neutrality

Trade group, Texas broadband co. are 1st to sue over net neutrality; FCC says suits premature

Updated 35 minutes, 48 seconds ago

NC State's Barber says all is OK with Obama after profanity

NC State's Cat Barber says all is OK with Obama after email exchange on postgame profanity

Updated 1 hours, 16 minutes ago

Business Highlights

Business Highlights

Updated 1 hours, 16 minutes ago

WHY IT MATTERS: The Saudi-led intervention in Yemen

WHY IT MATTERS: Saudi-led intervention escalates war in Yemen, home to feared al-Qaida branch

Updated 1 hours, 17 minutes ago
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