10:13 am, December 29, 2014

Government News

Key decisions on drones likely from Congress

FAA's long-awaited drone rules almost ready, but Congress will likely make key decisions

Updated 03 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Obama warns GOP he plans to use veto pen in 2015

Obama's warning to GOP: I'll use veto pen to defend actions on health care, environment

Updated 03 minutes, 23 seconds ago

N. Korea uses racial slur against Obama over hack

North Korea blames US for Internet shutdown amid Sony hacking row, compares Obama to a monkey

Updated 59 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Residents alarmed as Coast Guard changes foghorns

New England residents sound alarm as Coast Guard converts older foghorns to newer technology

Monday - 12/29/2014, 08:04am EST

Obama says despite protests, race relations better

Obama says despite recent protests, race relations have improved since he took office

Monday - 12/29/2014, 06:29am EST

Obama doesn't rule out US embassy in Iran

Obama doesn't rule out eventually opening US embassy in Iran, but says it must go in steps

Monday - 12/29/2014, 06:29am EST

Obama: Longest war in US history is ending

Marking end of combat in Afghanistan, Obama says 13 years of fighting have tested the US

Monday - 12/29/2014, 06:28am EST

Yes-We-Can president faces twilight of maybes

Yes-We-Can president faces twilight of maybes, still ambitious but power fading

Monday - 12/29/2014, 05:26am EST

In 83 speeches, senator pushes for climate change

Rhode Island Democrat's speeches _ now at 83 _ make him Senate's top climate change advocate

Monday - 12/29/2014, 05:26am EST

Clinton economic approach under scrutiny

All eyes on Clinton's economic agenda as she considers 2016 bid

Monday - 12/29/2014, 05:26am EST

Creator of 'Tail! Spin!' talks about power, truth

Creator of the political scandal play 'Tail! Spin!' talks about power, cover-up and truth

Monday - 12/29/2014, 05:22am EST

Key decisions on drones likely from Congress

FAA's long-awaited drone rules almost ready, but Congress will likely make key decisions

Monday - 12/29/2014, 05:16am EST

For Obama, high ambitions, less power to achieve

Obama still has the audacity to hope for big things, less power to achieve them in final years

Monday - 12/29/2014, 02:10am EST

An old plant, tainted land, and worried homeowners

Documents: Developers built homes next to a future Superfund site despite the warning signs

Monday - 12/29/2014, 12:07am EST

Final goodbye: Roll call of some who died in 2014

Among 2014's notable deaths: 2 who reshaped lives after violence, and stars who died too soon

Sunday - 12/28/2014, 11:48am EST

Navy flies full-sized drone copter from ship at sea

Navy flies full-sized unmanned helicopter from ship at sea of Virginia coast

Saturday - 12/27/2014, 12:10pm EST

On Christmas, Obama marks end of Afghan combat

With Christmas visit to US troops, Obama marks end of combat in Afghanistan, says world safer

Saturday - 12/27/2014, 11:08am EST

After 6 years, Obama personal chef hangs up apron

Obama personal chef, nutrition policy adviser, friend hangs up White House apron after 6 years

Saturday - 12/27/2014, 09:04am EST

Army data shows rarity of desertion prosecutions

Army desertion prosecutions are rare; data show 1,900 cases pursued since 2001

Saturday - 12/27/2014, 09:04am EST
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