3:06 am, July 11, 2014

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Aereo presses case despite Supreme Court setback

Aereo presses case despite Supreme Court setback, seeks licensing treatment as cable company

Updated 57 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Kansas to pursue prairie chicken breeding program

Kansas governor orders agencies to develop plan to round up, breed lesser prairie chickens

Updated 57 minutes, 12 seconds ago

FTC sues Amazon over kids' app charges

FTC sues Amazon over children's unauthorized in-app charges

Updated 57 minutes, 21 seconds ago

VA names interim medical inspector

VA names interim medical inspector; office was criticized over failure to act on complaints

Updated 57 minutes, 52 seconds ago

In Afghanistan, Kerry seeks path in voting crisis

In Afghanistan, Kerry seeks path out of post-election crisis; UN plans to audit fraud claims

Updated 55 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Officers say no 'stand-down order' for Benghazi

Dismissing GOP lawmakers' claim, officers say no 'stand-down order' given in Benghazi attacks

Updated 55 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Obama official says immigrant kids draining funds

Dire situation: Obama official says border control funds drained by flood of immigrant kids

Updated 55 minutes, 51 seconds ago

Obama names Tefft as new US ambassador to Russia

Obama chooses career foreign service officer John Tefft as next US ambassador to Russia

Updated 56 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Obama offers US help negotiating Israel cease-fire

Obama offers US help negotiating Israel cease-fire; UN chief warns of urgent need to avoid war

Updated 59 minutes, 51 seconds ago

House GOP moves ahead on suing Obama

House Republicans move ahead on suing Obama, base lawsuit on health care mandate

Updated 59 minutes, 53 seconds ago

House, Senate committees advance highway aid plans

Plans to keep highway aid flowing to states advance in House, Senate as deadline looms

Updated 00 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Afghan aid is dropping, but how fast is too fast?

US aid to Afghanistan shrinking with military footprint; aid officials want gradual decline

Updated 00 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Kerry arrives in Afghanistan to meet candidates

Kerry arrives in Afghanistan to meet presidential candidates, urge calm for smooth transition

Updated 13 minutes, 23 seconds ago

Faster deportations? A possible border crisis deal

Possible compromise emerges on border crisis as GOP pushes for deporting kids faster

Updated 17 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Timeline: From 'we're under attack' to evacuation

Benghazi chain of events: From 'we're under attack' to last flight out of Libya

Updated 28 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Man left in DEA cell says lights were turned off

Man left in DEA cell in San Diego says he exchanged words with man before lights were shut off

Updated 50 minutes, 58 seconds ago

APNewsBreak: No 'stand down' order in Benghazi

APNewsBreak: Military officers' testimony undermines Benghazi 'stand down' theory

Updated 51 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Judge: Gay couples can keep marrying in Colorado

Judge rules gay couples can continue to wed in Colorado, despite state's same-sex marriage ban

Updated 57 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Report: Chinese hackers hit US personnel networks

Report: Chinese hackers break into US personnel networks, target security clearance files

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 10:38pm EDT

US, China talk cyberhacking amid new allegations

In Beijing, Kerry, Lew talk cyberhacking with Chinese officials amid new allegations

Thursday - 07/10/2014, 10:38pm EDT

Ocean Grove boardwalk reopens after Sandy damage

Christie does ribbon-cutting as Sandy-damaged Ocean Grove boardwalk reopens, 1 ½ years later

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 05:19pm EDT
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