6:01 pm, January 26, 2015

Government News

EPA: Over 4M gallons pumped from site of ND saltwater spill

EPA: More than 4M gallons of freshwater, brine, oil pumped from site of ND saltwater spill

Updated 00 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Quadcopters straddle the line between drones and toys

Quadcopters like the one that crashed at White House straddle the line between drones, toys

Updated 00 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Feds want meeting on secret information in Capitol plot case

US prosecutors ask Ohio judge for conference on classified information in US Capitol plot case

Updated 00 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Sen. Harry Reid undergoes surgery on eye

Sen. Harry Reid undergoes surgery to remove blood clot in eye, repair facial bones

Updated 00 minutes, 57 seconds ago

CBO: Deficit to shrink to lowest level of Obama presidency

CBO: Growing economy to help budget deficit shrink to lowest level since Obama took office

Updated 01 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Ex-Army prosecutor found guilty of rape at court-martial

Former Army prosecutor who handled sexual-assault cases found guilty of rape in court-martial

Updated 01 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Drone crashes at White House; hobbyist says it's his

Drone crashes at White House, raising security fears: just a hobbyist's accident this time

Updated 01 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Complaints challenge orders limiting female guards at Gitmo

Female soldiers say orders barring them from escorting Gitmo detainees are unfair to women

Updated 01 minutes, 40 seconds ago

McCain gives thumbs up to 'American Sniper' movie

McCain gives thumbs up to 'American Sniper' movie, laments those disparaging film

Updated 01 minutes, 41 seconds ago

5 things about Obama's move to protect refuge from drilling

5 things: Obama's move to set aside refuge from drilling fuels brewing energy battle with GOP

Updated 11 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Gov't to overhaul Medicare payments to doctors, hospitals

Obama administration unveils plan to shift Medicare payments, rewarding quality vs. quantity

Updated 11 minutes, 29 seconds ago

VA to create unified framework with 5 service regions

VA says far-flung agency to be streamlined with 5 regions for all services

Updated 19 minutes, 28 seconds ago

House tea partyers face new resistance from GOP pragmatists

Tea party lawmakers face new hurdles in GOP pragmatists' approach to filibusters, Obama vetoes

Updated 19 minutes, 35 seconds ago

China's shadow looms large over Obama visit to India

As Obama seeks to deepen ties with India, shadow of neighboring China looms large

Updated 19 minutes, 39 seconds ago

US high court vacates ruling on long hair in Alabama prisons

Native American prison inmates in Alabama win a round in legal battle over wearing long hair

Updated 22 minutes, 34 seconds ago

Head of Justice Dept. anti-corruption section leaving

Head of Justice Department's public corruption section leaving for new position within agency

Updated 22 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Ex-CIA officer convicted of leaking secrets to reporter

Ex-CIA officer convicted of leaking secret Iranian operation to New York Times reporter

Updated 26 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Boeing, SpaceX will beat Russia on price for astronaut rides

Boeing, SpaceX capsules will beat Russia on price for US astronaut rides to space station

Updated 26 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Key issues and updates on the Keystone XL oil pipeline

To build or not to build? Key issues and updates in the Keystone XL oil pipeline debate

Updated 1 hours, 01 minutes ago
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