10:22 pm, December 18, 2014

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Sony film took aim at North Korea's biggest taboo

Why the fury? Sony film portraying Kim assassination took aim at North Korea's biggest taboo

Updated 01 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Digital dilemma: How will US respond to Sony hack?

Evidence in Sony hack 'whodunit' mostly circumstantial; US weighs a North Korea response

Updated 01 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Contrite Vegas hotelier wins gambling license

Vegas hotelier receives gambling license after heavy scrutiny of past drug use, business ties

Updated 17 minutes, 34 seconds ago

Will artists skip studio support after Sony scandal?

What's the creative fallout from the Sony scandal? Can Hollywood overcome self-censorship?

Updated 17 minutes, 52 seconds ago

Sony hacking fallout puts all companies on alert

Companies on high alert as Sony hacking puts focus on corporate cybersecurity flaws

Updated 17 minutes, 56 seconds ago

'The Interview' jeopardizes overseas movie villains

Cancellation of 'The Interview' jeopardizes overseas movie villains

Updated 19 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Fatal South by Southwest crash brings first wave of lawsuits

First lawsuits since South by Southwest crash that killed 4 accuse organizers of safety lapses

Updated 19 minutes, 21 seconds ago

AP Explains: Stephen Colbert vs. "Stephen Colbert"

AP Explains: How Stephen Colbert's "Stephen Colbert" became a truly American phenomenon

Updated 19 minutes, 28 seconds ago

New York Fashion Week booted out of Lincoln Center

New York Fashion Week booted from Lincoln Center in court spat over public access to park land

Updated 19 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Oakland joins LA in banning circus elephant tool

Oakland is second California city, after LA, to ban tool used by circus elephant handlers

Updated 19 minutes, 32 seconds ago

Timeline of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack

Timeline of key events in the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack

Updated 19 minutes, 36 seconds ago

'Team America' screenings also pulled from theaters

'Team America' screenings, added after 'The Interview' cancellation, also pulled from theaters

Updated 19 minutes, 54 seconds ago

Review: 'The Interview' deserves to be seen

Film Review: Sony's cancelled 'The Interview' deserves to be seen

Updated 25 minutes, 25 seconds ago

NYC rapper pleads not guilty to gun, drug charges

Up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda pleads not guilty to gun and narcotics charges

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 08:10pm EST

'Sorority Sisters' draws criticism, loses sponsors

VH1 stands by 'Sorority Sisters,' labeled offensive by critics; some sponsors drop the show

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 08:10pm EST

Sony emails show a studio ripe for hacking

Sony emails reveal loose use of passwords and IDs, ripe for hacking

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 07:56pm EST

Obama calls in to Massachusetts governor's show

'Barack Obama, formerly of Somerville' among last callers to Massachusetts governor's show

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 07:50pm EST

Veteran AP trial reporter Linda Deutsch to retire

AP's Linda Deutsch, who covered 48 years of America's biggest trials, retires from court beat

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 06:53pm EST

Steroids trial pushed back for A-Rod's cousin

Steroids trial delayed from February to April for A-Rod cousin over health problems

Thursday - 12/18/2014, 06:52pm EST



Thursday - 12/18/2014, 06:30pm EST
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