8:43 am, May 30, 2015

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Coast Guard: There were boots on the ground after oil spill

Government defends cleanup effort after California oil spill amid criticism by lawmakers

Updated 51 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Turkey seizes bank associated with US-based Muslim cleric

Turkey seizes bank associated with US-based Muslim cleric, citing financial problems

Saturday - 05/30/2015, 04:50am EDT

AmEx president dies suddenly after falling ill on flight

American Express says President Ed Gilligan dies suddenly after falling ill on flight

Saturday - 05/30/2015, 04:10am EDT

House committee chairman subpoenas IRS official for hearing

House committee chairman subpoenas IRS official to hearing on Freedom of Information Act

Saturday - 05/30/2015, 04:10am EDT

Republican Wyoming on board with federal sage grouse policy

Wyoming officials not among Republicans worried by huge federal sage grouse planning effort

Saturday - 05/30/2015, 03:16am EDT

Fuel and potential fires for the US economy ahead

After US economy's dismal Q1, here are things that could accelerate or restrain growth ahead

Saturday - 05/30/2015, 03:02am EDT

Stocks end week lower following disappointing economic data

Stocks end week lower following reports that US economy contracted in the first quarter

Saturday - 05/30/2015, 03:02am EDT

US consumer sentiment drops in May

Weak US economy drags down consumer sentiment in May

Saturday - 05/30/2015, 03:02am EDT

Latest US proposal for ethanol could have political fallout

EPA's ethanol goals unpopular with farm groups, could have political fallout in rural areas

Saturday - 05/30/2015, 03:02am EDT

Report: Health insurer Humana considering a sale

Report: Health insurer Humana considers a sale, stock soars to new highs

Saturday - 05/30/2015, 02:00am EDT

US high court: California county drug disposal law stands

US Supreme Court lets stand Northern California county's drug disposal law

Friday - 05/29/2015, 08:20pm EDT

Oklahoma is latest state to prevent local fracking bans

Oklahoma joins Texas with law preventing cities, towns from banning oil and gas operations

Friday - 05/29/2015, 08:10pm EDT

GoPro gets real ... virtually real

GoPro, already dominant in action video, announces drone and virtual reality pursuits

Friday - 05/29/2015, 07:20pm EDT

Avago looks to grow with $37B deal for chipmaker Broadcom

Avago to buy Broadcom for $37 billion as chipmakers seek new avenues of growth

Friday - 05/29/2015, 07:20pm EDT

Wisconsin governor: Obama power plant rule 'unworkable'

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says his state won't comply with Obama climate change plan

Friday - 05/29/2015, 07:16pm EDT

2 court fights after failed Atlantic City loan program

Company that got $3 million from Atlantic City but failed to make loans faces 2 court fights

Friday - 05/29/2015, 06:30pm EDT

Google unveils Android's latest technological tricks

Android's next version to offer new ways to fetch information, pay merchants, protect privacy

Friday - 05/29/2015, 06:18pm EDT

Google offers unlimited free storage of photos, videos

Google rolls out mobile app, website offering unlimited free storage of digital photos, videos

Friday - 05/29/2015, 06:18pm EDT

Ruble rebound threatens 'Made in Russia' industry revival

Ruble rebound a relief for Russians but hurts revival of local industry competing with imports

Friday - 05/29/2015, 05:16pm EDT

Software glitch can cause iPhones to crash

Pranksters can crash iPhones by sending a certain text message

Friday - 05/29/2015, 04:46pm EDT
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