1:07 pm, January 31, 2015

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Automakers recall more than 2M vehicles for faulty air bags

More than 2M Toyota, Chrysler and Honda vehicles recalled for faulty air bags

Updated 01 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Revel sale put on hold while nightclub appeals terms

Revel casino sale put on hold by federal judge while nightclub owner appeals sale terms

Updated 01 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Drive to repeal medical device tax no slam dunk in Congress

Despite lots of support in Congress, drive to repeal medical device tax is no slam dunk

Updated 04 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Germany's Merkel says she doesn't see another Greek debt cut

Germany's Merkel underlines creditors' refusal to consider new debt forgiveness for Greece

Updated 19 minutes, 01 seconds ago

1st time advertisers make a play with Super Bowl spots

Skittles candy, Carnival cruises, other 1st time advertisers bet big on Super Bowl

Updated 19 minutes, 08 seconds ago

10 Super Bowl ads that everyone will be talking about

McDonald's, BMW spots among the ads everyone will be talking about after Super Bowl Sunday

Updated 19 minutes, 09 seconds ago

What slowing economy? US consumers are in a mood to spend

What slowing economy? US consumers show they're confident and eager to spend more

Updated 19 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Stocks sag at the close; January finishes on weak note

Stock market sags at close as investors weigh weaker growth; January is worst month in a year

Updated 19 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Businesses stay clear of using Super Bowl name

Businesses fearing NFL trademark issues find Super Bowl by any other name just as good

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 11:00am EST

Uber says outside review shows customer data safe, private

Uber says review it commissioned shows data safe, private for people using it to book rides

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 10:20am EST

Alibaba promises more action against fake goods

Alibaba promises more action against fake goods following public spat with Chinese regulator

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 10:20am EST

Battle of the big phones: Samsung down in China, Apple gains

Battle of the big phones hits Samsung profit as Apple's large iPhone lures China buyers

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 09:16am EST

Shake Shack shares more than double in stock market debut

Investors line up for burger chain Shake Shack as shares more than double in market debut

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 08:10am EST

FDA approves ADHD drug for binge-eating disorder

FDA approves an ADHD drug as the first treatment for binge-eating disorder

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 04:40am EST

Barbie blues gave Mattel holiday disappointment

Mattel 4Q results disappoint on soft Barbie, American Girl sales; CEO vows revitalization

Saturday - 01/31/2015, 12:18am EST

US pay and benefits rose at slightly faster pace last year

US pay and benefits rose at steady pace last year, though gains remain modest

Friday - 01/30/2015, 09:40pm EST

Alibaba run-in with China regulator signals tougher scrutiny

Criticism of Alibaba highlights tougher government scrutiny of China's private companies

Friday - 01/30/2015, 08:38pm EST

California declares electronic cigarettes a health threat

California health officials declare e-cigarettes a health threat, urge tougher regulations

Friday - 01/30/2015, 08:20pm EST

Number of Las Vegas visitors in 2014 climbs to 41.1 million

Number of Las Vegas visitors climbs in December and 2014 to 41.1 million total

Friday - 01/30/2015, 08:10pm EST

New York wage board suggests $7.50 wage for tipped workers

New York state wage board recommends $7.50 hourly wage for servers, other tipped workers

Friday - 01/30/2015, 06:50pm EST
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