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The latest on the Northeast snowstorm

The latest on the Northeast storm: Travel bans lifted

Updated 00 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Prosecutors promise thorough probe of police killing of teen

Prosecutors promise thorough investigation after police kill girl who hit officer with car

Updated 00 minutes, 17 seconds ago

AP PHOTOS: Snowstorm pounds Northeast _ most of it, anyway

AP PHOTOS: A blustery winter blast pounds Northeast _ or most of it, anyway

Updated 02 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Trafficking twins get sharply reduced sentences

Chicago twins who ran $2B US drug ring get sharply reduced sentences for cooperation

Updated 02 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Police: Parents who killed selves, kids feared apocalypse

Police: Utah family found dead in home last fall overdosed; parents worried about apocalypse

Updated 02 minutes, 26 seconds ago

'Wicked storm': Blizzard drops 2 feet of snow on New England

'Wicked storm': Blizzard shows no mercy on Boston area after going easy on New York

Updated 02 minutes, 28 seconds ago

NYC economy lost $200M from fizzled storm, transit shutdown

NYC economy lost about $200 million from fizzled storm, transit shutdown, expert says

Updated 12 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Experts: Gold nuggets stolen from museum may be tough sell

Experts: Historic gold nuggets taken from museum may be hard to sell as dealers hear of heist

Updated 12 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Boeing, SpaceX will beat Russia on price for astronaut rides

Boeing, SpaceX capsules will beat Russia on price for US astronaut rides to space station

Updated 36 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Super Bowl jet-setters get topflight travel treatment

Ready, jet-set, go: Private plane operators wine, dine passengers arriving for Super Bowl

Updated 40 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Trans-Pacific balloon crew: It's like camping in the sky

Camping in the sky: Trans-Pacific balloon crew two-thirds of the way toward breaking 2 records

Updated 1 hours, 19 minutes ago

Push for gay protections in Idaho stirs emotional debate

Long-sought bill creating protections for gays in conservative Idaho stirs emotional debate

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 12:30pm EST

Ex-Boy Scout describes mental scars left by abuse at trial

Former Boy Scout describes emotional scars left by leader's abuse in California civil trial

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 11:50am EST

AP PHOTOS: A selection of Northeast snowstorm images

AP PHOTOS: A selection of editors' favorite images of the Northeast snowstorm

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 10:38am EST

Ex-Army prosecutor found guilty of rape at court-martial

Former Army prosecutor who handled sexual-assault cases found guilty of rape in court-martial

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 04:40am EST

Drilling plan may restrict sensitive Arctic Ocean areas

Alaska officials say offshore drilling plan likely to take some Arctic locations off table

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 04:00am EST

Snowstorm threatens to paralyze the crowded Northeast US

Fierce snowstorm could paralyze Northeast US for days; 'It's going to be ridiculous out there'

Tuesday - 01/27/2015, 02:08am EST

AP PHOTOS: 10 worst Northeast snowstorms in last 60 years

AP PHOTOS: 10 worst snowstorms in Northeast US in last 60 years, plus a notable one from 1888

Monday - 01/26/2015, 09:46pm EST

Lawmakers hear heated testimony about sex-orientation bill

Idaho lawmakers hear testimony about bill that would have protections for sexual orientation

Monday - 01/26/2015, 07:50pm EST

Oklahoma could halt executions for Supreme Court drug review

Oklahoma looks to halt executions while Supreme Court reviews drug implicated in botched case

Monday - 01/26/2015, 07:50pm EST
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