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Chicago mayor's teenage son mugged near home

Chicago mayor's teenage son mugged near family's home, has phone stolen

Updated 00 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Latest developments on the US-Cuba story

Here are some of the latest developments regarding the US-Cuba relationship

Updated 00 minutes, 38 seconds ago

US mulls putting NKorea on terrorism sponsor list

Obama says US reviewing whether to return North Korea to list of state sponsors of terrorism

Updated 14 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Muhammad Ali hospitalized with pneumonia

Spokesman: Muhammad Ali in hospital with 'mild' pneumonia; prognosis good, short stay expected

Updated 27 minutes, 55 seconds ago

2 cops ambushed, fatally shot in car; gunman kills himself

2 NYPD officers fatally shot by gunman who vowed to kill cops; shooter takes his own life

Updated 27 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Police brutality protesters rally at Mall of America

Police brutality protesters gather in Mall of America rotunda on busy day for holiday shopping

Updated 35 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Sponsors pay big bucks to join college bowl games

Another blitz of college football bowl games kicks off with new roster of hefty sponsors

Updated 44 minutes, 03 seconds ago

AP sources: Cops' killer angry at chokehold death

AP sources: Killer of 2 NYC cops posted online that he would shoot 'pigs' over chokehold death

Sunday - 12/21/2014, 03:12am EST

Lawyer: Woman did not intend to hit pedestrians

California woman's lawyer says it was accident when she plowed into pedestrians, killing 4

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 04:20pm EST

Supreme Court won't stop gay marriages in Florida

US Supreme Court refuses to block gay marriages in Florida; some may start after Jan. 5

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 10:20am EST

Obama's Cuba switch forces exile groups to adapt

Miami's anti-Castro groups forced to adapt to a new paradigm in US-Cuba relations

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 09:16am EST

Sales for holiday shopping season come down to the wire

Stores count on procrastinators as sales for holiday season show modest growth so far

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 08:36am EST

Lawsuit shows resistance to legalization of pot

Lawsuit to end Colorado's legal pot experiment shows resistance among conservatives, police

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 07:42am EST

SpaceX delays space station delivery until Jan.

SpaceX delays space station delivery until January, extra tests needed for Falcon rocket

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 06:00am EST

Weird weather lingers in Alaska's largest city

Unseasonably warm weather lingers in Alaska's largest city with solstice, Christmas days away

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 04:54am EST

Paul, Rubio clash over Obama's Cuba policy

GOP senators and potential 2016 candidates Paul and Rubio clash over Obama's Cuba policy

Saturday - 12/20/2014, 03:04am EST

Lawmaker wants investigation of St. Louis prosecutor

Prosecutor says some Ferguson witnesses lied; state lawmaker wants his actions investigated

Friday - 12/19/2014, 11:40pm EST

Report: Radiation leak at nuclear dump was small

Report: Radiation leak at US nuclear waste dump was small, no negative health effects expected

Friday - 12/19/2014, 10:00pm EST

Sugarland, promoter settle with state fair victims

Lawyers for people hurt in Indiana stage collapse reach settlement with Sugarland, Live Nation

Friday - 12/19/2014, 08:36pm EST

Man pleads guilty in gun case linked to marathon

Man pleads guilty in gun case linked to Boston Marathon bombing suspects

Friday - 12/19/2014, 07:00pm EST
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