1:45 pm, January 28, 2015

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USDA revises maple syrup grading with descriptive terms

USDA revises maple syrup grading standards with more descriptive, universal terms

Updated 02 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Mobile provider TracFone to pay $40M in federal settlement

Pre-paid mobile provider TracFone settles with government for $40M over unlimited data plans

Updated 02 minutes, 22 seconds ago

House passes bill aimed at expediting natural gas exports

Republican-controlled House passes bill to speed up approvals of natural gas exports

Updated 03 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Govt tells agents to ID which immigrants not to deport

Govt tells immigration agents to identify immigrants who shouldn't be arrested, deported

Updated 03 minutes, 01 seconds ago

DEA chief: US abandoned plan to track cars near gun shows

Head of US drug enforcement says gov't abandoned proposal to track vehicles near gun shows

Updated 03 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Ex-Los Alamos scientist to be sentenced in nuke spy sting

Ex-Los Alamos scientist accused of offering to make Venezuela a nuclear weapon to be sentenced

Updated 03 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Bill would grant war powers to fight Islamic State militants

Bill in House would grant Obama war powers to fight Islamic State militants

Updated 03 minutes, 35 seconds ago

US stocks edge higher in afternoon trading; Apple up sharply

US stock market edges higher ahead of Fed policy statement; strong earnings lift Apple, Boeing

Updated 04 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Lynch defends Obama's immigration policies

Attorney General nominee Lynch defends Obama immigration policies as Senate begins hearings

Updated 02 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Lynch defends Obama's immigration policies

Updated 02 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Romney jabs Clinton in Mississippi speech

Courting the middle class, Mitt Romney jabs Hillary Clinton on economics in Mississippi speech

Updated 02 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Senate bill: Vets won't trigger employer health law coverage

Senate committee OKs bill letting employers exempt vets from triggering health coverage

Updated 02 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Oklahoma governor will consider stay for condemned men

Oklahoma governor says she will consider stay for condemned men with case at US Supreme Court

Updated 02 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Arkansas panel rejects removing Lee from King holiday

Arkansas House panel rejects proposal to remove honors for Confederate general on King holiday

Updated 02 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Gitmo officer: limits on female guards puts mission at risk

Officer testifies that limits on use of female guards creates safety risk at Guantanamo

Updated 02 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Fed is expected to remain 'patient' about a first rate hike

As Fed ends meeting, it's expected to remain 'patient' about raising rates from record lows

Updated 05 minutes, 32 seconds ago

State Dept. ready to meet with special committee on Benghazi

State Dept. offers to meet with House Benghazi committee chairman after 'ratchet up' comment

Updated 08 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Boeing, SpaceX will beat Russia on price for astronaut rides

Boeing, SpaceX capsules will beat Russia on price for US astronaut rides to space station

Updated 25 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Poll: Most say restore health aid if court kills subsidies

If court kills health care subsidies, most in poll want Congress to restore financial aid

Updated 49 minutes, 16 seconds ago

FDA issues new requirements to improve defibrillator safety

FDA sets stricter requirements for heart-zapping defibrillators after years of recalls

Updated 1 hours, 15 minutes ago
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