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Big Data in Government - "Progress and Best Practices"

Program discusses the following: Update & Progress Made on working with BIG DATA, Profile a Big Data Program/Success Story, Benefits of BIG DATA, Challenges or major hurdles to still overcome, and A Vision for The Future.

Panelists: (Click to view bio)

Zach Goldstein: Deputy Chief Information Officer, NOAA

Dave Bottom: Director of Information Technology Services, NGA

Jeanne Holm: Evangelist, Data.Gov, GSA

Tom Soderstrom: Chief Technology Officer, NASA JPL

Chris Steel: Chief Solutions Architect, Software AG

Mercedes Westcott: Vice President, Public Sector, Cloudera Government Solutions

Michael Conlin: CTO & Strategist, HP Enterprise Services

Moderator: Jim Flyzik: President - The Flyzik Group


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