4:34 pm, May 29, 2015

Recovery Act

On February 17, 2009, President Barack Obama signed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or Recovery Act, into law. Federal News Radio follows how agencies have enacted the law and how the government is tracking spending through

Transparency 'enforcer' in new oversight role

The President asked the RAT Board leader, Earl Devaney, to lead the new Government Accountability and Transparency Board, which will more broadly focus on cutting government waste and tracking transparency in federal spending.

Tuesday - 08/02/2011, 05:27pm EDT

Is America living up to infrastructure promises?

Janet Kavinoky of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gave Federal News Radio a preview of its updated transportation infrastructure report. The revamped index will be released next week at a conference keynoted by retired U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm.Thad Allen.

Thursday - 07/14/2011, 06:55pm EDT

Tax delinquents win stimulus contracts

The Hill's Bernie Becker said some of those funds may never be recovered.

Wednesday - 05/25/2011, 10:31am EDT

Part 4: SBA's contracting practices under close scrutiny

In part 4 of Federal News Radio's investigative series "Discouraged and Disrespected at SBA," allegations of cronyism and conflict of interest in the acquisition process arise. Over the past year, lawmakers and auditors have raised concerns about the agency's acquisition practices. SBA officials deny the accusations and say they are strengthening their acquisition processes.

Thursday - 02/10/2011, 07:20am EST

Justice offers tips for transitioning to the cloud

When the Recovery Act passed, the Justice Department knew it would need to upgrade its IT infrastructure to keep up with the demand that was about to be placed on its systems. "We knew we could not support the transactions that would hit us, so we had to look at a solution," said Angel Santa, [...]

Sunday - 01/23/2011, 07:13pm EST

Contractors survey: Agencies slow in resolving contract issues

Grant Thornton's Kerry Hall describes findings of a survey of government contractors.

Tuesday - 01/18/2011, 03:13pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Follow the stimulus money

The Recovery Board's Earl Devaney outlines the development of the oversight program for the Recovery Act funds.

Wednesday - 12/15/2010, 03:58pm EST

Column: GSA likes its standing as a leader in green

The agency seeks to improve the government's energy efficiency through internal and external initiatives. GSA is leading the effort to modernize federal buildings as well as provide customer agencies with sustainable products and services. Read an op-ed by Stephen Leeds, the General Services Administration's senior counselor to the administrator.

Tuesday - 10/05/2010, 01:53pm EDT

Stimulus will help stalled economy

And how liberals have become progressives.

Tuesday - 09/21/2010, 11:50am EDT

White House report: Stimulus funds creating jobs

The report says the federal stimulus funds were responsible for creating at least 2 million jobs nationwide in the Act's first year.

Friday - 09/17/2010, 03:39pm EDT

VA awards all stimulus money

Learn more about how the Dept of Veterans Affairs was able to awards over $1.8 billion.

Monday - 08/30/2010, 10:30am EDT

How the stimulus is changing America

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 President Obama's $787 billion stimulus has been marketed as a jobs bill, and that's how it's been judged.

Friday - 08/27/2010, 02:51pm EDT

Recovery Board's success inspires others

OMB is using the same data analysis tools to monitor stimulus spending at CMS to reduce their improper payments. Other agencies also are taking advantage of the lessons learned from the creation and operation of the board. also will receive new features this fall to let citizens track individual projects on their own websites.

Wednesday - 08/04/2010, 06:47am EDT

GAO examines Recovery Act contract award process

How much of Recovery Act funds have actually been competed for? GAO looked at the issue

Thursday - 07/22/2010, 06:55pm EDT

ARRA funds lower unemployment, Onvia study shows

Some states excel at attracting Recovery Act project funding and quickly awarding it to contractors, while others lag far behind on both measures. Onvia's Michael Balsam tells us about a new study.

Thursday - 06/24/2010, 09:40am EDT

COPS works to correct stimulus payments

Math is hard. That's led to problems with stimulus grants from the Justice Department. COPS Director Bernard Melekian explains.

Friday - 05/21/2010, 10:55am EDT

OMB wants more pressure on Recovery Act recipients

Administration memo details additional steps agencies can take to ensure organizations are reporting how they are using the money. OMB says agencies must check on beneficiaries who don't report more often and can terminate their funds or suspend them from receiving future money.

Wednesday - 05/05/2010, 04:24pm EDT

Energy Efficiency Retrofits

In observation of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, the Vice President's Office announced the selection of 25 communities for up to $452 million in Recovery Act funding to "ramp-up" energy efficiency building retrofits. Under a Department of Energy initiative, communities, governments, private sector companies and non-profits will work together on programs for concentrated retrofits of neighborhoods and towns - and eventually entire states. Meeting one of the Energy Department's missions, the models are expected to save households and businesses about a $100 million annually in utility bills, while leveraging private sector resources, to create what could be as many as 30,000 new jobs over the next three years.

Monday - 04/26/2010, 11:21am EDT

One man's pork is another man's stimulus

OMB says earmarks are on the decline, but what exactly is being considered an earmark? Jodi Schneider, Senior Editor with American Banker has details.

Wednesday - 04/14/2010, 09:34am EDT
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