5:45 pm, May 25, 2015

Top 3 for 2013

Federal thought leaders are looking toward 2013 as a time of austerity and continued uncertainty. But more of those leaders are anticipating the coming year as a time of great opportunity. In our special report, Top 3 for 2013, the In Depth with Francis Rose team asks some of the federal business community's biggest thinkers for the top three items they think agency leaders and industry executives will deal with in 2013. Read their ideas and hear our conversations below.


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Top 3 for 2013 - Bob Tobias on performance management

Bob Tobias, director of the Key Executive Leadership Programs at American University, joins In Depth to discuss how the government deals with poor performers.

Monday - 01/14/2013, 05:53pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Jenny Mattingley on federal pay and benefits

Jenny Mattingley, director of government affairs at Shaw Bransford & Roth says agencies will also continue to focus on reforming the civil service this year.

Monday - 01/07/2013, 08:29pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Stan Soloway on procurement trends

Stan Soloway, president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, says the dichotomy between cost and value will intensify in 2013 as getting the most for their money drives agency procurement.

Monday - 01/07/2013, 08:02pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Bill Dougan on the federal workforce

Bill Dougan, the president of the National Federation of Federal Employees, says Congress and the White House shouldn't make federal employees have to wait for a raise.

Monday - 01/07/2013, 07:49pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Winslow Wheeler on DoD financial management

Winslow Wheeler, director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Center for Defense Information (part of the Project on Government Oversight), says the Pentagon needs to get serious about about tracking spending in 2013.

Friday - 01/04/2013, 06:10pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Linda Springer on the federal workforce

Linda Springer, executive director in the government and public-sector practice at Ernst & Young, LLP and the former director of the Office of Personnel Management, says 2013 will see a new focus on right-sizing the workforce, determining the tasks that need to be done and the number of personnel required to carry them out.

Friday - 01/04/2013, 06:04pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Alan Balutis on budget pressures

Alan Balutis, a director in the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group and former chief information officer at the Commerce Department, says the unfinished business from the "fiscal cliff" deal will likely lead budget pressures to intensity over the next two months.

Friday - 01/04/2013, 05:26pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Dale Meyerrose on budget challenges

Dale Meyerrose, president of MeyerRose Group and the former chief information officer at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, says the federal government will be dominated by budget restraints and that will give rise to what he calls incrementalism.

Friday - 01/04/2013, 05:07pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Dan Gordon on contract spending

Dan Gordon, associate dean for government procurement law at the George Washington University Law School and the former administrator at the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, says there is keen interest among contractors and budget hawks alike in seeing if the downward trend in contract spending continues this year.

Friday - 01/04/2013, 04:50pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Jon Desenberg on the year of the data scientist

Jon Desenberg, the policy director at the Performance Institute explains why he thinks building a data-scientist career track will be top of mind for many federal agencies.

Thursday - 01/03/2013, 07:36pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Steve Charles on strategic sourcing breakthrough

Strategic sourcing is still causing some heartburn at agencies across government. But Steve Charles, co-founder and executive vice president of immixGroup, says strategic sourcing is going to have a breakthrough year in 2013.

Thursday - 01/03/2013, 07:20pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Alan Paller on cyber priorities

Alan Paller, the director of research at the SANS Institute, says the most important priority for technology managers this year should be balancing the government's cybersecurity pay scales.

Thursday - 01/03/2013, 07:05pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Dan Chenok on strategic planning

The federal government will face an array of issues and challenges this year. But Dan Chenok, the executive director of the IBM Center for the Business of Government, says a focus on strategy planning at the beginning of the year will save federal managers a few headaches further down the road.

Wednesday - 01/02/2013, 07:38pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Guy Timberlake on small-business strategies

Guy Timberlake, co-founder and chief visionary officer of the American Small Business Coalition, says the top priority for small-business contracting companies should be better leveraging the resources already at their disposal.

Wednesday - 01/02/2013, 07:26pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Karen Evans on building an IT strategy

Karen Evans, the national director of the U.S. Cyber Challenge and the former E-Government administrator at the Office of Management and Budget, says the strategic use of IT should be the No. 1 priority for agency technology managers this year.

Wednesday - 01/02/2013, 04:26pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Dov Zakheim on military retirement reform

Dov Zakheim, former undersecretary of defense (comptroller), says deficit-reduction negotiations are setting up a discussion about military retirement that could affect recruiting and retention.

Monday - 12/31/2012, 02:36pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Frank Reeder on proliferation of drones

Frank Reeder, principal at The Reeder Group and a former Office of Management and Budget official, says he thinks agencies are just now starting to think about the policy implications of more widespread use of unmanned aerial systems.

Monday - 12/31/2012, 02:12pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Rudy DeLeon on national security challenges

The Pentagon will deal with budget challenges in 2013, but those aren't the only issues DoD planners will face. Rudy deLeon, senior vice president for National Security & International Policy at the Center for American Progress and a former deputy secretary of defense, says the U.S. relationship with China will be a high-profile challenge for the Defense Department in 2013.

Monday - 12/31/2012, 01:39pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Richard Stiennon on the new cyber reality

Richard Stiennon, the chief research analyst at IT Harvest shares his perspective on the next steps the government should take in the cybersecurity realm.

Monday - 12/31/2012, 01:20pm EST

Top 3 for 2013 - Jeff Neal on the changing federal workforce

Jeff Neal, senior vice president at ICF International and the former chief human capital officer at the Department of Homeland Security, says the demand for mobility will mean your agency works differently in 2013 than it does today.

Friday - 12/28/2012, 06:49pm EST
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