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Amtower Off-Center

Mondays, 3 p.m.

Hosted by nationally-known speaker and consultant Mark Amtower, Amtower Off-Center highlights the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain silly of doing business in the government market. Every week experts join Amtower for a lively discussion of current issues facing the government contractor community.

Events! nothing but events!

Federal Business Council COO David Powell and GovEvents president Kerry Rea join host Mark Amtower to talk about the importance of conferences, seminars and other events.
September 5, 2011

Monday - 09/05/2011, 10:12pm EDT

All things acquisition

Host Mark Amtower will talk government acquistion with Jaime Gracia, President and CEO of Seville Government Consulting, and Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller.
August 29, 2011(Encore presentation September 12, 2011)

Monday - 08/29/2011, 09:14pm EDT

Executive education programs at George Mason University

Nick Archer, director of George Mason University's executive education program, and Dr. Roy Hinton, the school's associate dean, join host Mark Amtower on today's show.
August 22, 2011

Monday - 08/22/2011, 08:20pm EDT

How to win business from the government

Author and consultant James "Jimmy" Baker joins host Mark Amtower to talk about what you can do to get government contract for your company.
August 8. 2011

Monday - 08/08/2011, 07:29pm EDT

An in depth look at the hottest government topics

Host Mark Amtower will talk debt crisis, cloud computing and other issues with Federal News Radio's Francis Rose.
July 25, 2011(Encore presentation August 15, 2011)

Monday - 07/25/2011, 07:28pm EDT

What 's next for federal contractors?

Allen Federal Business Partners CEO Larry Allen joins host Mark Amtower to talk about a variety of contracting issues.
July 18, 2011(Encore presentation August 1, 2011)

Monday - 07/18/2011, 10:38pm EDT

What 's ahead for federal contractors?

Host Mark Amtower is joined by contracting veteran Scott Friedlander, for a in-depth discussion of what you need to know, if you want to do business with the government.
June 27, 2011(Encore presentation July 11, 2011)

Monday - 06/27/2011, 10:59pm EDT

A looks at issues concerning small businesses

Scott Denniston, CEO of the Scott Group of Virginia joins host Mark Amtower for a discussion on issues concerning small businesses.
June 20, 2011

Friday - 06/17/2011, 11:19pm EDT

Helping small businesses get government contracts

Guy Timberlake, chief visionary officer of the American Small Business Coalition joins host Markt Amtower to talk about the organization, and how it helps companies that want to do business with the government.
May 30, 2011 (Encore presentation June 6, 2011)

Monday - 05/30/2011, 09:48pm EDT

An in-depth look at ACT-IAC

ACT-IAC Executive Director Ken Allen joins host Mark Amtower for a wide-ranging discussion of the myriad of projects that ACT-IAC is working on.
May 23, 2011 (Encore presentation June 13, 2011)

Monday - 05/23/2011, 09:39pm EDT

Women in technology

Women in Technology Communications Committee Chair Piper Conrad joins host Mark Amtower to talk about the group's mission and goals.
May 16, 2011(Encore presentation July 4, 2011)

Monday - 05/16/2011, 08:52pm EDT

What are the big cybersecurity issues?

Federal News Radio's Executive Editor Jason Miller joins host Mark Amtower for a wide-ranging discussion of how the nation's cybersecurity efforts have changed over the years.
May 2, 2011 (Encore presentation May 9, 2011)

Monday - 05/02/2011, 10:34pm EDT

What to look for when investing in a startup

Dendy Young, Managing Partner of McLean Capital, joins host Mark Amtower for a wide-ranging conversation on a number of contracting issues.
April 18, 2011

Monday - 04/18/2011, 08:50pm EDT

Amtower's brain trust discusses mergers, acquisitions,and more

Host Mark Amtower discusses a wide variety of issues with Washington Technology editor-in-chief Nick Wakeman and Lohfeld Consulting Group CEO Bob Lohfeld.
April 11, 2011 (Encore presentation April 25, 2011)

Monday - 04/11/2011, 01:00pm EDT

All things contracting with Allen Federal

Host Mark Amtower interviews government contract expert and consultant Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners, on a variety of contracting issues.
March 28, 2011 (Encore presentation April 28, 2011)

Monday - 03/28/2011, 02:55pm EDT

Where should all that content go?

Ann Handley, chief content officer of MarketingProfs, joins host Mark Amtower for a look at the roles of content and content distribution.
March 21, 2011

Monday - 03/21/2011, 12:53pm EDT

Government managers information-grazing habits revealed!

Lisa Dezzutti of Market Connections previews the 2010-2011 Federal Media and Marketing Study.
March 14, 2011

Monday - 03/14/2011, 05:46pm EDT

Social media use grows in government market

Host Mark Amtower interviews Peg & Claudia Hosky of Hosky Communications Inc. and FedInsider, a free newsletter.
March 7, 2011 (Encore presentation April 4, 2011)

Monday - 03/07/2011, 03:00pm EST

Budget, CR, shutdown effects on feds

Kevin Plexico, senior vice president for research and analysis at Input, discusses what the various funding debates mean for federal employees.
February 28, 2011

Monday - 02/28/2011, 01:17pm EST

New GMU program targets sales/marketing professionals

Host Mark Amtower is joined by Dr. Roy Hinton, Associate Dean for the School of Management at George Mason University, and Louis Numkin, lifetime member and former board member of the Federal Information Systems Security Educators Association (FISSEA).
February 21, 2011

Monday - 02/21/2011, 03:20pm EST
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