11:46 pm, March 6, 2015

Health News

Lakers guard Ronnie Price to have surgery on right elbow

Lakers guard Ronnie Price faces surgery on right elbow to remove bone spur

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 06:10pm EST

Frequent saunas may boost survival, Finnish study suggests

Long, hot saunas may boost survival, reduce fatal heart problems, Finnish research in men says

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 04:40pm EST

Asia may have seeded European plague outbreaks, study says

Study: Ancient plague outbreaks in Europe may have come from gerbils and other rodents in Asia

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 01:39pm EST

NY attorney general expands herbal supplements investigation

New York attorney general expands herbal supplements investigation, targets manufacturers

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 12:56pm EST

Watchdog group seeks FDA ban of antifungal tablets

Consumer watchdog asks FDA to ban antifungal tablets linked to liver damage

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 12:30pm EST

Doctors say fitness trackers, health apps can boost care

Doctors tap fitness trackers, mobile apps to improve care, monitor patients between visits

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 12:26pm EST

Challenges for doctors using fitness trackers & apps

Doctors who want to use fitness data face liability, compensation and privacy challenges

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 11:06am EST

Baltimore sees 'significant' drop in teen birth rate

Baltimore sees 'significant' drop in teen birth rate for first time in several years

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 08:50am EST

Merck grants free license for pediatric HIV drug

Merck gives free license allowing cheap versions of its HIV drug for children in poor nations

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 06:56am EST

Lawmaker asks if swallowed camera be used for female exam

Idaho lawmaker asks if woman can swallow camera for gynecological exam before medical abortion

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 04:20am EST

Tobacco companies fighting over claims on smoking's effects

In new round of long legal fight, tobacco firms back in court over claims on smoking's effects

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 03:32am EST

Healthy hearts the aim of grant money in Va., W.Va.

West Virginia, Virginia care providers to share in grant funding aimed at cardiovascular risk

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 03:20am EST

Houston surgeons separate 10-month-old conjoined twin girls

10-month-old conjoined twin girls separated by Houston surgeons during 26-hour surgery

Monday - 02/23/2015, 11:12pm EST

Pace of new US measles cases slows a bit, officials report

CDC report: US measles cases continue to climb, but pace in last week eased a bit

Monday - 02/23/2015, 10:30pm EST

Chicago's Gibson, Hinrich out with illness

Bulls F Taj Gibson, G Kirk Hinrich out for Bucks game due to illness

Monday - 02/23/2015, 08:10pm EST

Governors: No clear plan if health care subsidies fall

Governors: No clear backup plan for uninsured if health care subsidies fall in some states

Monday - 02/23/2015, 07:36pm EST

Miami: Louisville doctor cleared player hit in face to play

Miami: Louisville doctor cleared Tonye Jekiri of concussion to return to 'Canes-Cards game

Monday - 02/23/2015, 07:08pm EST

Cancer-free Ryan focused on restoring Twins as contenders

Recharged Ryan: After cancer scare, healthy GM has eyes on guiding Twins to contention again

Monday - 02/23/2015, 05:46pm EST

Oscars speeches filled with political activism, pet issues

Oscars speeches filled with political activism, pet issues, from suicide to immigration

Monday - 02/23/2015, 05:18pm EST
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