6:19 am, May 28, 2015

Government News

Boehner: Little progress at VA year after Shinseki departure

Boehner says Veterans Affairs Dept. has made little progress a year after wait-time scandal

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 11:36am EDT

Michelle Obama offers glimpse of workout routine

First lady answers challenge, shows in new video 5 exercises she does to stay healthy

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 05:46am EDT

Senators get creative to protect industries in trade debate

To protect US catfish and cars, senators get creative in debate over Obama's trade authority

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 04:40am EDT

House panel votes to repeal country-origin meat labeling law

House panel votes to repeal law that requires meat labels to show animal's country of origin

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:52am EDT

FBI finds faulty communication, no crime in prison probe

US Justice Department: Poor communication, not corruption found in Idaho private prison probe

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:50am EDT

Survey: US schools beef up safety measures

Government survey: US schools ramp up security with safety drills, other safety measures

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:44am EDT

Clinton says childcare needs to be a national priority

Clinton promotes more funding for childcare, urges GOP to 'get on board'

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:34am EDT

Congress honors American Fighter Aces for service in 4 wars

Elite fighter pilots earn Congressional Gold Medal; American Fighter Aces honored at Capitol

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:34am EDT

US releases 100+ bin Laden documents

'Bad luck and God wasn't on our side,' al-Qaida underlings tell bin Laden in released papers

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:32am EDT

Oil slicks spread 9 miles off California, foul beaches, air

California oil spill spreads across 9 miles of ocean, blackens beaches, closes campgrounds

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 03:28am EDT

Asian stock markets uneven after weak China data

Asian stock markets lackluster after weak Chinese manufacturing data

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 01:45am EDT

Paul commandeers Senate to protest Patriot Act

Paul commandeers Senate to protest Patriot Act; Justice warns of NSA changes

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 12:50am EDT

DEA raids clinics, pharmacies in 'pill mill' crackdown

DEA raids clinics, pharmacies in 4 Southern states, has arrested 280 in 16-month crackdown

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 12:16am EDT

Fed minutes indicate June rate hike unlikely

Fed minutes show officials split over economic slowdown: temporary or longer lasting?

Thursday - 05/21/2015, 12:12am EDT

House passes bill to make research tax break permanent

House passes bill to make research tax credit permanent; White House threatens veto over cost

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 11:20pm EDT

Justice Department declines charges in Idaho prison scandal

US Justice Department declines to press criminal charges in Idaho private prison scandal

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 10:54pm EDT

AP Source: House panel subpoenas Hillary Clinton confidant

AP Source: Hillary Rodham Clinton confidant Blumenthal subpoenaed by House Benghazi panel

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 08:54pm EDT

Michelle Obama pays tribute to military caregivers

First lady Michelle Obama salutes veteran and military caregivers

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 08:04pm EDT

Chelsea Clinton book 'It's Your World' coming

Chelsea Clinton book for young people, 'It's Your World,' coming in September

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 07:58pm EDT

Ex-DEA agent, worker accused of running strip club on sly

Former DEA agent, employee arrested and accused of running a New Jersey strip club on the sly

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 07:19pm EDT
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