2:34 pm, March 4, 2015

Entertainment News

Rediscovered Picasso to go on display in Paris museum

Long-missing Picasso painting, found in US, to go back on display in Paris' Pompidou Centre

Friday - 02/27/2015, 01:36pm EST

Lights, camera, blossom! Disney films inspire floral fantasy

Lights, camera, blossom! Disney and Pixar films inspire exhibits at Philadelphia Flower Show

Friday - 02/27/2015, 01:32pm EST

Review: Kirby strikes gold in 'Rainbow Curse'

Review: Nintendo's Kirby finds gold at the end of the 'Rainbow Curse'

Friday - 02/27/2015, 01:02pm EST

Colts' Luck to join NFL players, celebrities on USO trip

USO announces Colts players, coach to join group of celebrities on future overseas trip

Friday - 02/27/2015, 12:49pm EST

Hong Kong film festival to open with Sylvia Chang's 'Murmur'

Hong Kong film festival to open with 'Murmur of the Hearts,' screen other Sylvia Chang films

Friday - 02/27/2015, 10:54am EST

Kanye West tweets apology to Beck for Grammys disruption

Kanye West tweets apology to Beck for disruption during Grammy Awards earlier this month

Friday - 02/27/2015, 10:22am EST

UNESCO chief decries 'cultural cleansing' in IS video

UNESCO head decries 'cultural cleansing' in Islamic State group video of smashed statues

Friday - 02/27/2015, 09:49am EST

Fernando Alonso says he is 'perfectly fine' after crash

McLaren driver Fernando Alonso says he is 'perfectly fine' after crash in F1 testing

Friday - 02/27/2015, 09:34am EST

Prince William strikes a friendly contrast to Japan's prince

Friendly Prince William's trip spotlights contrast with cloistered Japanese imperial family

Friday - 02/27/2015, 09:00am EST

Former pop star Gary Glitter sentenced to 16 years in prison

Former pop star Gary Glitter sentenced to 16 years in prison for sexually abusing young girls

Friday - 02/27/2015, 08:48am EST

Madonna denounces rise of far right in Europe

Madonna is denouncing rise of anti-Semitism, far right in Europe, angering French party

Friday - 02/27/2015, 08:38am EST

Kendall Jenner struts for Fendi, Kate Mara cozy in Max Mara

Prada explores cliches of beauty; Cavalli does Bauhaus

Friday - 02/27/2015, 08:08am EST

Johansson: Nothing 'creepy or inappropriate' about Travolta

Scarlett Johansson defends John Travolta; says Oscar encounter was 'totally welcome'

Friday - 02/27/2015, 07:56am EST

ABC's Sawyer does prime-time prison special

Diane Sawyer travels to prisons for first special since leaving anchor role

Friday - 02/27/2015, 07:20am EST

Rock 'n' roll dreams come true for adults at Minnesota camp

Rock Camp for Dads lets baby boomers _ and younger musicians _ unleash their inner Hendrix

Friday - 02/27/2015, 07:18am EST

Nickelodeon debuts mobile service Noggin for the pre-K set

Nickelodeon launching Noggin, a new mobile service for preschoolers with brand-new content

Friday - 02/27/2015, 04:28am EST

Conan O'Brien takes his show to Cuba for a special hour

Talk-show diplomacy? Conan O'Brien visits Cuba for a special edition

Friday - 02/27/2015, 04:04am EST

Daniel Dae Kim takes control in 'Hawaii Five-0' and beyond

'Hawaii Five-0' star Daniel Dae Kim turns to directing, producing; opening the door for others

Friday - 02/27/2015, 03:20am EST

Coca-Cola bottle as art? Atlanta's High Museum takes a look

Coca-Cola bottle as art? On bottle's 100th birthday, Atlanta's High Museum explores its design

Friday - 02/27/2015, 02:54am EST

New cable show offers sex in a box as therapy

New relationship show puts couples behind closed doors for romantic interlude

Friday - 02/27/2015, 02:04am EST
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