10:00 pm, May 24, 2015

Technology News

'Star Wars: Battlefront' unleashed at fan convention

'Star Wars: Battlefront' video game unleashed at fan convention

Tuesday - 04/21/2015, 01:02pm EDT

WikiLeaks creates online archive of hacked Sony documents

WikiLeaks puts all emails, documents from last year's Sony hack in searchable online archive

Monday - 04/20/2015, 02:38pm EDT

Yahoo chooses to stay with Microsoft in updated search deal

Yahoo decides to stick with Microsoft in search, new deal gives it more control over pages

Monday - 04/20/2015, 02:38pm EDT

Verizon slices up the bundle, lets customers choose

As streaming upends traditional TV choices, Verizon gives its customers a few more options

Monday - 04/20/2015, 01:38pm EDT

Researcher denied flight after tweet poking United security

Computer researcher denied flight after tweet poking United about aircraft security

Monday - 04/20/2015, 04:10am EDT

Netflix enthralls viewers in 1Q with original programming

Netflix stock bound for new highs as video service adds 4.9 million subscribers, highest yet

Sunday - 04/19/2015, 06:12am EDT

EU alleges Google's abuses hurt consumers, innovation

EU's antitrust case ignites debate whether Google's search tactics help or harm consumers

Friday - 04/17/2015, 03:06pm EDT

Review: Adobe PDF tool is great, but casual users won't need

Review: Adobe makes the ultimate PDF tool, but free alternatives good enough for many

Friday - 04/17/2015, 12:22pm EDT

GOP investigators asked Clinton about private email in 2012

Republican investigators asked Clinton about use of private email at State Department in 2012

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 07:16pm EDT

Germanwings crash could prompt remote override tech review

German official says Germanwings crash could prompt new look at remote override tech

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 03:58pm EDT

Etsy raises $267 million in IPO, company valued at $1.78B

Online crafts marketplace Etsy raises $267 million in IPO, prices shares at high end of range

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 01:10pm EDT

'Game of Thrones' hit by piracy from Twitter-owned app users

HBO tells Twitter app Periscope to cut it out after users live-stream 'Game of Thrones'

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 12:48pm EDT

Investigators warn airplane computers could be hacked

Government investigators warn that airline passengers could hack the computers in a cockpit

Wednesday - 04/15/2015, 06:38pm EDT

Industry: Digital music sales match physical for 1st time

Industry body says global revenue from digital music matches physical sales for first time

Wednesday - 04/15/2015, 01:50pm EDT

Reports: Google facing antitrust showdown in Europe

Reports: Europe's top antitrust regulator poised to allege Google stifled competition

Wednesday - 04/15/2015, 12:34pm EDT

Hackers keep trying new targets in search of easy data

Hackers move from retail to health care, may target education next, say security researchers

Wednesday - 04/15/2015, 07:50am EDT

Russia detains hackers accused of using Nazi imagery in hits

Russia detains 5 'cyberfascist' hackers - known for Nazi imagery - over theft of $1M

Wednesday - 04/15/2015, 04:58am EDT

Marine Corps building its first-ever cyber doctrine

Marine Corps leaders say the forthcoming policy will emphasize commanders' responsibility to understand cyberspace, build it into their operational plans, and integrate it with existing concepts for electronic warfare.

Wednesday - 04/15/2015, 03:59am EDT

Nokia in advanced talks to buy Alcatel-Lucent

Nokia in 'advanced discussions' to acquire French telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent

Tuesday - 04/14/2015, 10:42pm EDT
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