9:49 am, December 19, 2014

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Your info has been hacked. Now what do you do?

Someone stole your identity. What do you do now? A look at ways to protect & fix your credit

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 03:14am EST

Russia raises key rate to protect ailing economy

Russia's central bank raises key rate to 17 pct. from 10.5 pct. amid currency meltdown

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 02:22am EST

Why oil is down by half, what it means for you

Oil has fallen by nearly half, to recession levels, as US economy improves. Why, what to know.

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 02:06am EST

UAW head: Companies can raise pay, be competitive

New UAW chief says automakers can raise worker pay yet stay competitive with foreign companies

Monday - 12/15/2014, 06:38pm EST

Factory output eclipses pre-recession high

Factory output rises 1.1 percent in November; auto production growth accelerates sharply

Monday - 12/15/2014, 05:46pm EST

Foreign holdings of US Treasury securities slip

Foreign holdings of US Treasury securities slip for second month to $6.06 trillion in October

Monday - 12/15/2014, 05:30pm EST

Death toll from GM ignition switches rises to 42

Toll from GM ignition switches rises to 42 deaths, 58 injuries

Monday - 12/15/2014, 04:40pm EST

US stocks slide, extending decline, as oil slumps

US stock indexes slide, extending declines; Russia's ruble drops as crude oil falls again

Monday - 12/15/2014, 04:28pm EST

US homebuilder sentiment slips in December

US homebuilder confidence, sales expectations slip in December; outlook remains positive

Monday - 12/15/2014, 04:12pm EST

Crunch time again for health insurance sign-ups

Monday's deadline for obtaining coverage by Jan. 1 is big test for revamped

Monday - 12/15/2014, 03:44pm EST

Court rules for energy firm in class-action suit

Supreme Court sides with energy company in bid to force class-action case into federal court

Monday - 12/15/2014, 03:40pm EST

Britain's BT in talks to buy mobile operator EE

Britain's BT Group in exclusive talks to buy mobile operator EE, re-enter cell-phone market

Monday - 12/15/2014, 02:40pm EST

FedEx truck overturns on highway, spills packages

FedEx truck overturns and spills packages on what is typically their busiest day of the year

Monday - 12/15/2014, 02:09pm EST

Spanish news to vanish from Google News globally

Google News to close in Spain, block Spanish news reports in 70 international editions

Monday - 12/15/2014, 02:08pm EST

Dutch watchdog demands privacy changes from Google

Dutch data protection watchdog threatens Google with fine over privacy policy

Monday - 12/15/2014, 01:28pm EST

EU: Greek defiance on debt would be 'suicidal'

EU's Moscovici says Greek defiance on debt repayment would be 'suicidal'

Monday - 12/15/2014, 12:42pm EST

CEO of Bob Evans Farms steps down from post

CEO of Bob Evans Farms stepping down; interim Office of the CEO created

Monday - 12/15/2014, 12:36pm EST

French court says Uber may infringe on taxi law

French court orders Uber to make changes to ride-hailing app, but does not ban the service

Monday - 12/15/2014, 12:26pm EST

US stocks slide in midday trade, extending decline

US stock indexes slide, extending declines; Russia's ruble drops as crude oil falls again

Monday - 12/15/2014, 12:24pm EST

US stocks open higher, crude oil stabilizes

US indexes open higher as the market stabilizes following its biggest loss since October

Monday - 12/15/2014, 11:28am EST
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