7:04 am, July 29, 2014

Retention News

Analysis: Obama's debt reduction proposals to spur retirements

John Palguta, the vice president for policy at the Partnership for Public Service, joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris to discuss what the plan means for federal employees.

Tuesday - 09/20/2011, 10:47am EDT

OPM: Hiring, retention bonuses rose in down economy

A new Office of Personnel Management report showed that agency use of recruitment, relocation and retention incentives rose 22 percent in 2009, the Obama administration's first year. That's a slower rate of growth than in previous years. But it indicates that the government still relies on one-time payments to lure or keep nurses, engineers and others with needed skills.

Tuesday - 08/30/2011, 07:52pm EDT

Ayesha Edwards: Agencies need to embrace social media

Ayesha Edwards is a management and program analyst at the Department of Education.

Monday - 07/25/2011, 06:00am EDT

Young feds share what they really think

Federal News Radio asked young federal employees from several agencies to share what they love, hate and would change about government. They also explained what they think is unique about their generation and how their skills and knowledge can help in the federal workplace.

Monday - 07/25/2011, 06:00am EDT

Practical tips for engaging young feds

The multi-generational workforce - with its differences in work styles, job expectations and technology use - requires federal managers to rethink their relationships with their employees.

Monday - 07/25/2011, 06:00am EDT

Survey reveals both opportunities, rift between generations

A Federal News Radio survey reveals a rift between the generations in the federal workforce. Longer-term feds consider their younger counterparts entitled and lacking communication skills, while new feds see their older coworkers as unmotivated and not adaptable.

Monday - 07/25/2011, 06:00am EDT

Introduction: New Face of Government

People in their 20s and 30s - often called Generation X'ers, Y'ers and Millenials - are sparking a cultural transformation in the federal workplace. The series explores the relationship between long-time and newer coworkers, and how the generations can help each other.

Monday - 07/25/2011, 06:00am EDT

OPM launches effort to improve feds' image

OPM Director John Berry believes a perception that poorly-performing federal employees are not held accountable is driving animosity toward government. He hopes to finish a strategy for better accountability by the end of 2011. Berry is a 2011 Causey Award winner.

Monday - 06/20/2011, 07:33pm EDT

The Senior Executive Association discusses issues and priorities

Senior Executive Association President Carol Bonosaro will talk about the work being done by the organization.
June 3, 2011

Wednesday - 06/01/2011, 07:41pm EDT

Introduction: The need for the next generation

The federal government faces a growing number of workers eligible for retirement. At the same time, agencies are seeing its newest workers leaving in the largest numbers. What are agencies doing to bring in the next generation of federal workers?

Monday - 01/24/2011, 11:02am EST

Report: Keeping Talent key to future success

Agencies spend significant time and resources recruiting and training top talent but a new study warns that many are ignoring the other crucial side of the equation - keeping those employees. Booz Allen's Ron Sanders explains.

Wednesday - 01/19/2011, 10:08am EST

Study: Agencies should work harder to keep employees

A new report warns that agencies need to focus on employee retention as Congress threatens pay and hiring freezes. Agency leaders and line managers must work together to maintain their workforces.

Tuesday - 01/18/2011, 09:00pm EST

Defense authorization bill in limbo in Congress

Republican and Democratic leaders in the Senate are still debating the 2011 defense authorization bill, but the lame-duck Congress may put off a vote until next year.

Wednesday - 11/17/2010, 03:00pm EST

CHCO survey: Federal hiring system hurts government

The report, issued by the Partnership for Public Service and Grant Thorton, says there are a number of longstanding issues that are hurting the federal government's chances of attracting the best and the brightest. More from the Partnership's John Palguta.

Wednesday - 08/18/2010, 09:40am EDT

CHCO survey: Federal hiring system hurts government

The report, issued by the Partnership for Public Service and Grant Thorton, says there are a number of longstanding issues that are hurting the federal government's chances of attracting the best and the brightest.

Tuesday - 08/17/2010, 04:43pm EDT

Navy focuses on family matters

Vice Admiral Mark Ferguson explains how work-life balance is making the difference in retention for the Navy.

Tuesday - 06/01/2010, 10:50am EDT

The 2009 Roosevelt Scholars Act

Friday - 08/14/2009, 04:43pm EDT

Same Office, Very Different Workplace

Thursday - 05/14/2009, 04:00am EDT

Dangerous Territory: Your Office

What do you do if a coworker comes in dressed as a Nazi storm trooper, or if the boss asks you to put drops in his ears? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says that problem employees and nasty bosses can make or break an office and he's got some examples.

Wednesday - 04/15/2009, 04:00am EDT
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