7:35 pm, October 1, 2014

Emily Kopp Reports

Emily Kopp covers civilian agencies in the federal government with a focus on workforce issues. Emily's reports can be heard Monday - Friday on the Federal Drive and In Depth.

Federal long-term care plan boosts enrollment by 20 percent

Enrollment in the federal long-term-care insurance program increased by 45,000 employees during the open season that ended June 24. It indicates that the aging federal workforce values the benefit despite recent rate hikes.

Thursday - 09/22/2011, 03:41pm EDT

House subcommittee pushes forward GOP plan to repair USPS

A House subcommittee markup of a bill to address the Postal Service's financial problems broke down along partisan lines. Democrats accused Republicans of using this legislation to weaken labor provisions. Republicans said Democrats would prefer bailing out the agency rather than making it sustainable. The bill now goes to the full House Oversight and Governmental Reforms Committee.

Thursday - 09/22/2011, 06:44am EDT

House lawmakers to square off over plans to fix USPS

A House subcommittee will markup legislation Wednesday to address the Postal Service's financial problems. President Obama unveiled his reform proposal earlier this week. Postal Service officials say, if enacted, it would give them the breathing room they need to make major network changes.

Tuesday - 09/20/2011, 07:23pm EDT

Obama seeks more public input on open gov plan

President Barack Obama has proposed an open government plan that includes more streamlined responses to FOIA requests, digital record management, a revamped and new measures to promote public participation in government. He presented the plan at a meeting of the international Open Government Partnership in New York.

Tuesday - 09/20/2011, 06:15pm EDT

Obama proposes $42.5B in cuts to employee benefits

President Obama wants federal employees to contribute more to their retirement plans as part of a $4.4 trillion plan to reduce the deficit over the next decade. The plan also includes measures to return to the Postal Service money that it has overpaid for retiree benefits and restructure health benefits.

Monday - 09/19/2011, 01:59pm EDT

Federal-Postal Coalition warns against pay, benefits cuts

The Federal-Postal Coalition that represents 4.6 million government workers is urging President Barack Obama to preserve federal employees' pay and benefits when he sends his budget-reduction plan to Congress Monday. Coalition members fear lawmakers' drive to find funding cuts could harm federal employees.

Sunday - 09/18/2011, 07:56pm EDT

Intelligence community will recruit despite budget cuts

James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, and CIA Director David Petraeus say they will protect the intelligence workforce against an impending budget squeeze. They told lawmakers they will look for cuts in technology and contracting instead.

Wednesday - 09/14/2011, 05:27am EDT

Agencies' health IT success becomes model for nation

The Department of Health and Human Services wants more people to access their own medical records online. The Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services already have successful programs in place. They use a "blue button" feature that lets patients download their data.

Tuesday - 09/13/2011, 07:23pm EDT

Post-9/11, HHS learned how to answer states' needs

When terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, federal medical workers rushed to the scene. State officials weren't expecting the volunteers, and didn't know what to do with them. Ten years later, Department of Health and Human Services' preparedness and response officials say they now work better with states to prepare for and react to disasters.

Monday - 09/12/2011, 05:29am EDT

Carper urges Obama to save the Postal Service

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) sent a letter to the White House urging President Obama to act now to save the cash-strapped Postal Service. The administration said it would propose reforms in the $1.5 trillion deficit reduction package it sends to Congress.

Friday - 09/09/2011, 05:49pm EDT

Treasury adapts as terrorists change financing tactics

Al-Qaida is struggling to get money, thanks to international efforts to stop terrorism financing, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said at a 9/11 anniversary event. He said today's terrorism threats require more creative measures and increased global cooperation.

Thursday - 09/08/2011, 06:54pm EDT

Interagency effort tries to protect federal supply chain

The White House, Defense Department, NASA and federal procurement experts have formed a working group to tackle the problem of counterfeit goods in the government's supply chain. The Justice Department has convicted military suppliers of selling phony parts that were used in military equipment used in Fallujah, Iraq. The group will make recommendations to President Barack Obama by the end of the year.

Thursday - 09/08/2011, 06:05am EDT

Postal Service warns Senate of dire finances

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe warned senators that the Postal Service would stop delivering mail by next August unless Congress authorizes sweeping changes. After paying October's bills, Donahoe said the agency would have a week's worth of cash left. Meanwhile, the White House said it would propose reforms soon.

Wednesday - 09/07/2011, 10:00am EDT

Muslim feds faced discrimination, saw an opportunity

The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks turned all eyes on Muslims in America. Those who worked for the federal government were attacked in the blogosphere and worried about being scapegoated or simply misunderstood. But they also saw an opportunity.

Tuesday - 09/06/2011, 05:30am EDT

Muslim Feds Reflect on 9/11

The September 11 terrorist attacks turned all eyes on Muslims in America. For some, it was a burden. For others, it created an opportunity. Five Muslim federal workers, past and present, tell Federal News Radio's Emily Kopp how that day has shaped their careers in public service.

Tuesday - 09/06/2011, 02:01am EDT

Senate to focus on Postal Service's dire straits

Ahead of a Senate hearing Tuesday on the Postal Service's financial woes, the National Association of Postal Supervisors is urging senators to change the USPS' payment schedule for retiree health care. The union said it would oppose the elimination of Saturday delivery and other legislative proposals.

Thursday - 09/01/2011, 06:03pm EDT

OPM revisits governmentwide hiring pools

The Office of Personnel Management said shared registers will make it easier and quicker for agencies to fill openings for entry-level budget analysts and IT specialists. OPM will send requesting agencies a list of the "best qualified" candidates. Agencies then will have 30 days to review the applications.

Thursday - 09/01/2011, 01:10pm EDT

OPM promises more secure, streamlined USAJobs

The Office of Personnel Management will roll out the latest version of the Web portal in October. OPM said will protect applicant data better and will make it easier for agencies to mine data, create reports and refine their recruitment strategies.

Thursday - 09/01/2011, 06:12am EDT
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