9:08 pm, December 21, 2014

FAA News

Mica: No end to FAA standstill in sight

House Transportation Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.) is at the center of the legislative stalemate over FAA reauthorization. He spoke with Federal News Radio about the impact it's having on FAA workers.

Friday - 07/29/2011, 02:46pm EDT

Agency credit unions ready to step in during default

Some federal agency credit unions are offering short-term loan programs as the country nears the Aug. 2 deadline of defaulting on its debt.

Friday - 07/29/2011, 02:26pm EDT

CHCO panel: Fed careers still attractive

Agency-level chief human capital officers who sat down for Federal News Radio's panel discussion discussed hiring, firing and why federal service - in spite of furloughs, pay freezes and shutdown threats - remain attractive careers.

Friday - 07/29/2011, 02:18pm EDT

Babbitt: FAA 'held hostage by political fight'

FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt gave Federal News Radio an update on the furloughs and disrupted construction projects as the partial FAA shutdown ended its first full week. Babbitt assailed the "political fight" in Congress that left the agency without funding beginning last Friday.

Friday - 07/29/2011, 12:26pm EDT

Friday morning federal headlines - July 29

On today's Federal Drive, DHS gets a new chief human capital officer, and the Senate ponders legislation governing online access agency reports and a Pentagon mentoring program.

Friday - 07/29/2011, 08:48am EDT

What guidance are furloughed workers getting from FAA?

President of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 200 joined the Federal Drive to talk about the toll the partial FAA shutdown is taking on Atlantic City International Airport workers.

Thursday - 07/28/2011, 10:19am EDT

Thursday Morning Federal Newscast - July 28

Today on the Federal Drive, details on the General Services Administration's switch to cloud computing and how the continued wrangling over the debt ceiling may be hurting efforts to resolve the partial FAA shutdown. Plus, how the International Space Station will meet its end.

Thursday - 07/28/2011, 09:22am EDT

House Dems introduce 'clean' FAA funding bill

Democrats in the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure introduced a bill Tuesday that would fund the Federal Aviation Administration and end a furlough of 4,000 FAA when funding expired at midnight Friday.

Wednesday - 07/27/2011, 02:16pm EDT

FAA furloughs overshadowed by debt ceiling

"There's not a whole lot of talk about this, because it's just overcome by the whole debt ceiling crisis," says Mike MacDonald, regional vice president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.
July 27, 2011

Wednesday - 07/27/2011, 11:46am EDT

Wednesday Morning Federal Newscast - July 27

In today's newscast, is FAA closer to a deal to end those layoffs? Plus, are federal benefits safe in the debt ceiling debate?

Wednesday - 07/27/2011, 10:22am EDT

LaHood: "We don't want this to go another day"

The FAA's funding limbo continues. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood joined the Federal Drive with an update.

Tuesday - 07/26/2011, 08:41am EDT

Partisan dispute partially shuts down FAA

Efforts to avert a shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration failed Friday amid a disagreement over a $16.5 million cut in subsidies to 13 rural communities, ensuring that nearly 4,000 people will be temporarily out of work and federal airline ticket taxes will be suspended.

Saturday - 07/23/2011, 04:28pm EDT

What FAA shutdown means for workers, ticket prices

WTOP Capitol Hill Correspondent Dave McConnell joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss why the FAA funding bill was stymied by Congress and what the impending partial shutdown means.

Friday - 07/22/2011, 06:18pm EDT

LaHood on shutdown showdown at FAA

A shutdown may be coming at the FAA. The Federal Drive gets the latest on that situation from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Friday - 07/22/2011, 11:20am EDT

Kundra seeks broader vendor pool

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra says contractors must balance collaboration with security

Monday - 07/18/2011, 07:28pm EDT

Congress clears short-term FAA funding bill

Imagine going for more than three years without a permanent authorization bill. The FAA has been doing it.

Wednesday - 06/29/2011, 01:05pm EDT

How is mobile changing your workforce?

Federal News Radio looks at how rapid advances in mobile devices and applications are redefining what it means to be a federal manager on the go, with panelists Simon Szykman at Commerce and the FAA's Robert Corcoran.

Friday - 05/27/2011, 03:53pm EDT

FAA fires 2 controllers for sleeping on job

The Federal Aviation Administration says it has fired air traffic controllers in Miami and Knoxville, Tenn., for sleeping on the job.

Wednesday - 04/20/2011, 09:29pm EDT

FAA suspends controller for watching movie on duty

An air traffic controller has been suspended for watching a movie when he was supposed to be monitoring aircraft, deepening the Federal Aviation Administration's embarrassment following at least five cases of controllers sleeping on the job.

Tuesday - 04/19/2011, 07:04am EDT

Partnership lowers the sky high cost of NextGen

As a public-private partnership, the NextGen Equipage Fund, LLC will bring substantial private-sector capital to overcome the investment barriers that have prevented many air carriers and other operators from investing in the NextGen technologies for their aircraft. ITT's John Kefaliotis explains.

Monday - 04/18/2011, 10:41am EDT
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