3:18 pm, May 29, 2015

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Cybersecurity bill clears Senate hurdle

Sometime in the next few weeks, the Senate is expected to take up a bill designed to strengthen the nation's cybersecurity infrastructure. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee approved the legislation Thursday by voice vote.

Friday - 06/25/2010, 07:04am EDT

Secure Flight Program Checking Air

Department of Homeland Security officials say 100 percent of passengers traveling in the U.S. and its territories are now being checked against terrorist watchlists through the Transportation Security Administration's Secure Flight program - a major step in fulfilling a key 9/11 Commission recommendation. Secure Flight enables TSA to screen passengers directly against government watchlists using passenger's names, their date of birth, and gender before a boarding pass is issued. In addition to facilitating secure travel for all passengers, the program helps prevent the misidentification of passengers who have names similar to individuals on government watchlists. Officials say 99 percent of passengers will be cleared by Secure Flight to print boarding passes at home by providing their date of birth, gender and name as it appears on the government ID they plan to use when traveling.

Monday - 06/07/2010, 08:50pm EDT

TSA's Garrison-Alexander putting mission ahead of technology

From NSA to the TSA -- CIO Emma Garrison-Alexander explains her experiences this week on the show.
May 27, 2010

Wednesday - 05/26/2010, 04:10pm EDT

TSA ready to move on with ITIP contract

Agency picks CSC for the $489 million IT infrastructure contract for a second time since September. Protest by unsuccessful bidders still possible.

Monday - 05/24/2010, 06:59am EDT

TSA picks CSC . . . again

WFED's Jason Miller reports.

Friday - 05/21/2010, 04:47pm EDT

TSA head remains lost in transition

Hoping to make the third nomination the charm, the White House has tapped FBI Deputy Director John Pistole to head the Transportation Security Administration. Former nominee Erroll Southers tells us what's at stake.

Wednesday - 05/19/2010, 10:55am EDT

Innovation takes flight on TSA blog

There's a blog, sponsored by the Transportation Security Administration, to facilitate an ongoing dialogue on innovations in security, technology and the checkpoint screening process. Kristin Lee, Assistant Administrator in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, explains.

Tuesday - 04/20/2010, 10:41am EDT

GAO sees more bid protests in 2009

The agency received more complaints last year than in any of the previous eight years. GAO also came to a final decision on more cases in 2009 than the year before. More agencies and vendors also are turning to alternative dispute resolution to solve their differences, GAO finds.

Tuesday - 01/26/2010, 07:02am EST

Former TSA nominee Erroll Southers goes from The Hill to home

We talk with Southers about the nomination process, where he believes his nomination went wrong, and his view of what the next nominee might face.

Thursday - 01/21/2010, 02:07pm EST

What TSA can do to prevent terror incidents on airplanes

J. Bennet Waters of the Chertoff Group on ways the TSA can prevent a repeat of Christmas Day's failed attempt aborad Northwest 253.

Tuesday - 12/29/2009, 09:21am EST

TSA eases the crews through security

Tuesday - 08/11/2009, 10:28am EDT

TSA workforce rights expansion effort update

Wednesday - 07/08/2009, 10:05am EDT

TSA: New Millimeter Wave Technology

Wednesday - 06/24/2009, 05:43pm EDT

TSA debating next steps with Registered Traveler program

Lawmakers question TSA, NPPD on 2010 budget proposals. Rep. Jackson-Lee says NPPD may need to be reorganized.

Thursday - 06/11/2009, 07:29am EDT

Making TWIC more than a FlashPass

Thursday - 05/07/2009, 09:37am EDT

Gov 2.0 From the Outside Looking In

Thursday - 03/26/2009, 08:38pm EDT

Homeland Security: Inside & Out - March 15th, 2009

The challenge of managing DHS, and the state of travel safety.

Sunday - 03/15/2009, 06:36pm EDT

NTEU: NTEU, labor, part of the solution

Fed employee union scatters over Capitol to lobby

Wednesday - 03/04/2009, 07:14am EST

DHS considering giving TSA employees union rights

Review part of Napolitano's priorities for department

Thursday - 02/26/2009, 06:50am EST

Rash of Complaints

Tuesday - 01/13/2009, 10:28am EST
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