11:55 am, January 25, 2015

Health News

Health overhaul sign-ups edge higher

With a month left to open enrollment season, health law sign-ups edge higher

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 04:20pm EST

FDA approves appetite-zapping implant for obese patients

FDA approves implant designed to treat obesity by zapping nerves linked to appetite

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 02:01pm EST

Sierra Leone president predicts 0 Ebola cases by March end

Sierra Leone president predicts zero new Ebola cases by the end of March; 19 new cases occur

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 12:17pm EST

Maryland state senator plans to introduce right-to-die bill

Maryland state senator says he plans to introduce right-to-die bill; Hogan opposed

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 11:30am EST

Egypt's military prosecutor to investigate 'AIDS detector'

Egypt's military prosecutor to investigate 'AIDS detector' that experts home, abroad derided

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 10:48am EST

Thousands protest in Spain for better hepatitis C treatment

Thousand march in Spain to protest equal access to latest-generation hepatitis C treatments

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 10:46am EST

Va. launches health plan for uninsured with mental illnesses

Virginia launches health plan for uninsured who have serious mental illnesses

Wednesday - 01/14/2015, 08:40am EST

Texas soldier's death investigated; Ebola tests negative

Officials investigate death of Texas soldier who served in Africa; Ebola tests negative

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 10:29pm EST

Wearable sensors gather lots of data _ now to make it useful

As health trackers become commonplace, the question is how to best use the data?

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 08:56pm EST

Cincinnati's Cronin says it's surreal to watch from home

Cincinnati's Mick Cronin says it's surreal to watch games from home as blood vessel heals

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 07:00pm EST

Pardon sought so Va. inmate with autism can get treatment

Lawyers for Va. inmate with autism ask governor for pardon that would allow treatment

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 06:48pm EST

New tax forms to fill out on health insurance coverage

New box to check, tax forms to complete on health insurance, Affordable Care Act

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 06:44pm EST

Kaiser's 2,600 mental health workers strike in California

Kaiser Permanente mental health workers strike in California; nurses plan walkout next week

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 04:36pm EST

Judge cuts damages for teacher fired for in vitro treatment

Judge slashes damages awarded to Indiana teacher fired for undergoing in vitro fertilization

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 01:00pm EST

Omaha hospital: Health care worker hasn't developed Ebola

US health care worker exposed in Sierra Leone hasn't developed Ebola, Omaha hospital says

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 08:00am EST

Bootleg liquor kills at least 28 in India, 160 hospitalized

Bootleg liquor kills at least 28 villagers in northern India; 160 others hospitalized

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 05:09am EST

2 leading Ebola vaccines appear safe, further tests starting

World Health Organization: 2 top Ebola vaccines seem safe, West African tests to start soon

Tuesday - 01/13/2015, 01:30am EST

19 measles cases reported with ties to Disney theme parks

19 measles cases in 3 states now reported with ties to Disney theme parks

Monday - 01/12/2015, 11:50pm EST

As flu becomes more widespread, CDC pushes antiviral meds

Flu is now widespread in 46 states; CDC urges more use of antivirals for high-risk patients

Monday - 01/12/2015, 09:02pm EST

House again backs bill to lower suicide rate among vets

House again approves bill to improve suicide prevention programs for veterans

Monday - 01/12/2015, 08:58pm EST
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