8:00 pm, October 30, 2014

Health News

Ebola: NY had jump-start, Dallas had to learn fast

2 Ebola cases highlight differences in how cities, hospitals prepare for health emergencies

Monday - 10/27/2014, 11:20am EDT

New Jersey releasing quarantined nurse

New Jersey discharging nurse who was quarantined after arriving from West Africa

Monday - 10/27/2014, 10:24am EDT

Colleagues: US doctor with Ebola was very careful

Colleagues of American doctor with Ebola say he was always careful while treating patients

Monday - 10/27/2014, 10:18am EDT

New York screening protocols, scenarios for Ebola

New York state details screening protocols, scenarios for airline passengers from West Africa

Monday - 10/27/2014, 04:00am EDT

Governors stress home quarantine for Ebola workers

Medical experts balks at Ebola worker quarantine; New Jersey, New York stress home confinement

Monday - 10/27/2014, 02:40am EDT

Nurse criticizes Ebola quarantine, raising concern

Nurse quarantined on Ebola watch criticizes treatment, raising concerns over plan's logistics

Monday - 10/27/2014, 02:04am EDT

10 Things to Know for Monday

10 Things to Know for Monday

Monday - 10/27/2014, 12:34am EDT

Cuomo outlines NY policy for Ebola quarantine

Cuomo outlines Ebola policy for New York, explains restrictions for mandatory quarantines

Monday - 10/27/2014, 12:20am EDT

NYC mayor visits doctor with Ebola

Sunday - 10/26/2014, 10:10pm EDT

10 Things to Know for Monday

10 Things to Know for Monday

Sunday - 10/26/2014, 09:16pm EDT

Browns tight end Cameron suffers concussion

Browns Pro Bowl tight end Jordan Cameron sustains concussion in first half against Raiders

Sunday - 10/26/2014, 07:20pm EDT

Peterson, Maclin injured on hit

Arizona's Peterson being evaluated for concussion after violent collision with Eagles Maclin

Sunday - 10/26/2014, 05:52pm EDT

NY, NJ order Ebola quarantine for doctors, others

NY and NJ will quarantine doctors and others exposed to Ebola; move prompted by New York case

Sunday - 10/26/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Florida orders 21-day monitoring for Ebola

Gov. Rick Scott orders monitoring for those returning to Florida from Ebola-affected areas

Sunday - 10/26/2014, 03:50pm EDT

Quarantined nurse: Being isolated is 'inhumane'

Health care worker quarantined after arrival from West Africa says her isolation is 'inhumane'

Sunday - 10/26/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Obama: Science, not fear, key to Ebola response

Obama says science, not fear, must guide US response to Ebola

Sunday - 10/26/2014, 11:52am EDT

WHO: Number of Ebola-linked cases passes 10,000

World Health Organization: Number of people believed to have Ebola has risen above 10,000

Sunday - 10/26/2014, 11:14am EDT

WHO: Millions of Ebola vaccine doses ready in 2015

WHO: Millions of Ebola vaccine doses could be ready in 2015; 5 more vaccines testing in March

Sunday - 10/26/2014, 10:48am EDT
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