2:09 pm, April 19, 2015

Health News

Hospital optimistic after car window plea lands kidney donor

Hospital optimistic man can give kidney to woman who put plea for donor on car window

Friday - 04/10/2015, 06:48pm EDT

Obama says climate change is harming Americans' health

Obama says climate change harming our health, unveils pledges from Google, Microsoft to help

Friday - 04/10/2015, 05:42pm EDT

Correction: Cost of Aging story

Correction: Cost of Aging story

Friday - 04/10/2015, 05:40pm EDT

White policeman in black assault case to seek treatment

Lawyer: White policeman accused of assaulting shackled black prisoner to seek treatment

Friday - 04/10/2015, 04:59pm EDT

Q&A: What is listeria?

Q&A: A look at listeria, pathogen found in ice cream and hummus

Friday - 04/10/2015, 04:10pm EDT

Loudoun confirms meningitis death; no sign of wider outbreak

Medical examiner: Loudoun County teen's death caused by bacteria associated with meningitis

Friday - 04/10/2015, 03:28pm EDT

Baseball offering more mental health support to players

Baseball teams offering more mental health support to players as attitudes evolve

Friday - 04/10/2015, 02:16pm EDT

Correction: Gynecologist-Secret Recordings story

Correction: Gynecologist-Secret Recordings story

Friday - 04/10/2015, 12:00pm EDT

Obama: Malia's asthma brings home climate change debate

Obama says memory of daughter's preschool asthma attacks bring home climate change debate

Friday - 04/10/2015, 10:08am EDT

Garth Brooks dedicates child play zone at Indiana hospital

Garth Brooks dedicates play zone at Indiana hospital, calls it 'miracle' for young patients

Friday - 04/10/2015, 09:06am EDT

Modi blames changing lifestyles for India's rising pollution

Prime Minister Narendra Modi blames changing lifestyles for India's worsening air pollution

Friday - 04/10/2015, 08:06am EDT

Colorado moving to allow pot use by people on probation

Colorado moving ahead on bill to allow pot use by people on probation, may follow other states

Friday - 04/10/2015, 01:09am EDT

Court: Arizona probationers can't be barred from medical pot

Arizona court: People on probation can't be barred from using medical pot if they follow rules

Thursday - 04/09/2015, 11:50pm EDT

Obama: Health care law an 8 out of 10, lawsuit a 'last gasp'

Obama gives his health care law an 8 out of a 10, calls lawsuit 'the last gasp' from opponents

Thursday - 04/09/2015, 11:20pm EDT

No charges for police officer in death of mentally ill woman

Charlotte-Mecklenburg officer will not face charges in fatal shooting of a mentally ill woman

Thursday - 04/09/2015, 09:30pm EDT

Fundraising for kidney donor raises questions

Fundraising for kidney donor who responded to plea on car window raises concerns

Thursday - 04/09/2015, 09:00pm EDT

Taylor Swift says her mother is battling cancer

Taylor Swift writes in Tumblr post that her mother, Andrea, is battling cancer

Thursday - 04/09/2015, 08:06pm EDT

Bird flu found on at least 15 turkey farms in Midwest

Bird flu found on at least 15 Midwest turkey farms; veterinarian says more cases likely

Thursday - 04/09/2015, 07:39pm EDT

American who contracted Ebola discharged from hospital

American worker who contracted Ebola in Africa discharged from US hospital

Thursday - 04/09/2015, 07:09pm EDT

Medical device maker settles lawsuit for $4.4 million

Medical device maker Medtronic settles federal lawsuit for $4.4 million, no admission of guilt

Friday - 04/03/2015, 10:00am EDT
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