2:01 pm, March 5, 2015

Government News

No precedent for Netanyahu's contentious speech to Congress

Not Netanyahu: Foreigners' speeches to Congress usually avoid controversy, focus on friendship

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 02:42pm EST

O'Malley won't seek Mikulski seat, keeps White House option

O'Malley won't seek Mikulski seat, preserves his options for possible 2016 presidential run

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 01:58pm EST

Foreign talks to Congress often a yawn, but not Netanyahu's

Foreigners' speeches to Congress usually cement friendships, don't stir up partisan fights

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 01:44pm EST

Republicans criticize Clinton's email practices

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 01:40pm EST

New and now: Diego Rivera; French food; Piano Guys; Alcatraz

New and now in travel: Detroit-Diego Rivera; Taste of France; Piano Guys; Alcatraz-Ai Weiwei

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 01:40pm EST

Kerry working on Iran nuke deal as Netanyahu criticizes it

Kerry working to seal Iran nuke deal in Montreux as Netanyahu criticizes it in Washington

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 01:30pm EST

JPMorgan will pay $50M in homeowner bankruptcy settlement

Justice Department says JPMorgan will pay $50M to homeowners for bankruptcy notice failings

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 01:10pm EST

Israeli leader thanks US, Obama for aid, warns about Iran

Israeli leader Netanyahu thanks US, Obama for assistance, warns of threat from Iran

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 01:10pm EST

DC Council debating response to Congress on pot bill

DC Council debating request from Congress on work done on bill to tax, regulate pot

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 12:20pm EST

US intelligence official: Iran involved in fight against IS

National intelligence director: Iran has 'robust commitment' to fight against Islamic State

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 11:00am EST

US considers banning type of popular rifle ammunition

US looks to ban type of popular armor-piercing rifle ammo that can also be used in handguns

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 10:32am EST

Watchdog: Air traffic control system is a hacking risk

Gov't watchdog warns of cybersecurity weaknesses in nation's air traffic control system

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 09:48am EST

VP Biden to headline gay rights group's convention

VP Biden to headline annual convention for gay rights group Human Rights Campaign

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 07:10am EST

Syria's civil war linked partly to drought, global warming

Studies: Global warming worsened droughts in California, Syria, contributing to Syrian chaos

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 06:32am EST

Ferguson News Guide: No charges expected for policeman

Ferguson News Guide: Likely federal conclusions: City bias; no charges against policeman

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 05:46am EST

GOP: Our plans would help people losing health subsidies

GOP tout plans _ with few details _ to help people if court voids health law subsidies

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 04:40am EST

Hoyer's office accepting art contest submissions

Congressman Hoyer's office accepting submissions for annual Congressional art contest

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 04:30am EST

United Airlines won't accept rechargeable battery shipments

United Airlines says it won't accept rechargeable battery shipments, citing safety concerns

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 04:30am EST

House backs bill to force VA execs to give back bonuses

The House on Monday approved a bill allowing the Veterans Affairs secretary to force senior executives to repay bonuses if the employees engaged in misconduct.

Tuesday - 03/03/2015, 04:30am EST
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