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What's the difference between Russian intelligence and U.S. intelligence today? A source with knowledge of both CIA and Russia's SVR, formerly known as the KGB says the SVR has an unlimited supply of money to recruit spies. The source also says it depends on the quality and amount of information a spy can provide. Still the source says, the SVR tries to save money and says American turncoats Aldrich Aimes, and Robert Hanssen could have gotten ten times more than they got from the Russian intelligence.

Monday - 04/05/2010, 11:02am EDT

CIA faces harsh criticism

Thursday - 08/27/2009, 03:14pm EDT

Shouting Match at the White House

The intelligence community is buzzing over news that CIA Director Leon Panetta threatened to quit during a shouting match recently at the White House over the news that Attorney General Eric Holder might pursue cases against CIA personnel involved in interrogation. It's no secret that there has been tension in the intelligence community, but this is the first crack in the armor, if true. WTOP has not confirmed that the shouting match took place, but Panetta's letter to employees at the CIA made clear that he was supporting them regardless of what happens.

Monday - 08/24/2009, 07:06pm EDT

Feds: Misconduct by CIA's Foggo stretched decades

Prosecutors say a former top CIA official soon to be sentenced on corruption charges had a history of misconduct stretching over two decades.

Wednesday - 02/25/2009, 01:40pm EST

Prosecuting Torture

Tuesday - 02/10/2009, 06:28pm EST

No Experience Needed?

Thursday - 02/05/2009, 10:17am EST

Obama Orders Gitmo Closing

Thursday - 01/22/2009, 05:58pm EST

The Next CIA Director

Some of the names that have been discussed as possible nominees to succeed Michael Hayden as the next director of the CIA.

Thursday - 12/11/2008, 07:02am EST

The Next CIA Director

Thursday - 12/11/2008, 07:02am EST
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