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WIFLE Executive Director Margie Moore

4/24 - Hosts Debra Roth and Kate Fulton will be joined by WIFLE Executive Director Margie Moore to discuss the organization, their upcoming conference, and a hot topic: pregnancy and the female officer.

Tuesday - 04/14/2009, 03:58pm EDT

Service to America Medals

Friday - 08/22/2008, 03:11pm EDT

Government Managers Coalition

Friday - 06/27/2008, 08:46am EDT

Ins and Outs of a Presidential Transition.

Friday - 04/18/2008, 03:50pm EDT

Women's History

Friday - 04/11/2008, 01:21pm EDT

Legislative Happenings Occurring at NCSSMA

Friday - 02/29/2008, 05:36pm EST

The Ins and Outs of FOIA

Friday - 02/01/2008, 02:21pm EST

Your Turn on Fed Talk

Friday - 04/15/2005, 11:30am EDT

Women and the Hill

Friday - 04/08/2005, 01:00pm EDT

The Federal EEO System

Friday - 04/01/2005, 01:00pm EST
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