1:33 am, April 28, 2015

World News

Saudi-led airstrikes bomb Yemen's Shiite rebels in 6 cities

Warplanes bomb Yemen's rebels in 6 cities as Saudi-led offensive appears to continue

Friday - 04/24/2015, 05:00am EDT

Europe buries migrants as lawyer defends suspected captain

Europe buries migrant dead as prosecutors build case against smugglers

Friday - 04/24/2015, 04:48am EDT

Rebels launch new offensive in northwestern Syria

Syrian rebels launch new offensive against government area in northwestern province of Idlib

Friday - 04/24/2015, 03:20am EDT

AP Interview: Yemen peace talks inevitable, says UN official

AP Interview: Top UN official for Yemen says peace talks 'inevitable,' conference possible

Friday - 04/24/2015, 02:38am EDT

For asylum seekers, a novel (and odd) solution: Cambodia

A novel (and odd) solution: Australia hard-sells Cambodia to asylum seekers it doesn't want

Friday - 04/24/2015, 12:35am EDT

Ash piles up from eruption of Chile's Calbuco volcano

Ash piles up in nearby towns as Chile's Calbuco volcano erupts for first time in 4 decades

Friday - 04/24/2015, 12:06am EDT

Mexican girl mistakenly sent to US woman is back home

Questions arise over how Mexican girl was misidentified as missing daughter of Texas woman

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 07:13pm EDT

Impoverished Africans sail to Europe despite the deadly toll

In Africa, dreams of reaching Europe remain strong even after boat fatalities, jihadi threat

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 05:24pm EDT

Armenians still haunted by Turkish massacres 1 century later

Armenians still haunted by Turkish massacres 1 century later; demand genocide recognition

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 04:50pm EDT

Greece's shifting bailout deadlines fuel uncertainty

Greek bailout talks could go on for weeks more amid shifting deadlines and financing needs

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 03:46pm EDT

Russia claims US troops in eastern Ukraine

Russia claims US troops are training guardsmen in eastern Ukraine

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 03:10pm EDT

Rescuers, survivors recount wreck of migrant ship in Greece

Chaos and a rush to help: Rescuers, survivors recount wreck of migrant ship in Greece

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 01:47pm EDT

Memories haunt both sides of Gallipoli tragedy, 100 years on

Searing memories haunt both sides of Gallipoli tragedy _ 100 years after WWI symbol of folly

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 01:32pm EDT

South African demonstrators condemn attacks on immigrants

Several thousand demonstrators in South Africa march to condemn deadly attacks on immigrants

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 01:04pm EDT

Noticing Nicola: SNP leader makes mark in race

Noticing Nicola: SNP leader makes mark in UK election _ even though she's not running

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 11:22am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Afloat on 2 Niles with the fishermen of Khartoum

AP PHOTOS: Afloat on the 2 Niles with the fishermen of Khartoum

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 11:20am EDT

Former SS guard: 'couldn't imagine' Jews surviving Auschwitz

Former SS guard on trial testifies he 'couldn't imagine' Jews leaving Auschwitz alive

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 09:42am EDT

Shipping industry sends SOS to EU over Mediterranean crisis

Shipping industry struggling to cope with migrant crisis in Mediterranean

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 09:00am EDT

Afghan museum seeks to remember anti-Soviet war

Afghan museum seeks to remember, not glorify, horrors of war against Soviet Union

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 08:50am EDT

Volunteers step in to fill void in European migrant crisis

From search and rescue to new toothbrushes, volunteers working to help Mediterranean migrants

Thursday - 04/23/2015, 04:16am EDT
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