8:05 pm, May 22, 2015

World News

French forces kill 2 Islamic extremist chiefs in north Mali

French say their special forces kill 2 top Islamic extremist chiefs in northern Mali battle

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 01:38pm EDT

Despite growth uptick, full recovery still far for Europe

Despite rise in growth, eurozone economy is still below 2008 level and faces a lost decade

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 01:22pm EDT

South African president on state visit to Mozambique

Recent anti-immigrant attacks to be discussed as South African and Mozambican presidents meet

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 01:02pm EDT

Algerian army kills more militants, total of 25 in 2 days

Algerian army continues operations against militants, toll rises to 25 in past 2 days

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 01:00pm EDT

France wants business world to help curb climate change

France's president wants business leaders to get more involved in curbing climate change

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 12:50pm EDT

UK police investigate over 1,400 suspects for past sex abuse

Over 1,400 suspects investigated in UK police probe of past child sex abuse; more expected

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 11:28am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Peruvians seek relief from ills at the seaside

AP PHOTOS: Peruvians seek relief from arthritis, other ills with sea therapy on Pacific coast

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 11:23am EDT

Anti-Brotherhood judge named justice minister in Egypt

Strongly anti-Brotherhood judge named as new justice minister in Egypt

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 10:52am EDT

Correction: Ukraine-Russian Soldiers story

Correction: Ukraine-Russian Soldiers story

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 10:40am EDT

IMF says Gaza reconstruction moving slowly

IMF says postwar reconstruction in Gaza moving slower than expected

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 10:13am EDT

UK Supreme Court OKs publication of sexual abuse memoir

UK Supreme Court OKs publication of pianist's sexual abuse memoir despite ex-wife's concerns

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 09:37am EDT

Cannes steps into trouble with high-heels dress code

Cannes steps into trouble with high heels dress code for women on red carpet

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 09:08am EDT

Iran rejects access to military sites, scientists

Iran's supreme leader rejects idea of foreign access to military sites or scientists

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 08:36am EDT

Indonesia, Malaysia to help Muslim migrants stranded at sea

Indonesia, Malaysia agree to give temporary shelter to Muslim migrants still stranded at sea

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 08:26am EDT

Libya sends special envoy to talk with EU about migrant plan

Libya sends special envoy to talk with EU about migrant plan; country's consent is needed

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 06:30am EDT

Iraq struggles with sectarian politics after Ramadi fall

Iraqi government struggles with sectarian politics as it responds to IS capture of Ramadi

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 05:32am EDT

Masses of Burundi refugees show up in Tanzania

Cholera, severe diarrhea break out among masses of Burundi refugees in Tanzania

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 05:28am EDT

Trial of Washington Post reporter in Iran to start next week

Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, detained in Iran, will stand trial next week

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 04:52am EDT

Morocco king eases restrictions on abortion for incest, rape

Morocco king orders laws changed to allow abortion for incest, rape, danger to mother's health

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 03:20am EDT

Syrian refugees struggle amid aid cuts, lack of labor rights

Struggle for survival getting tougher for Syrian refugees amid aid cuts, lack of labor rights

Wednesday - 05/20/2015, 01:22am EDT
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