5:35 pm, March 5, 2015

U.S. News

Los Angeles police ID suspect in fatal street race

Los Angeles police ID suspect sought after street race leaves 2 spectators dead, another hurt

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 10:44pm EST

Saudi man convicted of conspiracy in '98 US embassy bombings

Man labeled close confidant of bin Laden is convicted of conspiracy in '98 US embassy bombings

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 10:26pm EST

Minnesota teen pleads guilty to trying to support terrorism

Minnesota teen accused of trying to join Islamic State group pleads guilty to conspiracy

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 08:40pm EST

Prosecutor: Mom craved attention, poisoned child with salt

Prosecutor: Mom poisoned boy with salt because sickly child brought her attention

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 06:48pm EST

Marathon bombing suspect: Not enough minorities in jury pool

Marathon bombing suspect wants indictment tossed, says there aren't enough blacks in jury pool

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 06:30pm EST

400-year-old books stolen in Italy are found in California

Officials: Stolen 400-year-old books found in San Francisco Bay Area to be returned to Italy

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 04:50pm EST

Prosecutor: Former Democratic powerbroker sold influence

Prosecutor opens racketeering trial, tells jury ex-Democratic powerbroker sold influence

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 03:16pm EST

New round of winter weather dumps more snow on the South

New round of winter weather drops more snow on the South; schools closed, execution delayed

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 01:30pm EST

Life-saving train design is rarely used

Train design that can save lives still rarely used; Southern California crash shows benefits

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 01:30pm EST

Pills before and after sex can help prevent HIV, study finds

AIDS drug taken before and after sex can help prevent HIV infection in gay men, study finds

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 10:24am EST

Experts: Insanity case as in 'American Sniper' hard to win

Experts: Hurdles make insanity defense _ rejected by 'American Sniper' jurors _ hard to win

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 08:42am EST

AP: Trayvon Martin's mother says killer got away with murder

AP interview: Trayvon Martin's mother says Justice Department let killer get away with murder

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 06:26am EST

Family celebrating one-month birthdays of identical triplets

Detroit-area family with 2 kids celebrates one-month birthdays of rare identical triplet boys

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 04:54am EST

Snow falls in the South as another storm hits region

Snow falls in the South as another winter storm slams the region

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 04:48am EST

Official: Mexican man killed by officers wasn't shot in back

Official says Mexican man killed by police wasn't shot in back; officers fired 17 times

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 04:38am EST

Wesleyan students appear in court on party drug charges

Wesleyan University students appear in Connecticut court in connection with party drug charges

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 03:52am EST

70-vehicle pileup in snowy Maine leaves at least 17 injured

Maine police: Snowy 70-vehicle pileup on Interstate 95 leaves at least 17 people injured

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 03:38am EST

3 in NY, Florida accused of plot to help Islamic State group

3 held in NY, Florida on charges they plotted to help Islamic State group wage war against US

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 02:06am EST

Speed, apathy mute protests vs. Wisconsin right-to-work bill

Unions say rush to pass Wisconsin right-to-work law, apathy over past defeats mute protests

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 12:10am EST

Lawyer: Trucker ran for life after stranding truck on tracks

Lawyer: Truck driver in California train crash ran for life after failing to drive off tracks

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 11:14pm EST
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