5:03 am, March 31, 2015

U.S. News

Police: No evidence of kidnapping of California woman

Police: No evidence of kidnapping of California woman, disappearance appears 'orchestrated'

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 04:06am EDT

Ohio House OKs bill banning abortions after 1st heartbeat

Ohio House again OKs bill to ban abortions at 1st detectable fetal heartbeat; legislators cry

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 02:30am EDT

Families mark 25th anniversary of club fire that killed 87

Family, friends mark 25th anniversary of club fire set by spurned boyfriend that killed 87

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 02:07am EDT

Texas prison agency replenishes execution drug supply

Texas replenishes dwindling supply of drugs to carry out 4 executions set for April

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 01:08am EDT

Terror convict: My mother and the FBI violated my rights

Terror convict sues FBI and his own mother, demanding money for violating his parental rights

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 12:58am EDT

Young Mexican in need of transplant denied visa by the US

Young Mexican needing transplant denied visa by the US before appointment at Mayo Clinic

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 12:54am EDT

What to pack for year in space? A 'superhero utility belt'

US astronaut flying 'superhero utility belt' on 1-year mission; Russian packing megavitamins

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 12:16am EDT

1-year space crewmen will miss weather, nature while gone

1-year space crew will miss weather and nature while gone; strong family and military ties

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 11:32pm EDT

Brake design flaw contributed to Maine chairlift malfunction

Brake design flaw contributed to chairlift malfunction that injured 7 skiers in Maine

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 10:43pm EDT

Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

Kansas lawmakers pass nation's 1st ban on procedure abortion foes describe as 'dismemberment'

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 10:16pm EDT

Prosecutor: Mom of missing 5-year-old treated her like trash

Prosecutor: Arizona woman on trial in daughter's disappearance treated 5-year-old like trash

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 08:46pm EDT

Detroit woman whose 2 kids were found in freezer charged

Detroit mother whose 2 kids were found dead in home's freezer charged with child abuse

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 07:42pm EDT

Kentucky judges ponder case of school bullying suicide

Kentucky judges take up question of whether teachers can be negligent in bullying-suicide case

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 07:40pm EDT

Thousands rally in support of ousted Ole Miss chancellor

Thousands of supporters of ousted Ole Miss chancellor rally, tell trustees to bring him back

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 07:10pm EDT

'Animal House' frat at Dartmouth accused of branding members

Suspended 'Animal House' frat at Dartmouth accused of branding members; lawyer says not hazing

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 06:33pm EDT

Pressure cooker parts, BBs, found in Tsarnaev family home

Pressure cooker parts, BBs, piece of fuse found in marathon bombers' family apartment

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 05:10pm EDT

Newspaper received email claiming to be from woman's captors

Newspaper received email from anonymous person claiming to be holding missing California woman

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 04:29pm EDT

'Mad Men' star Hamm has treatment for alcohol addiction

'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm undergoes alcohol addiction treatment, actor's spokeswoman says

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 10:56am EDT

Picasso valued at $140M heading to NYC auction

Picasso masterpiece heading to NYC auction, pre-sale estimate $140 million

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 10:30am EDT

Vermont cops tipped on Durst in '12 in student disappearance

Vermont police say 2012 tip led investigators to look at Durst in 1971 student disappearance

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 06:46am EDT
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