2:00 am, May 23, 2015

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DoD, CIA play musical chairs

Leon Panetta will be sworn in today as the next defense secretary. David Petraeus was confirmed by the Senate yesterday as the next CIA director.

Friday - 07/01/2011, 10:32am EDT

Panetta starts job as Defense secretary on Friday

Leon Panetta will start his new job as the Defense secretary tomorrow.

Thursday - 06/30/2011, 03:44pm EDT

Senate approves Panetta as Pentagon chief

The Senate on Tuesday unanimously approved the nomination of Leon Panetta to be the next Pentagon chief, handing him a crowded agenda of overseeing the drawdown of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, tamping down congressional unrest over the Libyan conflict and cutting the budget.

Tuesday - 06/21/2011, 06:09pm EDT

Pakistan wants to see U.S. just leave the region

Bruce Riedel, former CIA officer, senior fellow of foreign policy, Brookings Institution

Wednesday - 06/15/2011, 08:10pm EDT

Panetta: Iraq will ask for some US troops to stay

Leon Panetta, President Barack Obama's choice to head the Pentagon, predicted on Thursday that Iraq will ask the United States to keep some American forces in that country beyond year's end, the current departure date.

Thursday - 06/09/2011, 05:15pm EDT

Pentagon: US has questioned bin Laden's widows

U.S. authorities are using interviews with Osama bin Laden's wives and video of the assault on his Pakistan compound to piece together details of the raid that killed the terrorist leader.

Friday - 05/13/2011, 11:02pm EDT

Bin Laden cache shines a light on forensics

The CIA estimates the intelligence haul to be the size of a small college library. Pace University's Darren Hayes explains it for us.

Monday - 05/09/2011, 09:30am EDT

Analysis: Future of national security after bin Laden's death

U.S. intelligence officials believe al-Qaida will have a hard time recovering from the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden. But some experts believe bin Laden was just a symbol and that the greatest terrorist threat to the U.S. is al-Qaida in Yemen. We get analysis from national security correspondent J.J. Green.

Monday - 05/02/2011, 08:41am EDT

State Dept. puts embassies on alert after bin Laden killing

The State Department early Monday put U.S. embassies on alert and warned of the heightened possibility for anti-American violence after the killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden by American forces in Pakistan.

Monday - 05/02/2011, 12:43am EDT

Who's who on the new national security team

President Barack Obama says the changes to his national security team are meant for guidance "through the difficult days ahead." CSIS's Anthony Cordesman takes a look at the new team and what they face.

Friday - 04/29/2011, 09:40am EDT

In one stroke, a new Obama national security team

The reshuffled national security team President Barack Obama introduced on Thursday will be charged with fighting not only the overseas war in Afghanistan but also budget battles on the home front over Pentagon spending that has ballooned into a fat target for deficit hawks.

Thursday - 04/28/2011, 11:10pm EDT

Security shakeup explained

President Obama is expected to make personnel announcements Thursday to unveil a major shuffling of his national security team. We get details and analysis from the AP's Mark Smith and our own JJ Green.

Thursday - 04/28/2011, 11:03am EDT

Analysis: Panetta, Petraeus both 'confirmable' in new roles

Mackenzie Eaglen of the Heritage Foundation is here to offer some insight on the DoD-CIA swapping.

Wednesday - 04/27/2011, 08:15pm EDT

Were Arab leaders pushed?

Al Qaida's prediction 20 years ago that uprisings in the Arab world would topple the governments that associate with the west appears to be coming true. Coincidence? Former CIA officer Mike Scheuer says not really.

Wednesday - 03/23/2011, 08:40am EDT

Federal jobs among most desirable

While Google ranks as their ideal employer, many college students say they are interested in working for federal agencies.

Monday - 03/21/2011, 08:28am EDT

CIA cyber attack still being investigated

Whether caused by a foreign government or a prankster, last week's denial of service attack that hit the CIA is puzzling officials.

Tuesday - 03/08/2011, 09:30am EST

Senate confirms O'Sullivan as ODNI deputy

Friday - 02/18/2011, 07:25pm EST

Tarasiuk to be next ODNI CIO

The Office of the Director for National Intelligence has a new chief information officer - Al Tarasiuk.

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 01:02pm EST

Spy chief: Cyber war is 'battleground of future'

Thursday - 02/10/2011, 07:39pm EST

CIA's In-Q-Tel invests in cyber monitoring

The CIA-based investment firm that identifies technology for use by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, has formed investment and development agreements with two startups.

Tuesday - 01/18/2011, 08:30am EST
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