2:19 pm, May 27, 2015

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OMB opens door to non-federal online credentials

A memo from federal CIO Steven VanRoekel requires agencies to begin accepting usernames and passwords from commercial companies such as Verisign or Google. This is the second time the government has tried to accept commercial credentials. Experts say this time agencies and industry are better prepared to be successful.

Friday - 10/14/2011, 05:47am EDT

Top 10 agencies with telework issues

How does your agency compare to others when it comes to allowing employees to telework? The latest Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey gives some insight.

Sunday - 10/02/2011, 08:55pm EDT

Tuesday morning federal headlines Sept. 6

On today's Federal Drive: Veterans Affairs announced it will release its open-source EHR code, SSA announces new rules on banned visitors and the USPS prepares to testify about its dire financial straits.

Tuesday - 09/06/2011, 08:30am EDT

New procedures to protect SSA employees from attacks

In an interim rule, the agency listed four ways someone could be banned from the agency. SSA said threats against employees rose 43 percent from 2009 to 2010.

Friday - 09/02/2011, 05:03pm EDT

IG: SSA needs longer-term plan for online customer service

Jonathan Lasher, assistant Inspector General for External Relations at the SSA, outlines the recommendations the report made to SSA to improve online customer service.

Wednesday - 08/24/2011, 04:57pm EDT

Monday morning federal headlines - August 22

On today's Federal Drive: a new framework for the Senior Executive Service, the Pentagon's inspector general investigates the department's personnel chief over allegations of mismanagement and abuse of power, and a proposed OPM rule would allow federal employees to run for local office.

Monday - 08/22/2011, 07:56am EDT

Are IT budgets about to feel the squeeze?

Kevin Plexico, a vice president at market research firm Deltek, joined the Federal Drive to discuss the future of agency IT budgets.

Wednesday - 08/17/2011, 08:50am EDT

Fed helped fast-track Social Security processing

Diane Braunstein is the associate commissioner of the Social Security Administration's Office of International Programs.

Tuesday - 08/16/2011, 06:05pm EDT

Exclusive: DHS expands E-Verify Self Check

DHS announced an expansion of its E-Verify program, which allows employees to check their eligibility for U.S. Employment before applying for a job. Alejandro Mayorkas, the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, joined the Federal Drive to discuss what the program's expansion means for both employers and employees.

Monday - 08/15/2011, 09:08am EDT

Communication between D.C., local feds crucial in crisis

Bea Disman, the New York Regional Social Security Commissioner, joined the Federal Drive to discuss how, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, she helped coordinate and manage New York's Social Security operations. This interview is part of Federal News Radio's week-long special series, "Talk Back to Washington."

Wednesday - 08/10/2011, 09:13am EDT

Exclusive: Agencies detail buyout, hiring freeze plans

In a governmentwide survey, agencies reported that they were not seeking buyouts through OPM or hiring freezes

Monday - 07/25/2011, 05:18pm EDT

SSA budget forces overtime cuts

The Social Security Administration will close its field offices 30 minutes early, in an effort to save money on overtime.

Friday - 07/22/2011, 04:16pm EDT

More changes at SSA: CIO resigns; OPM's Zielinski returns

Frank Baitman will resign as CIO from the agency in August. His decision comes a few weeks after agency commissioner reorganized the agency's IT functions. OPM's Bill Zielinski also is returning to SSA to be the San Francisco regional commissioner.

Monday - 07/18/2011, 07:14am EDT

SSA tells employees to keep mum on debt ceiling questions

Will you still receive a social security check if the government doesn't raise the debt ceiling? You won't be getting an answer from the Social Security Administration.

Friday - 07/15/2011, 03:59pm EDT

Costs of E-Verify will be 'onerous'

Philip Wolgrin is an immigration policy analyst at The Center for American Progress.

Wednesday - 07/13/2011, 03:52pm EDT

SSA budget constraints prompt reorganization

A number of functions will move out of the Social Security Administration's (SSA) Office of the Chief Information Officer, according to an email obtained by Federal News Radio. SSA is looking for ways to address funding reductions in its 2011 budget.

Monday - 06/27/2011, 01:39pm EDT

SSA claims process vulnerable to wasteful spending

The Social Security Administration's process for citizens to file claims can create just as much wasteful spending as intentional fraud.

Wednesday - 06/15/2011, 06:59pm EDT

Tips to get "Ticket to Work" on the road

Find out what changes The Social Security Administration needs to make to one of its programs. Daniel Bertoni is the director of education, Workforce, and Income Security Issues at GAO.

Thursday - 06/09/2011, 07:03pm EDT

Hiring reform underway at the SSA

Get a better picture of how other agencies are handling hiring reform. Dr. Reginald Wells is the Chief human capital officer at the Social Security Administration.

Thursday - 06/09/2011, 06:22pm EDT
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