11:48 pm, December 22, 2014

Health News

Philips to buy US medical imaging firm Volcano

Philips agrees to buy US heart imaging firm Volcano in $1.2 billion deal

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 09:40am EST

DC's United Medical Center to partner with Howard

DC's United Medical Center to partner with Howard University Hospital, management firm

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 07:40am EST

France wants ban on new cannabis-extract "e-joint"

France wants ban on new self-styled "e-joint" cigarette made with cannabis-extract

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 07:40am EST

Sierra Leone to search for Ebola cases in capital

Sierra Leone to conduct house-to-house searches for Ebola cases in capital, surrounding areas

Wednesday - 12/17/2014, 02:10am EST

Avian flu confirmed in wild birds in Washington

Avian flu confirmed in wild birds in Washington; officials say no immediate health concern

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 10:20pm EST

Penguins Bennett joins Crosby sidelined with mumps

Penguins forward Beau Bennett latest NHL player diagnosed with mumps; joins Sidney Crosby

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 09:48pm EST

Judge halts Alzheimer's drug swap until July

Judge blocking switch of patented Alzheimer's drugs; manufacturer to appeal

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 09:30pm EST

Isles delay hospital visits due to mumps outbreak

New York Islanders postpone hospital visits due to mumps outbreak in NHL

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 08:58pm EST

Indoor tanning injuries can require ER treatment

Indoor tanning injuries fall but many still require ER treatment, CDC says; burns most common

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 08:40pm EST

Debate over stability of mom who drove in ocean

Doctors give conflicting views on whether mom who drove kids into ocean needs hospitalization

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 06:50pm EST

Surge in health law sign-ups

Health law sign-ups near 2.5M as consumers respond to deadline for Jan. 1 coverage

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 06:20pm EST

Ex-mayor Ford's cancerous tumor has shrunk in half

Former Toronto mayor Ford's cancerous tumor has shrunk in half after treatment, brother says

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 04:47pm EST

Senate approves Obama pick for surgeon general

Senate backs surgeon general nominee despite GOP opposition over gun control

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 02:00pm EST

Real vs perceived age: A matter of life and death

How old do you feel? The answer might help predict your death, British study on aging suggests

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 02:00pm EST

Cancer patients testing drugs on mouse 'avatars'

Very personalized medicine: Some cancer patients are using mouse 'avatars' to test drugs

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 11:16am EST

Survey finds teens trending toward e-cigarettes

Government survey shows surprising number of teens try e-cigarettes as regular smoking drops

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 05:54am EST

Column: Mayweather must fight Pacquiao next

Column: Mayweather must fight Pacquiao next for career to have legitimacy

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 02:20am EST

UN commission asks for Ebola debt forgiveness

UN commission appeals for debt cancellation for Ebola affected countries

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 02:20am EST

Can identifying mental illness stop terror attacks?

Authorities look for mental health clues in fight to stop 'lone wolf' attackers

Tuesday - 12/16/2014, 02:14am EST

Appeals court upholds condom use in LA porn films

Appeals court upholds LA County ordinance requiring use of condoms in porn films

Monday - 12/15/2014, 11:10pm EST
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