8:55 pm, March 30, 2015

U.S. News

Young Mexican in need of transplant denied visa by the US

Young Mexican needing transplant denied visa by the US before appointment at Mayo Clinic

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 12:54am EDT

What to pack for year in space? A 'superhero utility belt'

US astronaut flying 'superhero utility belt' on 1-year mission; Russian packing megavitamins

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 12:16am EDT

1-year space crewmen will miss weather, nature while gone

1-year space crew will miss weather and nature while gone; strong family and military ties

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 11:32pm EDT

Brake design flaw contributed to Maine chairlift malfunction

Brake design flaw contributed to chairlift malfunction that injured 7 skiers in Maine

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 10:43pm EDT

Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

Kansas lawmakers pass nation's 1st ban on procedure abortion foes describe as 'dismemberment'

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 10:16pm EDT

Prosecutor: Mom of missing 5-year-old treated her like trash

Prosecutor: Arizona woman on trial in daughter's disappearance treated 5-year-old like trash

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 08:46pm EDT

Detroit woman whose 2 kids were found in freezer charged

Detroit mother whose 2 kids were found dead in home's freezer charged with child abuse

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 07:42pm EDT

Kentucky judges ponder case of school bullying suicide

Kentucky judges take up question of whether teachers can be negligent in bullying-suicide case

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 07:40pm EDT

Thousands rally in support of ousted Ole Miss chancellor

Thousands of supporters of ousted Ole Miss chancellor rally, tell trustees to bring him back

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 07:10pm EDT

'Animal House' frat at Dartmouth accused of branding members

Suspended 'Animal House' frat at Dartmouth accused of branding members; lawyer says not hazing

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 06:33pm EDT

Pressure cooker parts, BBs, found in Tsarnaev family home

Pressure cooker parts, BBs, piece of fuse found in marathon bombers' family apartment

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 05:10pm EDT

Newspaper received email claiming to be from woman's captors

Newspaper received email from anonymous person claiming to be holding missing California woman

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 04:29pm EDT

'Mad Men' star Hamm has treatment for alcohol addiction

'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm undergoes alcohol addiction treatment, actor's spokeswoman says

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 10:56am EDT

Picasso valued at $140M heading to NYC auction

Picasso masterpiece heading to NYC auction, pre-sale estimate $140 million

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 10:30am EDT

Vermont cops tipped on Durst in '12 in student disappearance

Vermont police say 2012 tip led investigators to look at Durst in 1971 student disappearance

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 06:46am EDT

Officer behind wheel in fatal wrong-way crash had DUI in '13

Off-duty officer behind wheel in fatal wrong-way crash had license suspended in 2013 for DUI

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 03:56am EDT

Common-sense, low-cost fix for truck-train crashes rejected

A $9 billion solution to Amtrak-truck crashes is years away, but common sense still required

Wednesday - 03/25/2015, 03:16am EDT

Clarification: Utah-Firing Squad story

Clarification: Utah-Firing Squad story

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 09:40pm EDT

Farmers fund research to breed gluten-free wheat

Early research aimed at breeding gluten-free wheat variety; funded by Kansas farmers

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 08:42pm EDT

Highlights of bipartisan House plan on Medicare doctor fees

Highlights of bipartisan House compromise permanently shielding doctors from Medicare cuts

Tuesday - 03/24/2015, 08:38pm EDT
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