4:58 pm, May 4, 2015

U.S. News

Dispute outside church leaves 2 fatally shot, 4 injured

6 people shot, 2 fatally, following dispute outside New York church during wake

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 05:50pm EDT

Circus returns to Rhode Island year after hair-hanging fall

Circus returns to Rhode Island a year after hair-hanging accident badly injured 8 acrobats

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 05:50pm EDT

A look at families' reactions to police-related deaths

Families who lose loved ones to police-involved killings call for peaceful protests and change

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 05:07pm EDT

HUD secretary announces 8 new Promise Zone designations

HUD secretary, in St. Louis, announces 8 new Promise Zone designations for high-poverty areas

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 04:50pm EDT

Hawaii poised to become 1st state to raise smoking age to 21

Lawmakers pass bill that would make Hawaii first state to raise legal smoking age to 21

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 04:26pm EDT

Popular zoo elephants likely to get harder to see in future

As American zoos see their elephants age and die, the popular animals won't likely be replaced

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 02:06pm EDT

New things we learned about Colorado theater shooting

New things we learned during opening arguments in the Colorado theater shooting trial

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 01:26pm EDT

Capitol Hill Buzz: Dems push higher pay for Senate workers

Capitol Hill Buzz: Homeless Senate worker prompts push for higher pay on Capitol Hill

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 12:18pm EDT

Huge magma chamber spied under Yellowstone supervolcano

Huge magma chamber spied under Yellowstone supervolcano; threat level unchanged

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 12:12pm EDT

November trial date set for indicted ex-NY Assembly speaker

Ex-NY Assembly speaker pleads not guilty to corruption indictment as Nov. 2 trial date set

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 11:49am EDT

Teen who fought cancer treatment heads home from hospital

Teen forced by Connecticut Supreme Court to undergo cancer treatment finishes chemotherapy

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 11:46am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Riots hit Baltimore after Freddie Gray funeral

AP PHOTOS: Riots erupt in Baltimore after funeral of black man who died following arrest

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 09:16am EDT

In US-Japan talks, China is the elephant in the room

United States and Japan boost defense ties with eyes on China, North Korea

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 07:00am EDT

The Latest: Courthouse empties after Day 1 of Holmes trial

The Latest: Courthouse quickly empties after Day 1 of Colorado theater shooting trial

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 04:00am EDT

'Batman' trial tries to look inside Colorado shooter's mind

2 accounts of an unstable mind: 'Batman' shooting trial begins with look inside Holmes' mind

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 02:54am EDT

'Good kid': Lawyer pleads for Boston Marathon bomber's life

Boston Marathon bomber is called 'a good kid' led astray by his fanatical older brother

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 01:44am EDT

Enola Gay co-pilot's flight logs, Hiroshima plans for sale

Enola Gay co-pilot's flight logs, Hiroshima atomic bomb run plans up for auction in NYC

Tuesday - 04/28/2015, 01:10am EDT

Woman convicted of murder after young daughter disappeared

Arizona woman convicted of murder in death of 5-year-old daughter who was never found

Monday - 04/27/2015, 10:10pm EDT

Tuesday's the day: Gay marriage arguments at Supreme Court

Historic Supreme Court arguments on Tuesday: Should gay marriage be the law of the land?

Monday - 04/27/2015, 09:42pm EDT

Latest on Boston trial: Wife says Tamerlan home for bombings

The latest on Boston bombing trial: Tamerlan's wife says in text that he was home for bombings

Monday - 04/27/2015, 09:34pm EDT
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