3:33 pm, May 24, 2015

Health News

VCU proposes nursing program with focus on medical safety

VCU seeks state approval of nursing doctoral program with primary focus on medical safety

Monday - 05/18/2015, 03:10am EDT

2 million more Minnesota chickens to be destroyed due to flu

Egg producer says it will destroy 2 million egg-laying chickens in Minnesota due to bird flu

Sunday - 05/17/2015, 08:30pm EDT

A nail in the eye, a lucky landscaper left without a scratch

A 4-leaf clover in the weeds? Man escapes big harm after power trimmer sends nail into his eye

Sunday - 05/17/2015, 03:04pm EDT

Smokers have better luck quitting when own money wagered

Quit smoking? You bet! Study finds quitting soars when smokers wager on their own success

Sunday - 05/17/2015, 03:04pm EDT

Legal battle over brain-damaged baby prompts Maine bill

Maine examines parents' role in medical decisions after legal battle over brain-damaged baby

Sunday - 05/17/2015, 12:00pm EDT

Study: Vitamin B3 may help prevent certain skin cancers

Study: Vitamin B3 may help prevent recurrence of common skin cancers in people at high risk

Sunday - 05/17/2015, 08:40am EDT

Vienna hosts Europe's biggest AIDS research charity event

Black tie, costumes _ and body paint: Vienna hosts Europe's biggest AIDS/HIV charity event

Sunday - 05/17/2015, 06:40am EDT

Pioneer in spreading Lamaze childbirth method in US dies

Elisabeth Bing, pioneer in spreading Lamaze approach to childbirth in US, dies at 100 in NYC

Sunday - 05/17/2015, 01:30am EDT

Teen who died after failed euthanasia plea buried in Chile

Teenager who died after making failed YouTube plea for euthanasia is buried in Chilean town

Saturday - 05/16/2015, 05:00pm EDT

Man who smuggled oil into US in wine bottles gets probation

Probation for man who used wine bottles to smuggle oil from Germany to Hawaii

Saturday - 05/16/2015, 12:04pm EDT

In the NFL, helmet sensors are a sensitive issue

NFL, NFLPA pursuit of helmet sensors muddled by technological, legal, ethical concerns

Saturday - 05/16/2015, 09:40am EDT

AP Interview: Pelosi predicts GOP ruin on health care case

AP Interview: Pelosi says GOP will 'rue the day' if high court strikes down health subsidies

Saturday - 05/16/2015, 04:22am EDT

1,450 Blue Bell workers losing jobs after listeria problems

Blue Bell laying off a third of its workforce as company deals with listeria problems

Saturday - 05/16/2015, 03:42am EDT

Latest war adds new generation of mental trauma in Iraq

Iraq has few ways to help yet another generation traumatized by war

Saturday - 05/16/2015, 01:32am EDT

Coroner, doctor: B.B. King died after series of mini strokes

Coroner, doctor: B.B. King died after series of small strokes attributable to type 2 diabetes

Friday - 05/15/2015, 09:00pm EDT

FDA panel highlights problems with medical scopes

FDA experts cite design, cleaning flaws with medical scopes, but back their continued use

Friday - 05/15/2015, 06:50pm EDT

Abortion-rights supporter, ex-lawmaker named to health board

Governor names abortion-rights supporter, former lawmaker to Virginia Board of Health

Friday - 05/15/2015, 06:10pm EDT

Senators: Good response by liver donors for owner Melnyk

Senators: Good response by liver donors for team owner Eugene Melnyk

Friday - 05/15/2015, 06:03pm EDT

FTC returns $3M to customers who bought bogus cactus juice

FTC mails $3M in checks to customers who bought cactus juice that made unsubstantiated claims

Friday - 05/15/2015, 05:50pm EDT

Jury recommends decades in prison in Missouri HIV sex case

Jury recommends decades in prison for man who exposed sex partner to HIV, endangered 4 others

Friday - 05/15/2015, 05:28pm EDT
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