2:54 am, April 2, 2015

Health News

Science, patients driving rare disease drug research surge

Science, industry economics, patients are boosting research on rare disease drugs _ and hope

Friday - 03/27/2015, 04:10am EDT

House OKs bipartisan Medicare doctor bill; fate up to Senate

House OKs bipartisan bill halting Medicare doctors' fee cuts, shifting spotlight to Senate

Friday - 03/27/2015, 03:26am EDT

Sea otter rescued in California oil spill dies of shark bite

Sea otter that made headlines after surviving 2009 California oil spill dies of shark bite

Friday - 03/27/2015, 02:44am EDT

Poetry pulled Texas center McGee-Stafford from depression

Slam poetry helped pull Texas center McGee-Stafford out from depression

Friday - 03/27/2015, 02:16am EDT

10 Things to Know for Friday

10 Things to Know for Friday

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 11:30pm EDT

A look at some key statistics on rare diseases in the US

A look at some key statistics on rare diseases in the US

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 06:38pm EDT

Mexico double-transplant patient eyes US humanitarian entry

Mexico man twice denied US visa for double-organ transplant seeks humanitarian entry

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 06:35pm EDT

Maker of tainted medical scopes issues new cleaning guide

Maker of medical scopes linked to 'superbug' outbreaks issues new cleaning instructions

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:58pm EDT

Police: Mother faked cancer during child abuse investigation

Police: Mother faked cancer to elicit sympathy during child abuse investigation

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:50pm EDT

NHL concussion lawsuit plaintiffs want Bettman to testify

Former NHL players in concussion lawsuit vs. league seek deposition from Bettman

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 04:58pm EDT

American who contracted Ebola improves, in serious condition

American worker who contracted Ebola in Africa improves, now in serious condition

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 04:40pm EDT

Paid to sleep: NY cracks down on napping health workers

New York cracking down on health care workers who deliberately sleep while on the job

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 04:40pm EDT

Seniors rattled by endless risk of Medicare cuts to doctors

Political momentum to fix how Medicare pays doctors reflects built-up frustration

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 03:36pm EDT

Boston hospital treating survivors of Honduran market blast

Boston burn care hospital treating young survivors of market explosion in Honduras last month

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 10:12am EDT

Arizona Legislature OKs abortion medication requirement

Arizona Legislature OKs requiring providers to tell women abortion medication is reversible

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:10am EDT

Alonso has "zero concerns" ahead of Malaysian GP return

Fernando Alonso has "zero concerns" about F1 return in Malaysia despite ongoing crash mystery

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 04:40am EDT

Indiana to declare public health emergency over HIV outbreak

Indiana Gov. Pence to declare public health emergency in county with growing HIV outbreak

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 03:20am EDT

Justices revive ex-UPS worker's pregnancy bias lawsuit

Supreme Court revives ex-UPS worker's pregnancy discrimination lawsuit

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 02:56am EDT

Ohio House OKs bill banning abortions after 1st heartbeat

Ohio House again OKs bill to ban abortions at 1st detectable fetal heartbeat; legislators cry

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 02:30am EDT

New pox discovered in Eastern Europe, but not deadly

Officials discover a new virus in Eastern Europe, a mild-mannered relative of smallpox

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 01:12am EDT
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