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Are You Ready to Telework?

Now that the Telework Enhancement Act has been passed, what comes next? Find out what agencies are expected to do now. Host Bill Bransford talks with Cindy Auten of Telework Exchange and Paul Rowson of WorldatWork.
January 7, 2011

Friday - 01/07/2011, 03:53pm EST

Congress, Pay Freeze, Budget Cuts and More

Federal workforce issues have become a hot topic on Capitol Hill. Host Bill Bransford talks the good, the bad, and the ugly with Dan Adcock of NARFE and Jessica Klement of FMA.
December 17, 2010

Friday - 12/17/2010, 01:10pm EST

Open Season: What Plan Will You Choose?

Walt Francis, editor of Checkbook's Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees, joins FEDtalk to discuss the major changes for federal employees to their FEHBP health, vision and dental plans.
December 3, 2010

Thursday - 12/02/2010, 01:18pm EST

Fresh perspectives from young feds

With recent statistics reporting high attrition rates for those new to public service, what can agencies do to support and keep young feds? What do millennials want out of their federal career? Young Government Leaders Vice-President Dave Uejoi and Press Secretary JR Wycinsky and Steve Ressler, president and founder of GovLoop, are the guests this week.
November 19, 2010

Friday - 11/19/2010, 11:55am EST

How federal employees 'do good'

Host Bill Bransford examines two programs that take an in-depth look at the good work done by federal employees: the Service to America Medals and the Feds Helping Feds programs.
October 22, 2010

Tuesday - 10/19/2010, 04:27pm EDT

Rise of Social Media in the federal government

This week on FEDtalk, host Debra Roth discusses how the federal government is currently using social media and how that use will expand. Guests include Andrew Krzmarzick of GovLoop and Amanda Eamich of the USDA.
October 8, 2010.

Thursday - 10/07/2010, 03:26pm EDT

Who represents you?

This week on FEDtalk meet two associations that represent various sectors of the federal workforce - federal law enforcement and veternarians.
September 24, 2010

Friday - 09/24/2010, 12:38pm EDT

Where did your agency land on the Best Places to Work survey?

The annual Best Places to Work survey is out. Host Bill Bransford talks with Janelle Callahan of the Partnership for Public Service about the organization''s annual rankings.
September 10, 2010

Thursday - 09/23/2010, 01:35pm EDT

Hot topics in the HR arena

Learn what transpired at the annual FDR conference.
Aug. 20, 2010

Thursday - 08/19/2010, 03:26pm EDT

Why federal contracting companies are in the spotlight

Marc Pearl, president & CEO of the Homeland Security & Defense Business Council, is this week's guest.
Aug. 6, 2010

Friday - 08/13/2010, 12:12pm EDT

Meet advocates for diversity in federal law enforcement

Like other sectors of the federal government, federal law enforcement is also dealing with ensuring a diverse workforce.
July 23, 2010

Thursday - 07/22/2010, 06:28pm EDT

What federal agents should know when not in the field

Federal law enforcement officers receive information on issues that affect their jobs when they're in the field -- but what about when they're not?
June 24, 2010

Thursday - 06/24/2010, 12:43pm EDT

Career coach shares insight on joining federal workforce

Hear more from federal career expert and federal employee, Lily Whiteman.
June 11, 2010

Wednesday - 06/09/2010, 06:38pm EDT

Training and developing women in federal law enforcement

Women who serve the federal government as law enforcement officers face unique challenges. WILFE is the professional organization that helps them.
May 21, 2010

Wednesday - 05/19/2010, 12:35pm EDT

Honoring fallen heroes: National Police Week 2010

Law enforcement officers face many dangers on the job.
May 7, 2010

Tuesday - 05/04/2010, 03:17pm EDT

Putting the 'public' in Public Service

Learn all about this year's Public Service Recognition Week.
April 16, 2010

Monday - 04/12/2010, 04:00pm EDT

The best places to work in the federal government

Listen 6/26 - Hosts Diana Veilleux and Jannika Cannon will be joined by Bob Lavigna, Vice President, and Janelle Callahan, Program Associate, of the Partnership for Public Service to discuss the Best Places to Work Survey 2009 and website tools for the survey.

Saturday - 06/20/2009, 11:24am EDT

DHS nominee: science for security

Senate Homeland Security Committee holds confirmation hearings for Tara O'Toole, President Obama's nominee to head up the Science and Technology Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security. O'Toole brings a background in medicine and science to the job overseeing the development of technology for the agencies tasked with protecting the nation.

Friday - 06/19/2009, 07:02am EDT

WIFLE Executive Director Margie Moore

4/24 - Hosts Debra Roth and Kate Fulton will be joined by WIFLE Executive Director Margie Moore to discuss the organization, their upcoming conference, and a hot topic: pregnancy and the female officer.

Tuesday - 04/14/2009, 03:58pm EDT

Service to America Medals

Friday - 08/22/2008, 03:11pm EDT
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